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By Lucy
Very versatile
February 17, 2021
This is a nice quality fence and very portable. I use it as a barrier in multiple spots in my home to keep my puppy where she should be. It’s a nice height for us to step over without needing to move it or open and close it. Easy to join together. For larger openings. Also use it for my guinea pigs.
By Milagros N.
Pet playpen
January 22, 2021
Our rats enjoy walking inside the playpen. Our ferrets climb in and out of the playpen.
  • The playpen should have been higher.
By deborah m.
Gebils love it
January 21, 2021
I bought this pen for my gerbils. I bought two pens and hooked them together. It makes a big enough area for my grandchild to sit inside of it with the gerbils. I needed the pen to contain the gerbils and keep them from running under the couch. I do not use it for a cage. This is just for their exercise.
  • Seems to be good quality
By Heather
March 12, 2020
It is not what I thought it would be needed a bigger one
  • Needed something for a puppy
By Karen
Great for Bearded Dragons
August 16, 2019
I bought this so that my bearded dragon could come outside and hang out in the grass while I did my gardening. He absolutely loves it and it is the perfect height so he cannot escape. He likes to be able to see me when he is outside and this allows him to see what is all around him and is big enough for me to put a large log inside for him to bask in the sun on and there is also plenty of room for his bath bowl and food dish. Folds up easily and is very sturdy.
By Tina
Great for my Chihuahua
August 2, 2019
Perfect for my Chihuahua when he's eating to keep the other dog from getting to his food.
By Janine
Small Pet Playpen
February 14, 2019
I was very happy to find your website while doing a search. The price for the playpen was the best price I could find on the internet. I connect several playpens and section off my backyard for my Russian tortoises. I like that I received this order so quickly in the mail. I will be ordering from you in the future. Thanks very much!
By Kathy L.
Great Quality!! Best Price!!
October 7, 2018
This is the 2nd playpen I have purchased for our kiddos hamsters and I will say the quality is amazing especially for the price!! We love how easy it is to take this up and down and it folds perfectly to store behind our grandsons bedroom door. It was more expensive from other sellers.
  • Great Quality and Price..
  • kids have so much fun getting the hamster out for exercise!! We bought 2
  • None
By Marie
Play room for a dragon
February 25, 2018
My son's beardie needed a little more room to roam every now and then, so far its worked out great and he hasn't been able to climb out of it. It is constructed well for small animals and I couldn't beat the price.
By Rosemary
Great little pen for puppies
February 22, 2018
I ordered this because I have a tiny puppy, and he is not potty training very easily. I put pee pads in the pen, and when he wakes up and other times, we put him in the pen, and he goes potty. Hopefully, he will become accustomed to the pads and know that's where he is supposed to go. He only weighs a 1lb and a 1/2.. so going outside is not a good idea right now. Thanks for a great product.
  • Small
  • light weight for moving
By Crystal V.
Great product
June 21, 2017
This playpen is perfect for my guinea pig. I'm buying another one to give her a bigger home
By Sheri
San Diego, Ca
Midwest Pet Playpen
August 4, 2016
Very handy little ex pens for small dogs. I find them very useful with my chihuahuas if I need to busy myself in other areas of the house or in using outside (as they are easy to fold and carry), keeps their busy little selves contained and protected.
By S
Destin, Florida
October 15, 2015
Bought this to keep my chihuahua out of the cat box and cat food, low enough for my 11 year old cat to get over but high enough to keep my chihuahua out. Great product
  • great size and weight
  • fast delivery
  • quality product
  • good price
By Casandra
Quality Playpen, Buy Now!
September 19, 2015
Very nice heavyweight, sturdy playpen. We bought two that form a large area for our rats to run. They connect easily and are much higher than other playpens we've tried.
  • Higher sides. Quality build. Large play area.
  • Very heavy. Rats can still jump out.
By Kristen
Glendale, CA
My bunny needed a home upgrade...
May 30, 2015
I have a holland lop who grew to be bigger than expected so we needed a way for her to have more space than just her cage when we are not home. I chose this fence because it was pretty cheap. It is a bit smaller than I imagined when just put in a circle but i attached it to each side of her cage so now she has a mega home. It turned out great! She has her cage space plus enough with the gate to lay down completely spread out AND still have room for a food tray and even a little extra space. As far as height goes, she figured out she can jump out the top about two minutes after we put her in there, all we did was put a thick blanket over the top and she hasnt gotten out since. If you have an animal smaller than a bunny, or are looking to upgrade your bunnies home, this is the way to go! Petguys service was great and I had the item within two days of ordering. Will definitely be coming back!
  • Price, Convienience, size (when added to something
  • size(on its own), height (when uncovered)
By Hw
Great product and site
May 20, 2015
Thanks for a great buy
  • More competitive pricing
By Katie
Queens New York
love this item
December 9, 2014
Originally purchased my first one two years ago in a pet store. They no longer carry it. I have a two year old male yorkie and I hooked it up to his crate. Its great I clip the wee-wee pads to the sides for the male and no problem when he urinates. IGreat when I go out so he's not all over the house. I just adoped a three year old female yorkie and now one is attached to her crate it gives them room, privacy, and gives me a break
By Kristen
Grundy, Va
Great product!
July 16, 2014
My guinea pig loves this!
By Rachel
New York
Good product
May 12, 2014
This is a cute set-up, good for small animals and nice and sturdy. The only thing I didn't like is that the panels are attached in a line, allowing you to attach the last two into a loop. I had hoped for separate panels in order to alter the size of the playpen to fit different rooms.
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to store
  • One size pen
By Brandi
Seattle, WA
Great for a Hedgehog!
February 5, 2014
My little hedgie loves this playpen. She can't escape from it because it's sturdy enough and it's super easy to put together. I would definitely recommend this for hedgie and guinea pig owners. :)
  • Easy to put together
  • Perfect size for hedgehogs and guineas
By Abby
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Midwest Small Pet Playpen
November 14, 2013
Great product. Easy to put away and set up. It was bigger than I thought. It is nice and tall. My guinea pig tries to jump out of it, but is unsuccessful because of the height. Love the colors!
  • Tall. Great colors. Easy to set up.
  • Nothing
Los Angeles
Good quality, but...
June 17, 2011
I ordered this playpen for my pet rat. Ordering and delivery was quick and easy. The item is of good quality. I am a little disappointed because my rat learned how to get away from the playpen in 3 minutes. He just climbed on top of this thing in seconds. I wish the panels were much higher.

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