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153 Reviews
93% (143)
5% (7)
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97% Recommend this product (149 of 153 responses)
By dave K.
good and fast service
November 24, 2023
By jan b.
good bones
August 20, 2023
It's the only rawhide my dog will chew.
By Marie
Good Product and Service
February 11, 2023
Our dogs love Dingo Mini's for an afternoon snack and entertainment. These treats are a nice size for medium sized dogs. They are crunchy and are not immediately consumed.
By Jamie F.
Our dogs love these
September 8, 2022
We have been buying these from Pet Guys for years. Our dogs can’t wait to get them.
By Lora H.
The Best Out There
October 1, 2021
This is the only rawhide I’ll buy for my corgi. Tuesday is treat day and Gruffyn is so happy to get a new “bone”. Dingo rawhide is clean, no messy coatings to stain his white paws, and long lasting, he eats the red chicken stripe first and the white lasts him all week. I highly recommend this product!
By Anonymous
My dog loves these treats
September 2, 2020
Timely shipment thanks for the ball she loved it
By Patti A.
Benny loves these
July 29, 2020
Every night Benny gets his Dingo bone. This has gone on for the 11 years of his life. he LOVES them. However, every time I go to order more, they are out of stock. I weep
  • Without personal knowledge, they seem to be perfect.
  • Yall keep running out
By John L.
dingo mini-bones
March 14, 2020
Good product. My dog loves them. I highly recommend to anyone.
By Allen
Dog bone chews
March 13, 2020
By Donna
Dingo Mini Rawhides
February 3, 2020
My two Maltese have been chewing a Dingo Mini bone daily for 13 years. They love them! Good quality and I usually can find them on sale. Take away from pet when mostly chewed and make sure they are doing #2 every day. My two really love the chicken in the middle.
  • Great size for small dogs
  • Good quality
  • Moderate price
  • Chicken in the middle
  • Helps keep dogs teeth clean
By charles w.
awsome deal and service!!!!!!!!
December 19, 2019
ver and also a great value
By Donna L.
Dingo Mini Chew Bones
November 25, 2018
My dogs love this. It is a great rawhide product and the price is great as well. Dingo Dog Bone chews keep them busy. They are just a all around great product at a great value. I would definitely recommend Dingos.
Dogs LOVE These
July 25, 2018
I only wish these came in an extra-large size!
By Shelba
5 rating
June 15, 2018
You have a great product
By Virginia
Price, product availability, and shipping were excellent
March 7, 2018
Large sized Dingo bones have been difficult for me to find both in stores and on line. By searching the Net I found Pet Guys. Not only were they available but they were also at a very good price. I received my order earlier than anticipated and, because of in-stock availability, I was able to purchase several bags of my dog's favorite treat. Thank you, Pet Guys!
By M
March 1, 2018
I was well pleased with the quick processing and delivery of my order. The medium bones are well enjoyed by my pet.
By Richard
Our dogs love these
December 14, 2017
Our dogs love these---cleans teeth and satisfies their need to chew
By Sandy
Amazing price
December 13, 2017
Our dogs love these bones. Unfortunately they have gotten so expensive that we are hard pressed to purchase them. The regular price isn't bad but the sale price is wonderful. Thank you for your great service.
  • Wonderful price, fast delivery
By Cathi
Great price
August 16, 2017
Great price for Dingos and shipping was fast!
By John
New Look Less Value
August 10, 2017
Just got my recent purchase. Smaller bones, bag now weighs 1.5 ounces less than yellow bag which might not seem like a lot but it still has 35 bones. It is a lot more expensive than costing $1 dollar more a bag. Not a good deal.
  • More expensive for less product
By Jill
My friend's favorite treat
June 15, 2017
Chester's tummy clock goes off every afternoon around 4:30. He loves his dingo and will give me no rest until he gets it. A fun time everyday.
By Karen H.
Dog bones
May 4, 2017
Great prices. I save so much even when you add the shipping cost.
  • Great prices
  • Shipping takes too long. Will have to get quicker shipping next time.
By Jeff
Washington State
Yum for dog
March 30, 2017
My mini-schnauzer loves them and has one every evening. I buy them in bulk at Pet Guys and always get a good deal.
  • Dog loves, price right
  • None
By Janet E.
Mesquite, Texas
February 2, 2017
I will never go to a pet store again. It was easy to place the order and I received it very fast.
  • All of the above in my remarks
By Tom
New York
Great product
August 22, 2016
Bella, our Walker Fox Hound, tells time by when she gets them!
By Joan G.
St. Louis City, Missouri
Reliably good product
August 5, 2016
Dogs have been getting dingos since they came to my home!
  • N/A
By Aussie L.
Berkeley, California
My Aussie Loves These Chews
June 23, 2016
My 8 year old Aussie loves these large chews. They keep her occupied for an evening.
By catherine d.
I like giving my dog these bones and the price is reasonable even with shipping.
June 18, 2016
It is great
  • good price
  • none
By Beckie
Waterloo, Iowa
March 4, 2016
Our dog Chief loves Dingos and enjoys them often.
Augusta, GA
January 30, 2016
By Dulciedo
Binghamton, New York
Where's the chicken ?????
January 30, 2016
Most of the bones have very little chicken in them, if any at all. My dogs love to chew them down to get the chicken. I have noticed that all three dogs are less enthusiastic about getting one.
By Bill M.
Port Angeles, WA
excellent treat
January 28, 2016
my dog loves them.
By Rios
White Plains, New York
Love it
January 14, 2016
Treats were in meticulous condition and freshest I've ever seen!
  • Fresh
  • No coupons
Boston. ma
great company
December 7, 2015
wonderful people. customer comes first
By Jan
Northeast Tennessee
Great Service!
November 26, 2015
These Dingo bones were a great price through They arrived promptly and just as described. Great seller. Would purchase from again.
  • Prompt shipping, good packaging, great product.
By Randy
North Dakota
Dogs love it
September 18, 2015
This is still our dogs favorite treat. If I had to come up with a complaint, the only thing would be it needs more meat in the middle. The dogs will pull the meat out, then only chew on the rawhide when they get bored.
By Jennifer
St. Peters, Mo
Pet guys is the best!
August 12, 2015
You have the best prices on Dingo bones. My dogs and I thank you!
By Wayne H.
Dayton, Ohio
My dog loves these bones!
July 5, 2015
My dog loves these bones so very much...he gets a treat from each my wife and I before bed. He just can hardly wait for his "treat "'!
By mooyoomsu
Best Price!!
July 4, 2015
I have search the dingo bones because my dogs love them. But guys have the best prices by far.
  • Dogs love them. Great price.
  • None
Great Product
May 22, 2015
My dog loves these. Very cheap and great communication and fast delivery.
By Terri
Oakcreek, Co.
dogs love these
May 1, 2015
My 2 puppies get these for a treat when I get home from work each day. They really enjoy them.
  • Red "frosting" beef strip is very tasty to my pups.
  • nothing
By Lonnie M.
Irvine Kentucky
Great item my dog likes them as good as i do*****
April 9, 2015
great product our dog is hooked on Dingo products would buy from again*****
  • A+++++++++++
  • 0
By sue
My girls love them!
March 8, 2015
Both of my dogs have gotten older and are having too much difficulty chewing the larger Dingo bones that they have been used to. This has been a wonderful substitute and they are honestly thrilled to be able to enjoy their favorite chews again....without struggling. Dingo brand products are the only rawhide chews that I ever buy.
  • Good quality and dogs love them.
  • I have never had a problem with the dogs choking on them but I do always feel that I need to stay in the room with them while they are eating them...although less so with the smaller ones.
By Pavel
Mini Dingo Bone
February 4, 2015
Great service, quick respond. Good price for original product.
By bettty b.
January 13, 2015
okay delivery
By Sharon H.
United States
December 28, 2014
Our dog had severe diarrhea after having on of these bones
By Jean
Blairsville, GA
Our dog loves them!
September 20, 2014
This was a great find. The dog is happy, I am happy, and m husband is happy. It is so much more convenient to buy dingo bones this way! They cost less, and we do not have to travel to town to buy them, and because the quantity if greater, they last longer!
By Marcella
Columbia MS.
dingo mini dog bone
September 19, 2014
Great product great service.My dogs get good dental reports from the vet for there healthy teeth and gums.
By Gary J.
Dingo Mini Dingo Bones
July 23, 2014
Item was priced right.
  • Items arrived in good condition and a reasonable time.
By Marion
My dog loves Dingo bones!
June 25, 2014
There are 3 in a package and are about the same price as 1 at the pet store or grocery store here.
By Paula B.
The Dalles, Oregon
This is a GREAT company to deal with!
May 23, 2014
My canine guys LOVE these Dingo's. Enough that they are a training tool with all new puppies. We have Chow Chow's and they are sometimes difficult to train. So, the product is a have to have item. I have researched and compared prices each time I needed more for price by the case. Finally I skipped that step. PETGUYS has the best prices, ship promptly and you can track the shipment all the way. NEVER any problems. I wish I could say that about all my online transactions. GREAT COMPANY!
  • None to enter.
By Hurle P.
Surprise, Arizona
Great buy
May 1, 2014
My dogs love Dingo Bones. The price is better her than in any store.
By Beth
Fairfax, VA
My dog loves them!
February 7, 2014
Shipment arrived very quickly. Price one of the best around. My dog absolutely loves these... he is spoiled for any other rawhide treat.
  • Easier for dog to chew than standard rawhides.
  • Chicken in middle can leave a bit of a mess behind.
By Marion
Houston, Texas
Dingo small value pack
January 20, 2014
Our dogs love to chew on one of these bones after the last meal of the day and it helps to clean their teeth before bed time. At the price we having been paying at local stores it can be quite expensive but Pet Guys price make it possible to always have these dog chews on hand for my doggie babies! Glad I found Pet Guys!
By Linda
Newbury, OH
My dog loves these treats
November 29, 2013
My dog really enjoys these treats. Instead of milk bones or other high calerie treats, I feed him these rawhide bones. NOTE because they are rawhide, I always supervise him when he eats them. It is easy for pets to choke on rawhide treats. Although they are made in China, I have been feeding these treats to my dog for over 4 years without any issues.
  • They are made in China which is scary. Would prefer if they were made in USA
By Darryl H.
October 11, 2013
Great sale
By Mark
Dingo Minis
September 21, 2013
Our 100 lb GSD and 19 lb Feist get one every evening. We can forget but they will remind us by 9PM. This was the best price.
By Jet
New Hampshire
September 8, 2013
Found these bonies years ago, and they're a favorite of my dog. I pile them up on the floor after his dinner, and he picks the one he wants for that night. And I always say to him, "Excellent choice, sir!" He's an old dog, and hiis teeth are a little older now, too. Sometimes he can't really chew that particular bone. I find that if I soak it for thirty seconds or so in warm water that it helps. Fast delivery!
By Pam
Fairbanks, AK
August 17, 2013
Great product! I wish the bigger ones came in a value bag.
  • My dog loves them and they come in a good value size.
  • the larger ones don't come in a value size, but that is all.
By Paula
The Dalles, OR
My Chow-Chow's Love 'em!
August 11, 2013
They are too expensive at the grocery stores. $4.00 to 5.00 for seven in a package. I went on the web and found bulk type shipping for a decent price. No the "boys" can have three a day. Chows don't stand on there hind legs too often.......bulky body build. But my young one will. I have had a very good experience ordering from this web site. Will have to order again in a month or so. I buy at least a dozen bags each time I order. Great service!!!
  • I like them a lot........since my canines adore them......and they are good for their teeth.
  • Nothing!
By Leon
Nixa, MO
Great dod chews
July 26, 2013
A grest price on an enjoyed dog chew that is both benificial to dogs dental care and enjoyed by your dog.
  • Great price and enjoyed by dog
Bedtime Dingo
June 28, 2013
Dogs get one Dingo every evening when they go to bed - think they look forward to it all day!
  • small and they love them
By Sandy
Dingo Bone
June 15, 2013
Everything was great !
  • I was very pleased
By Drew
Franklin, TN
Dingo Delight
June 11, 2013
Much better chew for a larger dog - ours is 45 pounds. Unfortunately, the order took about 10 days to ship, even with paid shipping. Will not be ordering from Petguys anymore - the dog was going through withdrawals from not having his Dingo.
  • Nice size for larger dog
By Jennifer R.
Pittsburgh, PA
great price fast delivery
May 26, 2013
easy to navigate website great prices and was delivered in a couple of days!!
  • great price and fast delivery
Las Vegas
Dindo Mini Bones
May 19, 2013
The just starting freakin bouncing around whenever I go to the cupboard where these are kept! They LOVE them.
  • Easy to order and fast shipping, plus the dogs just freak out over them
  • That they are more than a buck a bag
By Terri
Oak Creek, Co.
May 14, 2013
Our dogs absolutely LOVE these chewies. They are both big labs and get one each day.
  • They last longer than other chewies and they really enjoy the beefy flavor.
  • nothing
By Cathay
Love these
May 12, 2013
My dog loves these bones, she will pick them first when I lay down several treats at a time. I have a basset hound mix and must give her treats or she will hide her food. She always eats the Dingo bones and hides everything else.
By Rebecca
These things are the greatest
April 11, 2013
It arrived timely and the price wasn't bad. My dogs - all five of them - MUST have these small dingos. They prefer these over the large ones, or any other brand, for that matter. So I order on a pretty consistent basis and try to shop around for price since the price on these little jewels can vary widely. It's not an option of running out of these and waiting for a better price somewhere else. My dogs wouldn't allow a bunch of careful shopping at their expense, there would be doggie anarchy. Plus, I couldn't stand the look on their faces, and the complete and total let-down if they didn't get their morning dingos. At any rate, the whole experience was good and will probably do it again if the price is okay.
  • You'd have to ask my dog. I've never eaten one.
  • The fact that I pay this kind of price for a treat, and can't even indulge myself.
By Ken
Glenrock, Wyoming
Dingo Bones
April 4, 2013
We received very prompt shipping of our order. Best value for the money compared to any others that I found on the net. Our dog (black lab) loves these 'bones' , and that says it all.
By Joan C.
Mason, OH
11 y/o laid back Australian Shepherd response to Dingo Bone
March 12, 2013
My Australian Shepherd has given her seal of approval to the Dingo Bones.
By Gerri N.
Tracy, CA
You guys rock!
March 9, 2013
as always great prices, fast deliverly My dogs love you!!
By Tammi
Scranton, PA
Dingo mini jumbo bag
February 25, 2013
My dogs love these! Thrilled I can buy them from Petguys in larger value bags
  • Keep my dogs busy
By Sister I.
42-41 201st St., Bayside, NY 11361
Dingo mini Bone Jumbo Value Bag
January 2, 2013
Great buy. My dog loves them.
  • Convenience and price.
By Susan
December 19, 2012
Excellent value and superior service.
  • Amount of bones in bag - great value!
By Christy
Antwep, OH
Bubbie loves them
December 17, 2012
Bubbie goes crazy over the mini Dingos!! He is a Border Collie and won't eat any other type of Dingo, the large ones the takes them and hides them. I found one the other day and when I gave it to him he took it outside and hide it, never to be found again. This is his favorite treat.
By Randy H.
Sterrett, AL
Dingo Large Bones
December 4, 2012
I am extremely pleased with the price and delivery. My dog is a husky mix and an extreme chewer and goes through a dingo bone in 30 minutes so your pricing is important to me. Thank You Randy Hall
  • price
By mjw
Sumner, Washington
November 26, 2012
my dog loves these and will do anything to get one! i love that it takes her time to get through it, freeing up a little more time for me to get things done! we love dingo bones!!
By Joe
Davenport Florida
November 20, 2012
Dogs insist on one each morning has helped whiten teeth
  • Dogs like them
  • Made in china concerns me I do not normally feed my dogs products from China but the have been using these for a couple of years with no apparent ill effects
By Doug
Best Price I Could Find!!!
October 26, 2012
Best Price I Could Find!!!
By Barb
Rockford, IL
Great Product, Great Deal!
September 12, 2012
I have been a customer of Petguys for quite awhile. They have great products at great prices and fast free shipping!
By Caroline
Dingo Dog Treats Received from Pet Guys
September 9, 2012
The order was received promptly and in perfect condition. The price was VERY competitive, and overall it was a good experience. I will most certainly order from Pet Guys again. My mini schnauzer chews one mini Dingo each evening, and loves them.
  • That my dog loves them and it's good exercise for her gums and teeth.
  • Nothing - no cons.
By Sally
Chula Vista, CA
Dependable and reliable order
August 26, 2012
The order was shipped in a timely manner and the order was very easy to place with no hassles.
  • My dogs really like this type of bone and will keep their teeth very clean for a reasonable price.
By Jimmy
Batavia, IL
A quality product from a reliable store "The Pet Guys."
August 2, 2012
The Dingo thirty-five count bag is a bargain from The Pet Guys if your dog loves Dingo brand. I am very satisfied with the product and the store. A fresh product and fast shipping with great customer service.
  • My canine Buddy loves them. It gives him a relaxing chew.
By Bob C.
Chesterton, IN
Great product - great price -great service - what more can you ask for
July 27, 2012
Our little dog has to have a new Dingo bone every evening - keeps his old one's in a basket in a corner - sometimes he go thru and picks out an old one to play to play with, but when basket getting too full we take them to Colunty dop shelter.
By Sue
Chicago, IL
Good product.
July 17, 2012
My dog really likes these and they last him quite a while. He's full of energy so needs things to do.
By david
oxford ma
Dingo mini bone jumbo bag 35pk
May 24, 2012
great item but the price is the lowest you can get them for. thank you petguys keep up the low prices
  • the price
By Cliff
Baton rouge, La
Dingo bones .....Better than real bones
May 22, 2012
My dogs loves these Dingo bones. I have never seen them act like this before.
  • Dog absolutely love them.
  • A little pricey.
  • Dogs ignore me when they have a Dingo Bone.
By ginger's m.
ginger loves these
April 30, 2012
clean and my dog loves them for a quick treat
By Clare
Round Lake Beach, IL
Love the quantity and price
April 18, 2012
My beagle loves these mini's. The price is very fair for this amount.
  • Quantity for price.
By Timothy
Fayetteville, NC
Hidden piece of meat encourages long chewing times!
April 12, 2012
Perfect little treat for road-trips, meal time entertainment & keeping the dog's teeth strong & clean.
By Peggy
Acworth, GA
purchase dingos
April 7, 2012
Great price & great service! Would shop again.
  • my dogs love them
  • nothing
By Jennifer
Weed, California
April 3, 2012
Fast order confirmation and delivery.
  • I bought this type of Dingo bones for KC, the FatShiChi, when he was a puppy. Now, at three years old, he gets good reports from the vet in regards to his teeth as I am told that small dogs usually have teeth problems. His "pack", Dude, the male pug, doesn't really care for the bones, but Lolly, the female pug, likes to steal them from KC or cries for her own. Funny thing, Bo, the Bordie Collie, and Molly, the Golden Lab, prefer the mini-sized Dingo bones to their appropriate-sized ones. When Bo or Molly visit, all of KC's toys and bones are in danger of disappearing and being destroyed unless I get a heads up!
By Nita
Harleyville SC
Dingo products are great
March 22, 2012
Keeps dogs busy and their teeth clean!
  • good heealthy product
By Susan W.
Elk Horn Ky
dingo bones
March 14, 2012
Fast delivery ,packaging was good and I received everyting I ordered
  • Great price
By Nicole P.
St. Paul, MN
Mini Dingo Jumbo 35pk
March 6, 2012
I always come back to for the Dingo bones. They always have the lowest price on the 35 pack!! My dogs love these bones!! I have four small dogs & sometimes it would be nice if the Dingo bones came in packs of 50 or 60. But, I do like the selection & prices of the!!
By Steve
Seneca Falls, NY
PetGuys.Com is the best value for products company
March 3, 2012
Bought 5 of these bags of bones for my Jack Russell Terrier. The cost is nearly half the price of other websites and store offered product.
  • Size of bag and cost
By Deebie
St. Paul, MN
Dingo Mini Dingo Bone Jumbo Value Bag 35pk Was: $13.49 Sale Price: $11.49 Dingo Mini Dingo Bone Jumbo Value Bag 35pk Was: $13.49 Sale Price: $11.49 Dingo Mini 35-pk Value Bag
February 29, 2012
Great seller, value and shipping experience. Will definitely purchase again. Thank you!
  • Value
By Cajunmainard
February 2, 2012
My girls just rave about these things. They love nothing more then to just plop themselves down in front of the fireplace and chew, chew, chew.
By Mary
New Mexico
Good Value for good dogs
January 28, 2012
Dingos are our dogs favorite treat.
  • Good value
  • none
By Shirley A.
January 19, 2012
Service was excellent and exactly as ordered. I would order from them again and highly recommend others buy from them also. Great service and great product. My dogs love these things.
  • Dogs love these little chewies. That's good enough for me.
By Bob
Divide, Co
Great for big dogs
January 5, 2012
Our Great Dane and Lab have been enjoying these bones for at least 4 years. They have been a perfect source of deflection from chewing on things that are not meant to be chewed upon. The price is great and makes it affordable to treat our "girls" to something they enjoy.
By Mindy M.
McMurray, Pennsylvania
Dingo Bones
December 24, 2011
I have no problem with your company; parcel came quickly and there was no damage to the box. My problem is with the randomness regarding the ACTUAL Dingo Bones. There are times you get a good bag (lots of meat in the center) More often, I find the bones range from no meat, or little meat.My dogs do know the difference! Quality control should be better! Mindy Moon
  • already mentioned
  • already mentioned
By Andrew
New York, NY
Loved By My Tiny Dog!
November 28, 2011
My dog loves Dingos and has almost one a day! offers the best price on these by far. Almost 50% less then anywhere else.
  • Great price and fast shipping. Keeps my dog occupied and happy!
By mike m.
Marion IL
November 20, 2011
excellent product dogs can not get enough of them
  • all pros
  • nothing
By Steve E.
New City, NY
Great bones!
November 17, 2011
The bones came on time and they are great!
By Stacey
Wichita, KS
October 30, 2011
This was my first time ordering from PetGuys and I couldn't be more happy!! The value was amazing, prompt shipping (I was notified throughout the process), quality product!! My dogs and I are big fans and WILL purchase with PetGuys again! Thanks so much!!
By Eilene
Great product
October 27, 2011
Dogs love these bones and they are the best price around..
By Big O.
Northern Michigan
Great Price and Product
October 19, 2011
I have a big dog and he eats these like candy. I search for the best price and this is it ! Next time I will order $85 to get the break on shipping cost.
  • The dog loves them.
  • The dog loves them.
By AttilaNYC
New York, NY
Fast Prompt Service
October 13, 2011
Always great service and prompt delivery
By Rebaus
Findlay, OH
Special Treat
October 12, 2011
This is a once-a-week treat for our dog. We don't feel comfortable providing this to her as an every day sort of a treat; however, once a week she waits patiently for her tasty bone. She dances crazy circles for this treat - more so than any other!
  • The quantity, ease of storage and the value for the price.
By Nicole P.
Minneapolis, MN
October 8, 2011
Best prices around!! And, they are the same mini Dingo bones my dogs love. Fast shipping.
  • The Brand & size
  • They don't come in larger quantities.
By Sandy&Charlie
my dogs luv Dingos
October 5, 2011
Best price in town. Quick delivery. Dogs happy!
By Coleen
Minneapolis, MN
My Review of Dingo Mini Bones
October 2, 2011
Our dogs love them!
  • Just the right size.
By J U.
Phoenix, AZ
Best treat ever!
September 6, 2011
My Cavalier goes crazy when she knows she is getting a Dingo! She will do anything we ask of her just to get this treat.
  • Convenient packaging. Great price
  • Not one thing
By Jaye
San Diego CA
September 3, 2011
These rawhides are GREAT! Meat in the middle and Sassy loves them!!!
By Mike
West Chester, Ohio
Good dog reward
August 30, 2011
Small chews are a quick snack for our large dog. We normally get her the small bones for a treat and these minis for a reward or quick snack.
  • Great price compared to other stores. Dog loves them. Just right for our son's pug or a quick reward/treat for our larger dog.
By Mike
West Chester, Ohio
Dog goes wild for these
August 30, 2011
Our dog absolutely loves these things and will do just about anything for one. This is her regular treat. Provides us with some quiet time after supper.
  • Price very reasonable compared to other stores. Resealable container. Dog gives it 2 paws up. Visiting dogs love them too. Good chewing relief for the dog.
  • Some crumbs sometimes remain but not a big deal.
By Bianca
loves them
August 17, 2011
My cocker spaniel thinks are are the best! This larger size keeps him chewing for some time.
By Rachel
Perfect headline
August 13, 2011
great price and fast shipping
  • my dog loves these bones
  • nothing
By Nicole
Milford, CT
Great Bones, Dogs Love Them
August 13, 2011
All 4 of my dogs love these bones, they go absolutely crazy for them.
  • Everything
By Jet
dingo bones rock!
August 12, 2011
Both my large & my small dog love these! Great prices from PetGuys - can't even beat them with Dingo sight on sale. Fast, cheap & reliable!
By Joni
Las Vegas,Nevada
This IS the best value anywhere!
August 12, 2011
I have been buying this product for years. offers the best value for this product.
  • That I can get this kind of a value at this price. I always buy this product in bulk so the free shipping is a nice bonus for me.
By Patricia
Valley Village, CA
Best deal on the internet
August 10, 2011
My poodle loves these chewbones, and dances in circles when I ask her if she wants one. It takes her about a half hour to eat the whole thing and she gets a workout from it. They are made in China, which makes me a bit nervous, although I've contacted the company and they have reassured me their suppliers and top notch. I am still looking to replace them for something else she will like just as much, although I'm sure it won't be as inexpensive. PetGuys is the best place to get the economy pack, for price, fast shipping, and excellent customer service. Love you PetGuys!!
  • Get a lot for the money, my dog loves them
  • Made in China
By Liz
Dingo Bones
August 8, 2011
Great value for a treat that our beagle loves!
By dawn
my dogs love these bones and they are cheaper here than at the store
August 7, 2011
My dogs love these as treats and it keeps them happy and they are not chewing up everything in sight
  • great treat low price
  • it should have more meat flavor in it
By Ellen
Bethlehem, PA
The only bone my Dane doesn't stop wanting
August 7, 2011
My Great Dane likes to have something to chew on after dinner. I tried lots of different rawhide and natural products. She would like whatever it was for a month or so and then simply refuse and look at me like "what else ya got?" Until Dingo. We've been Dingo bone users for over two years now. A little pricier than most, but way worth it. She LOVES them. And Pet Guys is the place to buy! Best price I've found anywhere. I order a dozen value packs at a time. Thanks, Pet Guys! Roxie and I are BIG FANS!
  • My dog loves them and the bit of real meat in the center makes it seem nutritious.
  • Cost, but Pet Guys has the best price!
By John
Colorado Springs, CO
Great Value
July 22, 2011
These are the same mini-dingos that sell at PetSmart and Petco for $5 or $6 for 7 dingo-bones. Here you get 35 bones...5 times the product...for less than twice the price. My Westies love 'em. Tip: If your dog likes these, also try Dingo Goof Balls. Satisfying chews that help keep teeth clean.
By Carole
Mineola, NY
Very good
July 22, 2011
Dog enjoys these, no adverse reactions . Good product, perfect size.
  • Size
  • Nothing
By Sheltie M.
Butler, MO
Love Mini Dingos!
July 22, 2011
I have two shelties and a collie who all love mini dingos! I have bought the larger size for our collie, but she prefers the mini size. The 35 pack is a great bargain price!
  • They get the paw print seal of approval at my house!
  • I often have to vacuum afterwards because the red pieces break off and are very recognizable in the carpeting.
By Bill
July 22, 2011
Very good and smooth transaction. Highly recommended Company.
By sss
July 22, 2011
dogs love them
By Mon D.
New Orleans, LA
dogs are crazy for these
July 21, 2011
My dogs LOVE Dingos - beg for them daily. PetGuys has the absolute BEST price for these. And since PetGuys has economy shipping I buy them 7 to 8 bags at a time.
  • dogs love them; best price anywhere
  • nothing to dislike
By walt
atlanta, ga
My little dog loves Dingos!
July 15, 2011
She loves them too much, in fact...she whines and begs for them and usually just eats the meat out. Petguys is the best place to buy them. Wallmart wants almost double Petguys price. Petguys does a great job.
  • Price, mostly. And my dog loves them.
  • Nothing, really.
By Jayne
Fairbanks, AK
For the most beautiful doggy smiles
July 12, 2011
The vet raves about the clean white healthy teeth of my two dogs. Since puphood, they've chewed one Dingo mini bone a day. It's been part of their daily routine since they were eight weeks old. Now at three years old, they still have teeth as white and clean as when they were pups. Their breath has never been what you'd call "dog breath"! They are Chihuahuas, a breed prone to teeth problems, and they love to chew. The daily chewing routine with Dingo bones has helped them avoid tarter build-up, bad breath and boredom with the bonus of very beautiful doggy smiles!
  • These chews are essential to keeping my dogs' teeth healthy. I love the low price and great service when I get these at -- it's the only affordable place to find them!
  • Before I found PetGuys, these were very expensive for the daily routine of my dogs. If you buy these in the stores, they are terribly pricey. But at PetGuys, they ARE affordable!
By Julie
Petaluma, CA
Great job guys....
July 11, 2011
I love the customer service, the products and how fast it get to me!!!!! If there where 6 stars I would give you that!!!
  • I wish you carried Wellness dog food and chicken strips in economy package
By Tina P.
Princeton LA
Perfect for medium dogs
July 6, 2011
My two Basenjis each have one at bedtime. I think they look forward to it all day!
By Dave
Tacoma, WA
Great value
July 2, 2011
My dogs love them and with the large bag I can afford to give them a chewie every day.
By Cecilia
ogden dunes, IN
Dingo mini bones
June 28, 2011
My dogs both think this is the greatest treat in the world and your price is excellent
  • My dogs love them
  • nothing
By x
great product, great price, quick shipping
June 28, 2011
Can I say more - the dingo bones arrived shortly after ordering and were much cheaper than local stores and the dogs love them.
By Bil
Auburn, Washington
Dogs Love Them
June 22, 2011
My two dogs beg for one every morning. They don't just love chewing on them, they enjoy stealing them from one another all day long.
  • They are healthy for my dogs
By Rose
Cleveland, Ohio
Great Value
June 21, 2011
The Dingo bones I order from always have plenty of meat inside the rawhide, which is the part my dog likes best. The Dingo bones I can find locally never have nearly as much meat in the middle.
By George
Manteca California
Great Price
June 18, 2011
Our Dogs Love Them
By Tina
Tampa, Florida
Great product/Great Price
June 18, 2011
Best price on Dingo bones that I have found! Petguys is my sole source for dog treats for my 3 dogs. Every order is perfect and always on time delivery.
By Joy W.
Austin, TX
Great price on a great product!
June 16, 2011
I've been giving my dogs a Dingo bone every other day for years. Not only do the dogs love chewing on the bones but I love that the chewing keeps my dogs' teeth pearly white.
  • Different sizes make it easy to let your dog devour the whole thing. I have medium-size dogs and give they small Dingo bones. They scarf the whole thing and it has never caused a digestive problem.
  • Red dye in the meat sometimes leaves a little mark on the carpet.
By Grainne
United States
Dog Digs Dingo's!
June 12, 2011
My husky loves these treats. We have a ritual - she gets one every night at 9 pm - and if I'm 1 minute late, she let's me know I'm not holding up my end of the bargain. She has to give me her paw to get one and she gets so excited for them, sometimes she just comes up to me and hits me with her paw. This is the best price I have found for these little dingo's.
By audrey
dog's favorite
June 11, 2011
Dingo bones are my dog's favorite chew. These are one of the few rawhides that she can chew that do not upset her stomach. They also keep her busy for awhile. She will turn her nose up @ other bones, but not these. All my dogs have LOVED dingos.
By steve
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Good Price, Pups love 'em
June 5, 2011
Best price around, thanks
By Terry
Great Service
June 1, 2011
Great Service
  • Excellent service
  • NONE
By Dave
Tucson, AZ
No Substitutes Please
May 26, 2011
My dogs won't eat any other raw hide bones. Dingo's has a magical formula that my dogs crave. I have tried others and they let me know they don't want any substitute rawhides.
  • Keeps my 1 year old Rottweiler busy for about 20 minutes.
  • My 5 year old Rottweiler tries to steal them from my 1 yr old.
By vickie
pittsburgh pa
Dogs choice
May 25, 2011
Dogs just love these bones, refuse any other rawhide!
By Tina
Tarpon Springs, Florida
Best Price!
May 25, 2011
Great product - great price and GREAT COMPANY! Never had a problem with any order I have placed.
  • High quality and best price in the
  • US
By Steve
Chicago IL
My dog loves it!
May 13, 2011
Great product, dog will do anything for this treat.

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