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By Kitty M.
Both Cats LOVE It . . . Too Much!
June 30, 2022
I had searched for these for years, after my previous kitties loved them, and have finally found the product for my current pair of young cats. They are thrilled when I bring this toy out of the closet and get great exercise trying to capture it. However, when they do, they act like it’s edible and more delicious than anything else, so I end up losing the toy, strand by strand. They don’t eat it; but they clamp down and chew it. I advise buying several of these at a time, so you can replace them. Thankfully, they are reasonably priced so you can do just that!
  • Cats Love the rawhide
  • Cats love to chew it, so the strands come out.
By Dave
Cat loves it
October 2, 2021
Nice sturdy toy. Has had a lot of use already and still like new. Good quality product. Speedy delivery.
By Cynthia C.
Cat Toy Success
September 9, 2021
My feral cat loves it...SO GLAD I found a source to purchase these items, I don't think they sell in stores anymore locally. Blessings
By Rebawho
January 8, 2021
Kitty loves this
By Michele
Cats Claws Suede Tassle Attachment
June 6, 2020
Cats Claws Suede Tassle Attachment is inexpensive new end for wore out wand/stick toys. My Maine Coons love suede!
  • Inexpensive, easy to attach, cats love suede, quick/easy way to rejuvenate old, torn up, worn out stick toys.
By Deb
Old cat charmer
July 5, 2018
Our older cat Precious is not much of a cat toy fancier. Barely notices and never plays with toys on a string but for some unknown reason she actually will chase this and we could even detect some heavy breathing after chasing the suede strings. Don’t know if it will perk up your older cat but it sure perked Precious up to put the move on it😊
By Jim
Cats love leather.
February 7, 2018
We have found all our cats love this leather toy and keep enjoying it for years. Don't know why, but it is a favorite so we found it here and it's cheap and they last a long time.
  • Cheap fun for kitties.
  • None.
By Amy
Great product!
December 20, 2017
After many years, it was time to replace the tassels on our toy, and I was so glad to find the exact same brand to refill it. They are still great quality and my cat is thrilled.
By Ann K.
Days of enjoyment
November 1, 2017
Thanks Pet Guys! We bought a "fisher" with this attachment on it as our first cat toy for our dearly departed Moby cat back in 2006. Now we have two new energetic boy cats, and our 1 year old Max fell in love with the attachment from that original toy. He would carry it around the house and fetch it! However, he would also put it in places "for later" and forget where it was, so we would be without it for days. Now, though, we have a nice supply of them, and he loves each and every one of them. He still hides them from us (and himself), but at least we always have a few extra on hand so that the fun can continue. Thanks!
  • Awesome portability, great leather taste
  • Easily hidden under couches and rugs (not really a con!)
By Mallory's M.
My cats love this toy
October 4, 2017
As soon as I get out this toy, my two cats magically appear.
By V D.
Cat Suede Tassle
August 20, 2017
Cats love these!
By Jeremy
Great experience!
June 17, 2015
Mylo loves these strings, but they normally come in a package deal with a bunch of other toys for $15 at the local pet store. At a couple bucks a set from Petguys,this is an insane deal. Mylo is so happy he's thinking of getting a job chasing strings. No complaints here-I'll feel better filling up his food bowl knowing he's taking us all out to dinner later that night. Seriously though - great prices and fast delivery! Highly recommended.
  • Getting these leather tassels always means spending $15-these are $2.
By Vicki
Rochester, NY
My cat's favorite toy
March 8, 2015
This is my cat's favorite toy since he was a kitten. He chases it in circles and jumps incredibly high trying to catch it. When it finally wears out, he'll play with the pieces. too. Throwing a piece up and catching it. He retrieves the toy from wherever we play with it and leaves it next to his food dish.
By diandig
Sacramento CA
makes them fly!
October 16, 2013
All 8 of my cats go crazy for this suede tassel toy. It keeps them running & jumping forever. I also bought the wand. It is well made which is important since I have 3 18month olds with a lot of energy. I actually ordered 10 of them to have as back up. The package arrived within a few days. My cats say "thanks, PetGuys!"
  • Well made
By Etienne
Los Angeles, CA
Cats go bonkers
April 26, 2012
This is easily both of my cats' favorite toy. They do not get tired of it and even fight over it. Incredible value at $1.99. Petguys are the best.
  • Good construction
  • Interchangeable attachments make it easy to give your cat variety
  • Metal connector can end up being chewed on by a cat who has figured out that it's the part trying to pull the toy away from him. They can hurt their teeth doing so.
By Brenda
Milton, Florida
February 3, 2012
Works great---just unhook the old one and toss and away and replace--works well. The leather strips are durable--they do not come apart as easy as feathers.

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