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By Carol
Cats love it but
April 1, 2024
It’s the second wand I’ve bought. Both cats love it. However my younger one came close to chewing the top off of the new one. The older one is fine so maybe it’s just this one. Otherwise I’d give you all a five!
  • Cats love it. I like the suede tassels because my little destroyer can
By Jssf99
Cat wand
January 5, 2024
My cat LOVES this wand!!! They are not easy to find with the leather strips & it is the only wand she will play with! It is beautifully made, sturdy & should last longer than the junky ones she got last time. You can get refills also which is a total plus! Would recommend to any cat person!😺
By Sue
Our Cat's Favorite Toy
February 23, 2023
Our cat loves the suede tassle toy and we are glad that a replacement tassles are available.
By Jill
Favorite Toy
March 24, 2022
My cat loves the tassels on this toy. Your company is the only place I can find it so was glad to be able to replace our old one that finally broke.
By KarenKatMom
Cat LOVES this toy!
December 2, 2021
My cat with NO teeth, has THE sharpest claws, EVER! He loves this toy! I love it, too, because the pole and the string are long enough, I don't get as clawed as much as I get clawed with his other toys.
  • Cat LOVES this!
  • Long string on toy AND long pole protect ME!!
  • NONE!!
By Paula K.
Cats Claw Wand
May 19, 2021
For the price my cats love these, would be better if made out of leather and the plastic piece that holds the strings were made out of something the cats could not chew a hole in. Otherwise, great play time for my 3 cats!
  • Great Price.
  • Cats love these
  • would be better if made out of leather and the plastic piece that holds the strings were made out of something the cats could not chew a hole in.
By Debbi
Ebony liked it too much.
March 27, 2021
Well made. Ebony spent two days dragging around and growling at Rocky if he got near it. Then he ate all the leather parts of the tassel. I kept an eye on for a couple of days, but he's no worse from it. He still likes playing around with what's left of the tassel, but now he shares.
By Deedo
Cats claws wand
January 3, 2021
Best cat toy ever! Only one they will play with now!
By Vicki T.
September 7, 2019
Used a single lightweight string instead of heavier braided line. My cat chewed through in a matter of minutes. I knotted it together however when she chews through it again it's going to be too short to continue using. The leather string toy attached is fantastic. I have looked high and low for this particular cat toy and no one has it anymore so would have given you a 5-star had you had a better string.
  • Leather strips are absolutely perfect cat toy. And this is the only cat toy my cats want to play with.
  • Should have used a heavier braided cord instead of the single lightweight string. Catch chewed through it within a matter of hour. I have tied the two pieces together however when she bites through it again it will be too short for her to play with.
  • I would recommend to a friend however with reservations, maybe her cat won't let chew through the strings.
By Leslie
Cat Loves It
April 21, 2019
My cats love this toy. The length of the wand handle and stretchy string makes the movement enticing to cats. Its a great toy. Great price.
  • Cats love it.
  • Great toy.
  • Great price.
  • No cons. I just wish they made one with ribbon tassels.
By Kristina
not sure about this product
November 15, 2018
I bought three of these as my kitten loved an old one I had. But twice now she's been sick after we've let her play with it. she's a kitten and likes to have stuff in her mouth, she'll try and carry the tassels away from me and she chews on it when she catches it. After the first time she started having light tan diarrhea (sp?) which lasted for an entire week. Well I did wonder if it could have been this product, but thought to myself "How? She didn't ingest it" but then now a week after she's been back to normal. My husband took it out to play with her and it happened again. Now she's having light tan cha cha cha's multiple times a day. I'm not sure how they make this product but I think they are using something toxic on the suede strands/tassels. I wouldn't buy this just to be on the safe side.
  • might be toxic!!
By Bishop
My cat loves this toy
February 13, 2018
My cat loves this toy. It is sturdy, where it does not get torn up.
By M P.
Southwest Harbor Maine
Only type of toy my cat will play with!
April 30, 2017
I bought this item to recreate a chenille tassle toy that my cat practically tore to bits he loved so much. I could not find it anywhere. The toy he loved had an 18" wand and an 18" elastic cord - I bought a cheap wand toy, cut off what was on it and ordered this tassle. I also ordered the wand with it hoping for the best. The wand is cheap - the string is cheap. With the wand I bought, and because it is easily attached (just tie a knot in the string and you are good to go) - I got the hoped for result. He is back to carrying around a favorite toy. ONLY toy he has EVER played with is this tassle thingie. It has much more action on the shorter wand with an elastic cord!
  • Can be attatched to a different wand - great action - cat loves it
  • LOUSY wand - came bent - LOUSY white string - if you can order without wand and create your own toy
By Irish
Joppa, Maryland
Cats love it
January 7, 2017
This is the best toy out there for my cats. The suede lasts longer than any feathers and the longer pole really gets them jumping around. Wish the string was the better one used in the past. Afraid now the cats can chew through it.
Garner, NC
Poor quality
October 3, 2016
This toy used to be so much better. String was thicker and suede tassels were thicker.
By Katrenco
Great toy, great price
February 13, 2016
This is Buster's favorite toy, hands down! (Now, if we could get it to "dance" by itself!) The leather tassels on the end are sturdy and dance around easily so as to be irresistible to a cat. Based upon our Buster's love of this, if you can only buy one cat toy, this is the one.
  • sturdy, lively, super price
  • none
By Ginny
Not like it used to be
November 12, 2015
I'm quite disappointed in this toy. I still have one I bought many years ago and it's still intact. Having just gotten 4 kittens, I bought several more. The quality is no longer there - thin string that falls apart in less than 2 days, no longer has a rubber grip - just the cut edge of the acrylic rod and the "suede" disappeared into the tummies of the kittens in no time. Definitely cannot leave it in the room with them. This is a safety issue. I bought three and 2 will just stay in the wrapping!
  • Gives a great workout. They love the action. The suede straps are the best
  • It's poorly made, falls apart, cannot be left for them to play with unattended - they will eat it in no time.
By Laura
Debary, FL
Best toy ever!
June 12, 2015
My cats think this is the best toy ever. I have them doing flying leaps thru the air after the tassels.
By Denise
Cleveland, Ohio
A feline favorite!
November 7, 2014
My cats go crazy for this toy! I've tried other similar looking toys with feathers but my girls rip those off and some of the feather would get stuck to their tongues - not good. For some reason, the leather strips fan out better and last forever. So glad I was able to find them on line, since they are impossible to find at the pet store.
By George
Denver, Colorado
Best Teaser Out There
October 30, 2014
Cats really go for the suede tassels (which are sold separately without the wand). It is unfortunate that Cats Claws has decided to leave off the the soft handle because this is a difficult toy to find. If my old one didn't have their name printed on the soft handle I never would have found this through Google. If you have an old wand the soft handle will pull off easily and slip onto the new wand. The leather tassels are the real attraction. They hold up well, and the cats really go for them. Though with many years and much rough tugging, the chain balls have stretched and pulled off one at a time getting down to the last one available to connect to the string hence my search for the new one. Don't let that discourage you. You should get at least the tassel, if not the wand too which (although you do need a wand to use it properly) doesn't really cost much extra.
  • Has been absolute favorite of two cats so far. Passed on from one to the next.
  • Only the small gripe about the handle.
By Bryan
Warner Robins, GA
Best cat toy ever made.
April 26, 2014
Simply the best cat toy ever made. I've had mine for nearly 20 years, and it's been played with by three cats during that time. Every cat loves it, and when I say loves it, I mean they go NUTS for it. It's never once failed or broken. Don't waste your money on anything else, just buy one. I give it 5 stars and it's worth 10.
  • This one is made by Cats Claws of Las Vegas, Nevada. They put a detachable end on it so you can change it out with feathers, suede strips, etc. Go with the suede strips tip because the cats cannot tear it up.
  • Also; the end that cats play with, is sealed with safety rubber coating so they don't hurt themselves chewing on it.
  • Absolutely NONE.
By carol
fountain hills, az
First Choice
June 28, 2013
My kitties are finally interested in a toy. The handle is longer than most. The leather is very sturdy and suitable for a cat toy. My cats finally have found a toy that perks their interest. They can bite and chew the toy without any worries of foreign substances. It's a hit at my house. Thanks Petguys.com!
By AWPTeresa
Denver, CO
Cats love it and It is Sturdier than the Feathers
February 17, 2013
my cats love the feather toys like this, but if cats eat the feathers it can cause intestinal injuries, I feel much safer letting them play with this. It can also take more punishment as it is sturdier.
  • sturdy
  • safer than feathers
  • good price
By Nancy
Cushy handle missing.....
October 16, 2012
The wands I received did not have the soft cushy handle. This is quite uncomfortable and slippery to hold. Previous Cats Claus wands had the extended soft handle. Not sure why these came unfinished......very disappointed with what use to be a great product.
  • Good interaction toy for cats
  • Short wand that is missing the soft handle
By Dana
Portland, OR
Most preferred wand type by our cats
June 3, 2012
A long time ago, I bought one of these in a store. Now, we have new kittens, and found that that toy is the only one they'll play with. They prefer it over things with feathers, fuzz or shiny things. It's very durable and doesn't have things to come apart and litter the house. No fuzz or feathers, etc. We found that one wand wasn't enough, so we were happy to find petguys who sold the wands as well as replacement tassles, which we have never had to replace before, but we have bengals, so you never know. Thank you pet guys!
  • Durable, non-messy, cat's favorite toy
By Dee
Baltimore, Maryland
March 28, 2012
Our cats love this wand more than any other. I run the cat program for a local rescue so the wands get a work out. We usually give our adopters one to take home with their new cat because they are used to playing with them. We also pass along your website so they can order more. Our local Petsmart store used to carry them but not any more so I searched to find your company.
  • We love it because the cats love it.
  • The wand used to come with a stronger cord that lasted longer than the white string.
By Brenda
Milton, Florida
One of the best toys
February 3, 2012
One of the best play toys out there. The leather strips are better than the feathers, and the replacements are easy to use. Has a thick wonderful handle that does not break easily---good job on this toy!
By April
Claws Cats wand w/ suede tassle
October 28, 2011
my cats love this! they prefer suede strips over feathers. they bring me the pole when they want to play-a big hit!
  • pretty much everything

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