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By CRHack
Were these supposed to be liver squares or treats?
June 25, 2022
Aside from the fact that my pup didn't like these (we were test tasting), majority of the package contained large 1-inch square blobs. It was like the cutting machine took the day off. I won't purchase again because she doesn't like them AND because these couldn't be fed as treats, or fed as anything really.
By Teresa H.
July 25, 2021
Large pieces of liver. Not crumbles. Packaged and shipped well.
By Joanne
Fresh Liver Treats My Dog Loves!!!
April 1, 2020
My dog just loves these treats.They are pretty big pieces for my 7 lb Maltese but I just cut them in half and they last at least 3 to 4 months on the 20 oz size barrel. PetGuys always delivers fast too! I can always depend on great prices and fast delivery plus courteous treatment if I have questions or need assistance. They return my call promptly as well. Great company to work with!
  • Great products at great prices!
By Ps
Liver packaging
February 26, 2020
Packaging damaged container.
  • Excellent price
By Warren
November 3, 2018
Our little lady loves these, very satisfied with these.
Great product
January 5, 2018
I have used these treats for years and every dog and cat I've had the pleasure to live with loves them. Never without some around.
  • 100% liver. Period.
By Jacques B.
New York City
Best Doggy Treat ever !
January 28, 2017
these beef liver treats are the most reliable treat, as I have never met a dog who didn't like them, My dog Rocky who is very fussy about food, goes GAGA over these, absolutely the greatest dog treat.
By Joanne
Sequim, WA
My Pup loves this stuff!!!
May 3, 2016
My pup loves this stuff so much, have to get the large size! Best price for me was at PetGuys!
  • Great source of protein and my dog loves it.....one of only two treats he will eat!
  • Have to cut often because it is for my 7 lb Maltese and the pieces are big. But that is just fine with me, I actually found something he loves....
By Nikki W.
United States
Stewart Pro-Treat Liver Freeze Dried, More fillers than treats
July 30, 2015
I have been ordering these now for years from PetGuys. My Vet recommended these for the dog when she was a baby and my dog has been hooked ever since. Problem is for the last few years, and more importantly the last 4 to 5 shipments, I notice that I am ordering these more frequently and there is a TON of fill in between all of the treats. By fill, I mean the crumbs and scraps that normally settle to the bottom are right beneath the first layer and the container is barely 3/4 full as it is. Best By: 3/20/17 and LOT 5079 for the items from my last order. Disappointed the standards are being set lower, and the consumer is getting more scraps than product.
  • Liver treats. Dogs love them. They are excellent for training. They are made in the USA. PetGuys has always had the best price on the web
  • Too much filler in the containers and not more of the actual product. Very disappointed in recent years and months.
By Jim
Great product, our dogs love 'em
March 11, 2015
Great price and quick shipping!
By Eileen
North CArolina
my dawg luvs it!!! I get these all the time. Even the cats love it. I've been tempted to taste... not really.
March 24, 2014
I've purchased this item many times. My dog and the cats both LOVE these. they last forever, so it is good to buy a large tub. No concern about it lodging in the intestinal tract, like rawhide does in some animals.
  • They LOVE it.
  • Somewhat expensive, I guess. Except the best price I've seen is on Pet Guys.com.
By Barbara
Rockaway, NJ
Its OK
December 17, 2013
Its OK
  • Everything
  • Nothing
By Ron
Freeze Dried Dog Treats
July 8, 2013
Great price, fast delivery....our dogs favorite.
  • Dogs love them.
  • Container size.
By carol
fountain hills, az
Best Treats
June 28, 2013
I have purchased this item many times. I find mainly full size pieces along with some smaller pieces. The bottom usually has some powder that I find useful as a sprinkle for their regular food. This is an outstanding product. It's a clean, wholesome treat that is a favorite in my kennel.
By carol
fountain hills, az
Best Training Tool
June 28, 2013
This is a necessity for dog owners. It makes a great training tool. It's a high value treat in "dogland". They love this treat more than anything else. It's useful in a variety of ways. It can easily be crushed into a powder. No additives. Love this product and this company. Best price anywhere! Customer service is tops!
  • it's natural, it's a favorite among ALL dogs, it's not messy, it grabs their attention quickly, it's priced right.
  • nada
By Bob S.
Topsfield, MA
Gimborn Pro-Treat Freeze Dried Beef Liver Treats 14 oz.
April 12, 2013
I have been purchasing this product from PETGUYS for many years and have always had the best price and service.
  • Great for training dogs. Their favorite treat.
  • Sometimes, the pieces are to large for my miniature dachshunds and have to be cut up..
By Linda
San Diego, CA
My dogs go nuts for these!
April 10, 2013
My dogs go absolutely crazy over these treats. Every morning they ask for them. I wouldn't dare go a day without having these in our house. It makes them so happy. And they are healthy!
  • Dogs favorite treat!
  • Healthy
  • Made in America
By Anne
Fort Worth, Texas
Perfect for training.
April 7, 2013
After several hit and miss attempts, I took my trainer's recommendation and bought the freeze dried beef liver treats to help train my dogs. Excellent choice and great results. After trying a no treat method and even a choke collar method of training, the use of these treats has shown me a more positive way to train resulting in an obedient, yet still happy dog. Great price too. Thanks.
  • Dogs love them
  • No mess carrying them in pouch
  • They don't smell bad like some treats
  • Just wish I had found it sooner
By BrendaJB
Ypsilanti, Michigan
Yummy, even to a finnicky dog
November 1, 2012
I chose freeze-dried beef liver because my finnicky dog responded well to it in a rehab session, refusing other training treats. Beef liver doesn't get as powdery as freeze-dried chicken, so there is less waste. This product does come in small "cubes" (not all the same size and shape) suitable for training, but they can be cut down smaller for numerous repetitions of a training exercise (and to conserve product).
  • Dog likes it
  • Not too messy
  • Hard to know in advance what the product looks like, or how big/small the treats are
By Lorene :.
Palm Springs, California
DECEPTIVE Quality and Size of Packaging of "Liver Treats"
July 27, 2012
"Gimborn Company" many 'THINK' they're being 'clever' when they package their "Liver Treats" - but they MUST have actual packagers (or programed machines) who sprinkle ONLY about ONE INCH on VERY TOP of the container with VERY LARGE, PERFECTLY shaped Treats - but when you dig down ONLY about ONE INCH into the container - you find THE REST of the ENTIRE CONTAINER has NOTHING BUT small, uneven, broken up CHIPS of treats - NOTHING like the treats that are ON THE TOP!! Does the "Gimborn Company" REALLY think they can "FOOL" their customer like this?!? It is a VERY CHEAP and LOUSY way to treat their customers - who are NOT FOOLED by this DECEIVING PACKAGING!!!!
By renee
los angeles, ca
great service
February 21, 2012
fast, efficient, worry free
By GeorgZ
Ketchikan, AK
My little dogs love beef and chicken liver treats
January 27, 2012
I have been using Gimborn's Freeze Dried Liver Treats for both of my Mi-Kis since they were puppies. My dogs are -13# so I use utility scissors to cut the beef chunks into smaller bites. The chicken livers break easily into smaller chunks. Both of my dogs and my daughter's Shitzu love these all beef, all chicken liver treats, and I feel they are healthy for them without a lot of unusual additives.
  • -Made in USA!
  • -100% beef and chicken
  • -clean and easy to handle
  • -stores easily in plastic tubs - no problem with foil or plastic bags opening or resealing
  • -expensive
  • -I have come across moisture inside a few treats especially with the chicken. I have concern about bacteria when it isn't completely dry dehydrated
  • -chicken livers have an excessive amount of powder and crumbs
By Kim
Candy for dogs
December 17, 2011
My dogs are very picky and these treats are like candy to them. They could eat a whole bucket in a day if I would let them. Perfect treat-small and no mess at all.
By Maureen N.
Good for your dogs
August 15, 2011
They come in small pieces so you can give them exactly the amount they need for their size. They love them
  • They are good for your dog and they love them
  • A bit expensive
By Jim
First class service & selection
May 25, 2011
Long time customer & always pleased with the products & prices offered by the PetGuys!

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