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By S
October 27, 2022
The part that stretches seems to be very flimsy and my cat was already trying to chew through it.
By Cher
Great for dogs, too!
August 11, 2022
I needed 3/8" nylon collars for my four small dogs who use a transmitter-operated automatic pet door to access our fenced back yard. The collar passes through an opening on the back of the transmitter. Although the manufacturer supplies a break-away nylon collar with each transmitter, I find that type of collar doesn't work nearly as well as the buckle collars I order from Petguys. One dog wears a 10" collar, another wears a 14" collar, and two each wear two 10" collars connected together (wish there were a 16" or 18" collar for them!). These collars are hard to find, and I've been delighted to be able to rely on Petguys to meet our needs. Five stars from the four dogs and me!
By Jane
Good cat collar
October 20, 2021
Long collar length. Good quality. Not enough holes for my 12 pound cats.
  • Needs more holes to adjust length.
By Robin
Cat Collar
December 10, 2020
I haven't been able to find a collar big enough for my cat until this brand. This fits perfectly with room to grow. I really appreciate PetGuys stocking this brand.
By Karri-Ann M.
Not Great
October 4, 2020
I was not satisfied with the quality of the elastic holding it together.(the snag-proof) It was already stretched out and extremely thin. I unfortunately purchased two (2 sizes) and both had the same problem.
By CatLady1
The colors I was looking for.
July 27, 2020
I have two cats that periodically need new collars as the old ones start to wear out. I like blue on the Siamese, to go with his eyes, and red on the white-with-black-patches one for contrast. (My vet calls that one a "Hereford kitty".) I also want a collar that has an elastic release, rather than the snap quick-release. That type gets pulled apart too easily when they wrestle, then I have to search all over for it, if I find it! So these collars were the right color and the right type, which I had not been able to find at my local pet store. Thanks guys!
By Deborah
Kitten collars
August 11, 2019
This is the only place I can find this type of safety collar. I have used them for years. The service is very fast.
By Elizabeth
Finally a large cat collar!
July 10, 2019
I have Maine Coon cats. They're BIG cats. The usual 8 to 12 inch cat collar is not big enough. And not only are these 14 inch collars big enough, they hold up well too. I would like to see a cat collar up to 16 inches though.
  • Pretty colors.
  • Great material for a cat clear-cut isn't matting the neck hair.
  • Just big enough for a Maine Coon.
  • Just big enough on the last buckle hole. Would be better if a bit longer, like Mayer a 12 to 16 inch, or 14 to 16 inch size.
By Jenny
Great value for the money
May 16, 2019
These are very nice collars for the price.
By Robin
Hamilton Safety Cat Collar
November 7, 2018
Well made and the price was great. My cat kicks off the breakaway collars immediately so hopefully this is one he won't.
By Mastercat
As advertsed
September 10, 2018
I purchased two collars for my cats. They arrived quickly and are excellent quality.
By Sunny
not much stretch
June 1, 2018
too small for our cat even when placing extra hole near the end. The collar does not have much stretch. Would not have used on our cat even if it fitted due to concerns that he would get hung up on something. We have gone through many break-away cat collars and were hoping this would finally allow him to wear a collar safely..will have to keep looking
By Jana
Great basic collar
December 3, 2017
If you have a large cat, their necks are hard to fit and collars slip if easily. These collars do the trick! Very happy. Quick shipping. Thank you!
By J G.
Great collar!
November 10, 2017
First cat collar our tiny rescue cat would tolerate and not shed in minutes. Shocking. In the best of ways. Thanks! J
By Sandi
Fallbrook, CA
Fits and stays secure, insuring my pet's identity.
March 16, 2017
Unlike the breakaway collars that fall off at the least bit resistance and being lost, these will stretch thereby slipping off but only if in danger of getting caught on something. My pet has his tag in case of loss or injury, a bell to warn the exotic birds next door and myself of his arrival and whereabouts. He gets to bird watch all he wants without pouncing on one of them. It has stayed secure since I received it a number of weeks ago. It's lightweight enough, easy to do up and comes in a 3 sizes, found the perfect fit quite easily. Very satisfied customer and would recommend this collar plus a tag to those of us who have cats that are indoor/outdoor creatures or have birds and want to keep them safe.
  • Secure, lightweight yet sturdy, will safely slide off if enough resistance is applied ensuring he wont get hung up by his collar.
  • None.
By Pauleen
December 4, 2016
I am very pleased with this collar. Previous ones have stretched and frayed when the cats scratch, but these have stayed smart and strong. It is vital that there is enough elastic not to have your cat strangled on a branch or fence and these collars have enough elastic to allow the collar to slip off in a snagging situation without them being able to shrug them off casually.
  • Neat, smart, strong with lovely buckle. Plenty, but not too much elastic for safety
  • none that i see so far
By Beth
True to Description
November 12, 2016
Simply very good. Buckles but has good elastic give. My cats lose their breakaway collars, so this was a great option.
  • Buckle, elasticity
  • I wish there were a reflective pattern option (for night time)
By Harlemworld
New York, NY
Love the buckle
October 17, 2016
I brought my two kittens the pull-away one and they kept breaking free.. brought another set same thing. Found these and they have yet to break-free. love the Hot pink for my girls. can hear and see them in the dark by the brightness of the Hot pink.
  • won't come off
By Rachel
Houston, TX
Hamilton Poppies Snag-Proof Safety Cat Collar
October 12, 2016
I really like these collars because they have a buckle that is more secure than a snap, but they still have the safety aspect with the elastic segment in the collar.
  • Buckle instead of snap is more secure
  • Elastic segment in collar to allow cat to slip out of in case it is necessary
By jeff s.
valley city nd
great cat collar!!
August 19, 2016
great cat collar. bell is necessary in it. cuz she sometimes gets outside by accident. great service!!
By Ellen
Pensacola, Fl
Safe and affordable
December 19, 2015
I've been buying these for years because of the safety elastic. Most stores have replaced them with the plastic clip, but I've found those clips release TOO easily. The elastic ones release of a kitty gets hung up and doesn't fall off if kitty just decides she doesn't want it on. Also, customer service was fantastic. I was in the middle of a move and we had some problems with delivery because of the local mail carrier. Pet Guys stayed on top of it and had them re-delivered quickly!
By Jennifer C.
Clearwater, Florida
I love these collars!
November 28, 2015
I love these collars! Pet stores use to sell the metal buckle collars, but stopped and went to those plastic breakway clasps. I searched every store I could think of, to find cute metal buckle collars...until finally I found these. The buckle type collars allow me to slide on my cat's name plate, whereas I can't do that with the plastic breakaway claps. But don't worry, these are also breakaway, as they have a small elastic band that will allow the collar to expand or break if the cat catches it on something. They come in a variety of colors, but I wish there were more....like pastels. :) When I placed my order, I bought 2 per cat to get free shipping. So far, one collar has lasted on my female cat for 8 months and is going strong. My male however, has figured out that he can use his back leg to hook the collar and stretch it out...then chew on the elastic til he is free. He hates wearing collars. Needless to say, I will be ordering more.
By Ev
Rialto, CA
Sharp edge
July 31, 2015
Nice collar all around but where the buckle is attached the stitching does no cover the sharp edge left by manufacturing process. This one got tossed and I'll keep looking for a good collar without sharp edges.
By Barbara
Tampa Bay FL
Very nice collar
June 17, 2015
Safety collar releases if collar gets caught. They seem fairly snag proof and my cats don't mind them. I like the metal buckle since some flea products will melt the plastic on those clasps and lock them in place making them dangerous for cats
By Deborah
United States
cat collars
May 19, 2015
Great cat collars they have elastic to expand in case cat gets hung up on something.
By Faye
Ft. Myers
cat collars
May 16, 2015
cats like them.
  • Elastic safe, soft.
  • Need more holes....made for cats with very large necks. Not reflective
By nikki
Richmond, VA
Stays on, doesn't fray
November 8, 2013
I've had these collars on my cat now for two or three weeks and they still look great, I haven't had any concerns about them. The fit the exactly the same as the day I put them on, no tightening or loosening. I used to buy the quick-release collars, but my cats were constantly loosing them and the collars would get extremely frayed by their rough playing after a few days! These collars stay on and still look great. I'm very happy with them.
By Barb
Omaha, NE
Buckle style Cat Collar
June 28, 2013
LOVE THIS! You can't find the buckle type in most stores now and I was able to find them here. They are still break-away style, but use an actual buckle to fasten. My cat just pulls apart all the others. This is perfect!
  • That is has a buckle closure, but is still break-away
  • I thought that the 10" would be perfect, but I should have ordered the 12" - I have to keep it on the very first hole so it barely fits. It wasn't worth the shipping charges to send back for the larger size.
By Debbie
Wakefield, MA
Snag-proof cat collars
May 14, 2013
These collar are very hard to find in the pet stores. They have a little elastic in the end of the collar so when the cats get frisky, they can get away if they have too.
By Beth
Gaithersburg, Marland
Best Snag-Proof Cat Collars on this Planet!!
June 28, 2012
I have been searching every pet store in Montgomery County Maryland for nylon solid colored snap-proof cat collars for months. Even checked all the pet catalogs. I was searching for solid colored collars which also had the stainless steel loop to insert ring to hold pet ID tags. I finally searched on the web and found EXACTLTY what I needed for my two wodnerful cats, Stanley and Samuel. Even though they are exclusively indoor cats, they always wear their collars for extra security. The variety of collars is great. The 12 inch size is purrfect for my two boys each weighing about 11 to 12 pounds. I love the teal and blue colors. Thank you PETGUYS!
  • They really are snap-proof!
  • The variety of colors.
  • The stainless steel loop to attach ID tags.
  • PURRFECT Collars.
  • Price very reasonable.
  • Quick delivery (less than 3 days).
  • There are no cons.

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