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By Bob
Inconsistent operation
July 8, 2018
I have a Fish Mate F14 and its operation is very inconsistent. Frequently arriving back to the feeder only to find the fish never received one feeding! Operation does not merit consideration. I would like to return the one I have but the company website is equally defective.
  • The view on-line appears to be simple.
  • It does not work as suggested.
By Amber
Perfect. Exactly what I wanted.
October 16, 2016
Works wonderfully for my bettas. I only have four or five pellets in each compartment, with no air hose going to it, and it works brilliantly.
By Jason
Worked Great
May 30, 2016
I used this while on a trip for a week to feed a betta. Adjusting the timing for the food was a bit tricky at first. Not sure the instructions did a good job on that end. But once you get it figured out, it works. I plugged in an air hose as directed and the food dropped ... didn't get soggy with moisture. No complaints. Will use it again and might get a second for the other betta (as opposed to a vacation feeder).
By Jerwin
Los Angeles, California
Good overall!
May 12, 2016
The item came on time and the product was in perfect condition!
By Carole
Reading, PA
worked well
April 8, 2016
This came just in time for my vacation. Once I figured out how to set it up, it worked as described. The only tricky parts were the red pegs you use to set the times. They were harder to pull out from the base than I imagined. I used round pellets for my Betta and broke up sinking pellets for the pigmy catfish. There was no condensation accumulated in the food compartments and all of the food was dispersed.
  • Fit on top of my 5 gallon Betta tank.
  • Reading the time dial seemed a little confusing to me. It could have just been because it was late the night before vacation and I was trying to finish all the last minute pet preparations.
By Mark
Love this product!!!
November 5, 2015
I love this item for everyday use not just when I am away from home. I have goldfish and they stay healthier if fed less food but more often throughout the day. This product enables me to set four feedings and each feeding takes about two hours to dispense which mean they are always foraging and not filling up all at once. After using it my aquarium stays cleaner and my fish seem more content. I feed them both flakes and slow sinking pellets, adding the pellets first and then the flakes with a few pellets on top seems to allow the food to dispense more easily. I would purchase this product again and recommend it to others.
By Robert
South Dakota
The feeders work great!!
October 4, 2015
We were heading out of town for 10 days and needed a way to feed our Beta's. I searched online and found the Fish Mate and found PetGuys. Called them and they checked overnight shipping for us. They boxed them up, and I had them the next day. I appreciate the customer service I received, and will use PetGuys again. 11 days later, the fish are fine, and the feeders worked flawlessly.
  • The feeders work just as advertised. Very happy with them.
  • None
By Mik
Fort Worth
Feeder with measureable daily portions
October 2, 2015
This was the only feeder I found where you could control exactly the amount of food to dispense at each feeding.
  • You can control how often the fish are fed and how much food is dispensed at each feeding. There are 14 individual compartments which hold (maybe?) 1/8 tsp of food. Since the food is dropped when the bottom moves out from under the tray, you can use a variety of food. I was gone for 4 days and all the food was dispensed and all my fish were alive. Although this feeder isn't perfect (see Cons), it did the job. I feel comfortable enough to use this feeder without a backup plan (just make sure the batteries are fresh each time!).
  • 1. The 14 compartments are narrow and without a very tiny spoon, it's hard to fill without getting making a mess.
  • 2. If you use flakes, the bottom layer tends to lay flat and get moved on to the next compartment, so chunkier food works better.
  • 3. The wheel moves slowly, so food gets dispensed slowly - it can take hours to fully dispense a compartment.
By Iftem
Better way to feed your fish
August 21, 2015
The feeder has worked well for the first week. We mounted the unit to the top of the light fixture on our 26 gal. tank. This created good distance between the food drop and the water surface. No problems with food sticking so far. The fish seems more content with receiving food over a period of time rather than all at once. We are using the 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. feeding times.
By James
Los Angeles, CA
A great product for a great price
October 19, 2014
I purchased this recently to be able to feed my fish while I was not at home for an extended period of time. I purchased this feeder because unlike other feeders on the market, you can't combine feedings (for example: flake and pellet). I tried this feeder out for a week before I left just to make sure and it worked flawlessly, I then loaded it up on the day I left and hoped it worked. I came back ten days later and everything worked without a problem. There were four compartments that were still full and what was left was dry (I used the air inlet option to keep the food dry). I highly recommend this feeder to anyone who feeds different kinds of foods to their fish. However if you do use pellets, make sure there are no pellets in the area where the timer is. I can see that as the feeder turns, this could be problematic if pellet food gets caught in the mechanism that is both the timer and what rotates the food wheel.
  • Air Inlet (To keep humidity from the tank water from soaking the food, therefore not dispensing it correctly)
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to Clean
  • Feeding time selector pins are easy to install (you may want to use tweezers to place them easier)
  • There is only four slots to select feeding times... one every three hours. I like how it dispenses slowly (over 1.5 hours) to ensure better feedings, but you shouldn't be limited to four preselected time slots. Please don't let that be a deterrent from purchasing this. It is an excellent feeder and I do recommend it to anyone that requires feeding multiple types of food to their fish, for either daily feedings or while you are away.
By Annie
Ottawa, ON
Great recommended fish feeder
September 12, 2014
Depending on how often you wish to feed your fish, this is a great automatic feeder. I am going to put the air hose connection on it before I use it, as I just have egg crating on the top of my tank, which means there is a lot of condensation from my tank. I use pellets, and it lets you have up to 4 - 2 hour long feeding sessions / day. This is great for goldfish, as they are supposed to be scavenging all day, and getting small meals.
  • Enables you to feed up to 14 segments while you are away.
  • probably not good for flake food.
By Alvin
Honolulu, Hawaii
Excellent feeder for pellet type foods
September 10, 2014
An excellent feeder for pellet or the like type of fish foods.
  • . This is a very dependable feeder providing the user keeps it dry and clean. I have used other feeders on the market and I feel that this is the best one around.
  • Ok for flake type foods. The reason I say this that when the bins rotate there is a chance that the fish flakes get caught under the moving bins. Would have given F14 feeder a 5 rating if this was not an issue. Setting the feed times is another issue is that the set times are not totally flexible set times are set at 3 hour intervals. A person could not set at any time the user wants. Time set is at 3 hour intervals, starting at 1200, ending at 2400, 24 hour clock
By Fred
San Diego, CA
Not for everyone
July 12, 2014
I bought the Fish mate for my tropical fish aquarium to feed them when we were gone for a few days. We use flake food for their regular feedings. Flake food does not work well with the fish mate . It takes almost 2 hours for the feeder to dispense the food and then some will remain. There is also a moisture issue. Pellet food works much better but still takes almost 2 hours to feed the fish. The up side is you can measure the amount of food you want the fish to have. It is easy to operate and set the times you want to feed your fish.this is a good feeder if you use pellets but not flake food.
By Lori D.
Chico, CA
Fish Mate F14 - excellent buy
October 30, 2013
PetGuys is an excellent vendor - great service, quick delivery. The first delivery was a defective item. PetGuys quickly sent another, returning the defective devise. I appreciate this service. Receiving a defective purchase is so uncomfortable. PetGuys made me feel ok with the process by taking the return without a fuss. Thanks so much!
  • Feeds accurately through pre-portioned cups, which fall from the aquarium top. No rotating, messy spills on the aquarium top, which occurred with the standard feeders.
  • Good. No issues yet.
By Kat
July 20, 2013
Arrived as promised.
By joseph s.
belgrade maine
June 28, 2013
feeder ok works so far
  • good simple operation
  • feeder is hard to fill
By Stephen
Austin, TX
Feed my African Clawed Frogs Great!
December 2, 2012
Using it as a holiday/vacation/out of town feeder for my African Clawed Frogs and it works great! Always the right amount of food and nothing gets gummed up. One minor complaint. The timer is very confusing, because you set the feeding time and the current time at two very different points.
  • Dependable.
  • Always the desired amount of food.
  • Confusing timer.
By Mansour H.
Baltimore, MD
A good product
June 1, 2012
I have a Betta fish and I feed him with pellets. I have a one gallon bowel . I was worried that this feeder may not fit the bowel, but it did very well. I wish that the feeder had more compartments rather than just 14, and also more pegs ( there are 4 pegs that you insert into the compartments, and when these pegs move by timing clock and reach to the top of the feeder , they move the compartments so food drops down in the bowl) . So you are practically can not feed the fish more than 4 times per 24 hours. ( having more compartments and more pegs will result in more accurate and gradual feeding). Other than what mentioned , the feeder is working properly .
  • You can put controlled amount of flakes or pellets in each compartment.
  • The feeder was much better if it had smaller compartments, but double the number of compartments.
  • the feeder was much better if it had more pegs so you could feed the fish more often , but in smaller portions.
By Heather
Los Angeles, CA
Great for betta fish
May 31, 2012
This is the only fish feeder that I could find with compartments, which is what I need to feed small amounts to a betta. Other units just dump food into the tank, which ended up being too much at once for my fish. This is perfect to dispense small amounts regularly, and you the compartments are big so you can use it for small or large amounts...and also for pellets or flakes (I use pellets). I use it on the edge of my 5 gallon tank.
  • The compartments!
  • It will only work on a tank...not a bowl. It could be a little smaller in size...sort of large for my 5-gallon tank.
By Deon
Manhattan, Kansas
It just works
May 22, 2012
Very simple, robust mechanism. You control the amount by placing portions into individual compartments. Up to 14 meals can be dispensed at a rate of one to four times a day. An air line can be attached to provide positive pressure dry air inside the unit to prevent moisture buildup and spoilage.
By Gary
Middletown, Maryland
Fish Mate F14 Aquarium Fish Feeder
May 12, 2012
Product was delivered quickly from seller. Used it last week and it worked great.
  • Ease of use. Flexibility - twice a day for 7 days or once a day for 14 days. Long battery life.
  • Circular food compartment is a little delicate when filled with fish food flakes, i.e., the tray is easy to move when carrying from fill area to fish tank. Use 1/8 tsp measurer to fill compartments.
By Dave
Johnstown, PA
Fish Mate Feeder
March 16, 2012
I run an aquarium maintenance business and have been using these feeders for years. I keep them clean and change the battery once a year and they never let me down. I have yet to find a feeder with a hopper that works, so, even though this one takes more time to fill, it always works perfectly.
  • It Works Great
  • It takes more time to fill each compartment than a hopper would, but it is well worth it.

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