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By Renee
January 16, 2020
Dogs favorite
My dog loves these raw hides and I can’t find them anywhere! PetGuys not only had them, but shipped right away. Fantastic service and I will definitely use them again - happy dog ❣️
By Deborah Wilson
December 23, 2019
Dingo mini Indulgent cheese bones
My dog loves these! The local store had run out of these mini Dingo indulgent cheese bones. I called the company, they mentioned a couple of online resources and I found you guys. Quick service and a good price.
By Marge
December 16, 2019
My Dog Adores These
These peanut butter flavor dog chews are getting harder and harder to find. I used to get them from Petco and then Chewy now they are no longer carrying them. I was thrilled to find that you now carry them and they are lower priced than they were at both Petco & Chewy. Please do not stop carrying these treats as my poodle Star just loves them and make her very happy to get this as her daily treat. She is so good and this is just a small indulgence I can give her for all the happiness she gives not only to me but everyone else in the neighborhood. They are good for her teeth and keep her occupied gnawing on them for quite a while. Star was the last gift my mom gave me before mom passed away; she is now 6 years old and is full of energy and still acts like a puppy and always makes me laugh at her antics; everyone in the neighborhood loves her as well as she is extremely friendly and wants to say hello to everyone she sees. I only want to give her the best of everything and these fit the bill to a "T" and she loves the peanut butter flavor; I found early on that if I need to give her any medication to wrap it up in actual peanut butter and she swallows it down with no problem. Please keep getting these so that I can continue indulging Star and keep her happy.
By Jim
September 13, 2019
Dog treats
As always my dog loves these things I guess I will be buying many more
By Peggy
April 11, 2019
My Dog Loves These!
My dog just loves these, they never get wasted.
By Jeff B
February 25, 2018
Our dogs love these!
Perfect size for our small dogs. We purchase these Dingo bones regularly.
By Jim
February 8, 2018
Great product at a great price.
By BettyBoop
October 28, 2017
The headline tells the story. This company provides excellent service and quality.
ProsCustomer Service and pricing are pros.
By Craig
August 18, 2017
Great price and service I'l be ordering again!
By Laura
Roanoke, Virginia
May 13, 2017
My dog's favorite
This particular treat is my dog's favorite. She is totally addicted and demands them every day. She eats the peanut flavored end first and wishes both ends were peanut butter flavored. Service from PETGUYS was outstanding.
By Ha
Lawrence, KS
February 6, 2017
My dogs favorite treat!
I order in bulk every other month for my dog. Free economy shipping is a plus!
Conswish peanut butter was on both sides of the treats.
By Janet
Mesquite Texas
January 23, 2017
Excellent customer service!
I was very pleased with the product & customer service. Thank you!
By Scott Wilson
Hendersonville, North Carolina
June 23, 2016
Great Product
Our dogs just love this product. It is difficult to find in the stores. The product is made by a division of Mars Corporation and their distribution chain is not well established. Petguys is great to deal with and they shipped very quickly. We will re-order again
By Becky
June 11, 2016
My baby girl loves these bones
I order them twice a month and always receive them ahead of the estimated delivery date... great service
ProsOrder is always shipped promptly and never out of stock
By Jo Ellen Dowler
Vienna, WV
December 4, 2015
The prices are hard to beat here!
My dog loves peanut butter flavor the best so she's just crazy over these treats! I give them to her every morning and bedtime.
By Brian Shropshire
Asheville, NC
August 13, 2015
Treats appear to be old
Unfortunately treats appear to be dated. My dogs favorite treat but not wolfing these down as in the past. Cheddar cheese has a different color & not as crunchy as in the past.
ConsDated, old.
By Maria
Cheektowaga, New York
July 5, 2015
My dog just really loves these
i give my dog these as a calm down treat. It gets some of her energy out before bedtime without chewing aggressively on a very hard bone. She loves them and it has become part of out goodnight routine.
By Mike
Tampa, Fl. USA
July 3, 2015
Priced too high
My dog would prefer that cheese was on both ends.
ProsDog likes them
Constoo high priced
By rfl
lemont, Ill
July 2, 2015
Dogs love it
By Amy
June 19, 2015
My Dog's Favorite at a Great Price
My yorkie loves these and we have never had any problems with them! Excellent value from pet guys! Will definitely order again!!
ProsDog LOVES them, great price, quick shipping
ConsWish both ends of the bone had the peanut butter stuff my dog goes nuts for!
By Raetricia
Apple Valley, CA
April 26, 2015
This is the only "treat" my MultiPoo HoneyBear loves! She's 10 years old and just munches away forever on one.
By Amir Lavassani
Los Angeles, CA
April 22, 2015
I order from PetGuys around 2-3x a month and out of the 50 or so times I have ordered from them, I have yet to experience a single problem with product, customer service, or shipping. They are the Rolls Royce of Pet Stores!
ProsSuper Fast Shipping Amazing Quality Products GREATTT CUSTOMER SERVICE!
By Bridget Phillips
Northbrook Illinois
April 17, 2015
My dogs LOVE them!!!
By rosa
United States
March 4, 2015
my dog loves it
Great services, fast shipping
By Karen
Minneapolis, MN
February 12, 2015
Excellent Price and Service
No company had a comparable low price for the Dingo Mini-Cheese chews. No only did PetGuys have the best price, but I had my order in only a few days time. Will definitely order from this company again.
By Jackie Lawson
Las Vegas, NV
November 28, 2014
Dingo Mini Peanut Butter
My Shih Tzu loves these! Hard to find the peanut butter ones so very much appreciate that I can order from you and will continue to do so!! THANK YOU
ProsPrompt service, excellent prices!
By Iris Iles
Orange County, California
July 5, 2014
Half the price of Petsmart or Petco!!!!
My dog loves these, but at the cost per Dingo it was getting very expensive. I found Petguys and the items I purchased were literally more than half off. I will definitely be a future customer!!
By Susan
Pittsburgh, PA
May 30, 2014
Great pricing on Dingo peanutbutter bones!!
This is the best price for the Dingo peanut butter dog ones. My dog loves these bones and gets 1 a day. The shipping was free and didn't take to long to receive th bones. Will purchase items again from this company.
By Ann
May 21, 2014
My two Pomeranian's LOVE these bones. This is the best price that I have seen. I'll definately be back!
By Sam
Bay Area CA
January 18, 2014
Who doesn't love peanut butter?
These are gobbled up quickly by both big & small dogs
By Felix
Austin, TX
November 14, 2013
Treats our dogs love
Great treats for small dogs
Prosthe extra coating on one end makes it makes it more attractive for my dogs to start chewing.
By Terrie
June 24, 2013
Dingo Mini Peanut Butter Chews
My 2 little "old men", 14 yr old poodle and 16 yr old maltese, love these chews. They are not really able to "chew" the rawhides much anymore, but can lick and chew the peanut butter coating on the outside. Peanut butter is their favorite as are these Dingo Chews.
By MaryD
Williamsburg, VA
May 24, 2013
Great Product, Great Company, Great RETAILER!
For me it's not about the product that my three pets know and love it's about finding a new vendor with reasonable prices, quick shipping and great customer service. I was getting that from Amazon but not anymore. PetGuys are the best!
By Krystina
west islip, NY
April 13, 2013
Little Mia`s binkies!!! <3
my little pomerainan lovessss these... we call them BINIKIES in our home because she always walks around with them in her mouth! she use to just eat the regular dingos then i found these at a local pet supplier but they charged me $8.99 for a 7 pack!!!!!!! so i had to go back to the regular dingos but she wouldnt eat them!!! so i looked for other altneratives because i was not spending almost $10 for 7 .... i did some research and i found a couple of sites but "PETGUYS" was by far the best pricing and to top it off they say 5-8 days shipping and it gets to us in ny in 3 days... my little Mia just waits for them very paientaly at the door for the mail man!!! i order 5 packages at a time every month!
ProsAs long as my little girl is happy then im happy!
Consshe wont eat any other thing besides these !
By richard
Pittsburgh, pa
January 11, 2013
dingo peanut butter bones
I read about Pavlov's dog. If he had these he wouldn't need a bell. Every night at 8:30 my boston spangler comes down to my man cave and barks at me. Upstairs my french bulldog is trying to wave his pug nose tail. It is time for their peanut butter dingo bone. It is the only bone my french bulldog will chew. I swear they are are in heaven when they chew these bones.
Proseverything. You want to get the dogs off your nerves--this will do it.
Consnothing except the price-but yu took care of this.
By susan
December 13, 2012
a true favorite
My little dog goes nuts for these.
By Jennifer Brown
Denver, CO
December 5, 2012
Peanut Butter Dingos
My experience with ordering from Pet Guys has always been great. My dog loves peanut butter Dingos.
By Becky
Bethesda, MD
December 3, 2012
My dogs love them.
The flavored Dingos keep both dogs busy for at least 30 minutes. They both look forward to getting their Dingo in the morning. They actually howl when you are opening the bag. I made the mistake of bringing these home to my girls when they were puppies and it has been 12 years and they still enjoy each and every dingo that they receive.
ConsSome of the Dingos are not evenly coated with the peanut butter. This seems to occur when purchasing the value pack as opposed to the pack of 7 Dingos.
By Lisa
Brooklyn, NY
November 18, 2012
Dingo Peanut Butter Bones
Pet guys were very helpful in getting my order delivered quickly. Very professional and courteous.
ProsActually it is my dog that likes this item. He loves his peanut butter bones.
By Vivian
October 22, 2012
Indulgence Dingo Bones
My dog loves these bones and they are hard to find. Not only did you have them, but by ordering 6 or more bags I saved a lot.
By Mary
September 26, 2012
By Richard
Macon, GA
August 4, 2012
3 dog lovers
our dogs cant get enough of these, and with them being $6.99 at PetSmart its a such a huge savings here :)
Prosprice dogs love them last awhile
By Jim
Forest Hill, Md
May 20, 2012
Great Price
Great price for a hard to find item. Places like PetSmart charge twice as much for the same thing. Shipped fast.
ProsOur dog is the one that wants this chewy only.
By Jan
Marengo, Il.
May 5, 2012
Tasty Treat Chew
Great value and loved by the dachshunds. This is a wonderful and tasty treat to give the dogs.
ProsEager acceptance by dogs.
By Kristina
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
April 13, 2012
My dog loves the Indulgence Dingos! She never refuses them! Great price at Pet Guys.
By Lisa blackburn
Chico california
April 8, 2012
Cheese dings
Dogs love them. My yorkies cant get enough of them. Like them better than regular dingos. Thank u pet guys for selling them!
ProsMy dogs Love them!
By sheryl
forest hill Md
April 4, 2012
my dogs vote this the best treat!
I thought my dogs loved the regular dingos the best until they tried these-they went nuts!!! The peanut butter is crispy so you don't have to worry about a sticky mess wherever your dogs decide to eat these and they love the coating so much you don't have to worry about cleaning up any left overs because there are none! Only wish they were cheaper because 12 bones go really fast when you have three dogs!
Prosdogs go nuts over these!
Consa little expensive for the number of treats you get.
By Jennifer
Weed, California
April 3, 2012
Fast confirmation and delivery.
ProsKC, the FatShiChi, loved these bones and preferred them over his other, regular, meat-filled bones. He would eat the peanut butter-flavored end only, and left the rest to the scavengers....Molly, the Golden Lab.
ConsWould like to see this item be available in a larger quantity bag.
By Jennifer
Weed, California
April 3, 2012
Fast confirmation of order and delivery.
ProsKC, the shih tzu-chihuahua mix, loved and preferred these bones to his previous Dingo Mini bones. Ate the cheese-flavored end and ignored the rest. Not a problem...Molly, the Golden Lab, hoovered up those remains.
ConsWish there was a larger quantity/size.
By Mary Beth
Baltimore, MD
April 3, 2012
mini cheese dingos
Pet Guys has great service, very good price, pay pal and nice packaging of product!
ProsSmall dogs love mini cheese Dingos.

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