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By Robin P.
Best doggie diapers ever!
January 31, 2019
These are the best fitting for my pup. I highly recommend to all
  • Best fitting. Best price
  • None!
Dog disposal diapers.
December 27, 2018
My boyfriend has an overweight beagle. So I ordered the large. Measurements matched large. However, when she jumped on couch, it came apart. Unfortunately, its not working for her. Total shipping would be $14, product is $16.26. Not worth returning.
By Linda
Overall service was great.
January 18, 2018
Was very satisfied with the ease of ordering and length of time it took to receive our order.
By Mary V.
Excellent price
October 16, 2017
These are an excellent price, quality and was shipped super fast. This was the first time I had found this site when I placed this order. I am very impressed so far and will be checking back to see other products.
  • Tape stays well on these diapers. Good fit.
By Jeanne J.
Carthage, MO
Good product & service
March 14, 2017
This product works better than some I have tried.
  • Good quality and value
Springfield MO
Diapers are the best product.
June 28, 2016
These are the greatest item we have used. The dog loves wearing them and they never leak.
  • we love your price
  • none
By Ginny
Miamisburg, OH
Solves our problem
April 2, 2016
Our 15-year-old Lab/German Shepard mix has been wearing these diapers for over 6 months. They fit much better than other brands we've tried. We had concerns that she would not cooperate, but she has been very tolerant of the diapers; that tells me they must be relatively comfortable. I would highly recommend these dog diapers to anyone who is faced with the same challenges of an aging pet.
  • good fit; fasten securely
By Sandra
Palm Coast, Fl
These diapers do the job and i will order again!
December 6, 2015
I like the way these fasten. We can take off the diaper and refasten with no problem.
By Trish
Los Angeles CA 90067
Fits snugly
April 23, 2015
This item is great. With the tape tabs it's easy to fit the diaper on snugly. It holds a whole lot of pee and doesn't leak through. I've been using this on my super-senior yorkie for a couple of years and will continue to buy this product.
By isabelle b.
springfield mo
best diaper and best price
April 12, 2015
works great and really holds the urine
By Bev
Ocala florida
Good product
February 25, 2015
My dog is female and weighs 35 pounds and they fit her good and stay on all night
  • Good prices good fit no problems
By alexander
These are the best i could find, but still need use duct tape.
February 17, 2015
Crazy as it may sound, these diapers with there large cut out for the tail really only capture 50% of the poop. Does a great job with the pee. I have tried all the different designs.... Simply Solution is the best... However... I had to make a simple solution to the Simple Solution Diaper with the use of trusty old duct tape. I simply make the hole smaller so the tail of my old sweet female Dalmatian fits snugly stopping the poop 100% versus the bad design letting 50% escape where it causes all sorts of trouble... I am seriously considering manufacturing a better doggie diaper. It would be so easy to improve upon this design, so I wouldn't have to modify them with duct tape..
By Melody
United States
February 14, 2015
We were given a bag of these during a therapy session. They fit great. So I ordered these EXACT same diapers. They are a little big but will work.
By Grandma m.
Minneapolis, MN
Doggie Diapers are hard to find
January 22, 2015
These fit well, stay on and do the job. You can unstick the tabs and stick the diaper back together again if necessary
  • does the job
  • more expensive than baby diapers
By Jenny
The best prices and the best service
October 19, 2014
I have an older dog with specific dietary limitations. When I need something for my dog (canned food, treats, diapers), I always scour the web for the desired product at the lowest price. This has always turned out to be Petguys. If I have a question about a product before ordering, a knowledgeable person is available on the phone. The goods arrive on my steps a few days later. What more would I want?
By Stephanie R.
Mishicot, Wisconsin
simple solution dog diapers
April 18, 2014
Simple Solution dog diapers are by far the best out there. 100% satisfied with this product.
  • strong fasteners to keep diaper in place.
  • Leak proof.
  • price.
  • absolutely none.
By Wendy
Monroe, NC
The BEST Dog Diapers!
March 30, 2014
This is the only dog diaper we have used that does not leak and they have been such a HUGE help as we care for our senior dog.
  • Great fit
  • No leakage
  • Easy to put on
  • Stays on
By Sharon
Simple Solutions Diapers
February 14, 2014
I have purchased these diapers from Petco and they were wonderful but this shipment seems defective. The diapers break EVERY night, I purchased 3 packages this time and I am very disappointed. They are also very tight.
  • Nothing
  • They are tight and break EVERY night
By Yankee S.
Newark, DE
Disposable doggie diapers
January 28, 2014
I have to say, never having used diapers on a pup before, I wasn't sure how they would work. But as a hobby breeder who usually is growing out a pup or two they are quite a time saver. The Simple Solution brand has adhesive tabs that can be re used or re adjusted without tearing the diaper. Now the pup can socialize with the older dogs and I don't have to watch every single second for the inevitable pee accident and the subsequent mopping up the floor. The X-small size is good for a 2-4 month old average sized sheltie.
By Marilyn
Downers Grove, Illinois
These diapers saved my home
November 13, 2013
Perfect dog diapers! Nice fit, resealable tabs. Inner elastic for tight fit and leakage prevention. The dog doesn't mind wearing them and leaves them alone. Suggestion them to a neighbor who says they saved her life. Or that of her dog!
  • resealable tabs
  • leakage protection
  • very absorbent
  • cute
By China
Henderson, Nevada
Simple Solution Doggie Diapers through Pet Guy
October 29, 2013
My little 16 year old Bichon Daisy is incontinent and I have tried the diaper covers that you stuff with kotex. The Kotex holds the pee but the outside diaper gets wet. Because of this problem, I love the REAL disposable diapers like these. Problem is she is taking Prednisone and it makes her drink alot and pee alot. These diapers are $16 for 12 on a good day at Petco so the savings through Pet Guy is really good and they sent them right away. I bought a case. Also, the inside is nice and wide. Right now I'm putting two mini-pads for light periods side by side in each diaper which allows me to use the diapers at the rate of about one a day by just removing the minipads inside a few times per day. These diapers are great as they really fit the dog correctly and you can open and close them as much as you like due to the perfect type of closures used.
  • Wide internal pad, no leaking
  • Fantastic closures
  • Wicks pee away from the dog
  • great construction for doggie comfort
  • nothing!
By Betty H.
Abingdon, VA
Simple solution disposable dog diapers x-large 12 pk
June 25, 2013
Great item. works great with my dog, especially at night time.
By Sandra
Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diapers ~ small 12pk
June 20, 2013
  • they fit her, they are fairly absorbent and a very good price, price could be better since my doggiw will be wearing them for the rest of her life but considering the price is better then most, and a biggy they are disposable...
  • paying so much a month to get them since she uses alot of them, hundred and some dollors is alot per month, and it takes a while to get delivered.
By ron j.
stamford CT
It Works
May 22, 2013
great product at a great price, especially with free shipping and prompt delivery; Petguys.com is recommended
  • fits our dog perfectly, easy to put on and keeps the bed dry at night
  • nothing
By Dawn
central PA
A good product for our dog
April 28, 2013
Our leaky old boxer has slept in these diapers for over a year. He wears sanitary napkins inside diaper covers during the day and these diapers under the same covers at night. He tolerates them nicely. He weighs 67 pounds; if he weighed more, say, 75-80 pounds, he would probably be too big for them.
  • Very absorbent and stay on pretty well.
By Dawn
Morgan Hill, Ca
Simple Solution Disposal Dog Diapers
April 24, 2013
Needed large diapers for my male lab as he is 13 years young and these diapers work great for his incontinence. I do not use like a regular diaper but wrap them around the penis area and attached around his lower waist. At night, I use a Washable Diaper Wrap for Dogs to make sure the diaper stays in place when fully loaded.
By dara
oxford, ct
fits 70 lb staff terrier pitbull AND holds #1 AND #2!
April 8, 2013
16 year old dog is comfy and my floors are safe once again.
  • absorbant
  • runs small in size, wish there was one size bigger available
By Pat
Reading, PA
Simple Solutions Diapers review
March 28, 2013
These diapers are great for my retriever/lab mix. At 15, she just can't hold it all day and these diapers hold a lot. I have tried others and I must say that some of the others were a little bigger for an XL. They fit her, but, if she was a little heavier, they would be tight. She's pretty slender. These diapers are a little cheaper than some of the others..that's why I bought them. The sale price is good. If they go up, I will probably go to another brand just for the size. But, don't get me wrong...I worry about any leakage and I haven't seen any.
By x
Quick response and a good deal too
February 16, 2013
Received very quickly
By CynthiaSampen
Queens NewYork
February 1, 2013
Like the brand
  • Fíts perfect on my dog
By nana
ca, dasvis
Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diapers Large 12pk
November 21, 2012
I like your services, Prompt, good pice and resonable shipping. I will recommend to all my friends!!!
  • it fits, absobts well, good price
By Solace
SIZES are OFF though
July 12, 2012
FANTASTIC price. The diapers are WONDERFUL.... BUT the sizes are off. Depending on your dog... For instance, I have to get LARGE even though it's for a 17 lb terrier.... maybe because of her shape. Try out different sizes. Once you find the one that fits they are GREAT!!!!
By Riki
Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diapers
May 3, 2012
  • It works. If diaper is clean, tabs can be reused many times.
By Sandra
Baltimore. Md 21220
simple solution dog diapers, 12 pack
April 8, 2012
order 14 packs of doggie diapers, it's nice to have them on hand. My baby Sally got sick years ago and can't use hr back legs real well so she has to wear diapers 24/7, I need a good price, which I got from PeyGuys. Of coarse I had ordered about a year ago and they were thicker diapers then what I got when I ordered now. They have changed them and not for the better, still good price but not as good. I would recommend them but not because of their make more because of the price. You need to make them thick again. I will continue to to get them thru you and at Petco simple because I HAVE TO HAVE THEM, but I am disappointed in the fact that they are not made like they used to be. You made them cheaper...
  • good price, fast shipping
  • the diapers are not as thick as they used to be, not good not good at all.
By Beefy
washington, indiana
disposable dog diapers
March 14, 2012
wasnt worth the money i spent on them.. my lil girl slipped right out of them .. she wouldnt keep them on.. too bulky.. and she ended up pregnant anyways.. so definately not worth the money i spent on them!!!!! sorry
  • did not like a thing about them
  • hated everything about them!!!!!
By Jerry
Doylestown PA
Quik and Easy, great prices!
November 23, 2011
Quik and Easy, great prices!
By Diane
Vineland, NJ
Great Diapers! Quick Shipping!
October 31, 2011
I have been using these diapers for years for my old girls. Pet Guys had the best price and shipped quickly. Thanks!
  • Durable, hold urine well, disposable
  • sometimes comes off too easily
best of the dog diapers I've found so far
September 25, 2011
These are the best of the dog diapers I've found so far, but the competition hasn't been fierce.... FYI - no dog diaper will catch dog poop because of the tail/anatomy of a dog. This one is fairly good at catching pee, but again that tail hole can cause problems depending on your dog's anatomy. Good thing is that if the diaper isn't soiled this brand is the best for reuse and for repositioning. Petguys.com has the absolute best price on these and I have shopped around to find this out. The shipping is quite fast and reasonably priced for a light but relatively bulky item (I order in bulk to save money) I recommend this brand of dog diapers to other down dog owners (paralyzed dogs)
  • potentially reusable, easy to reposition, Petguys.com has the best prices
  • that my dog needs them :(
  • all dog diapers are expensive and so are these
By DeLynne
Fort Collins, CO
Great product for a great price!
September 13, 2011
I buy these diapers for my German Shepherd to wear while in heat. They work great and they fit her big butt just right. :) Great buy!
  • Price
  • I wish the sticky straps were longer (reached higher on the back when strapped on). My sneaky GSD is able to unstrap them & slip out of her diaper easily unless I put a pair of cotton doggy skivvies on over top of the diaper.
By Ruthe
Detroit, MI
Size different from last "model"
August 26, 2011
The XSs are larger than the old XSs. Now the XXS fits my 4.5 lb Maltese better.
  • Inconsistent size
By Ronald F.
Great Product
August 11, 2011
Quite adequate for it's intended purpose.
  • Quality
  • Expensive
By Joe
Very good buy
August 2, 2011
Excellent quality at a reasonable price with hassle free shopping and free shipping. Original order was shipped in wrong size; however, error was corrected without incident and I'm happy with the purchase.
By Jane D.
Bear, Delaware 19701
Excellent to do business with
July 10, 2011
I have a handicap dachshund, these diapers help me out considerably, the ease of selection on your website was super, will deal with you again
  • excellent product
  • no dislikes
By Wendy A.
Springfield, Oregon
June 17, 2011
They are a life saver, I would advise anyone with a pet that has to wear diapers, these are amazing.
By Kay B.
Kingwood, Texas (near Houston)
Highly recommend if you have a need for this particular product for your pet.
May 21, 2011
Good quality dog diaper. This is the only brand I buy. We use these daily for our adult dog that is paralyzed in his hind legs & hip area from disc problems. The little fellow suffers from incontinence. I love that PETGUYS.COM sells at a more economical price than the local pet stores. We buy in huge quantities to save on shipping costs. They have very reasonable shipping prices and of course if your purchase total is over a certain amount, then it's free shipping.
  • Good quality & durable. Very absorbent. I also like that the tabs are strong and sticky so they can be undone & will still re-stick if you need to adjust the diaper while my dog is wearing it.
  • It is not really a dislike. I just use my scissors to trim around the tail hole opening as my dog is a Dachshund & has the normal long body associated with this breed. I trim around the opening to lengthen it to fit his longer torso.

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