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By Dora
Love this
December 16, 2023
My 2 cats love the Mylar teaser; especially my senior cat, who doesn’t play much, will run around chasing this. My kitten will catch it and run around with it in her mouth. Would recommend absolutely 😻😻
By Cheryl
My cats favorite toy
October 8, 2023
My cats go crazy over these sticks! I’m a repeat customer
By Janet
perfect toy for any age cat
June 18, 2022
A friend recommended this toy. Her cat is 12 years old and loves to play with it. My cats are 4 and they love it too (so much that I have to hide it when we are done playing). No matter how lethargic they are, this toy will get them up and running, or at the very least, engaged and playing lightly. The wand is a supple versus stiff, and so far, has held up to the raucous playing. I'm glad I bought 5 of them. Totally worth it!!!
  • very engaging - the cats love it
  • holds up well to wild kitty behavior
  • easy for me to play with them (as I am not playing alone)
  • I can't leave it out or they will eat the mylar streamers.
By Clay
Holy Cow! Does my cat like this toy!!!
May 26, 2022
The reason it doesn't get an enthusiastic 5 star rating is that the handle is very short. So tough on me.
By Rachael
Kangaroo jump 🦘
November 11, 2021
My two Tonkinese boys love this toy. They jump up and down like a kangaroo trying to catch it 💫🦘❤️ Thank you 🙏🏻
By Vinny
October 29, 2021
I don’t know why the Mylar is so tantalizing, but this teaser draws our young cat in like a moth to a flame.
  • Plenty of Mylar bits and secured well to the wand.
  • The wand itself is a bit short and whimpy.
By Jean
My cat loves these toys!
May 19, 2021
We have so many cat toys but this basic toy is the only one my cat likes. Good quality too !
By Suzette M.
November 24, 2020
You can't find these cat teasers anymore, but I really appreciate PetGuys carrying the product, and it is made in America too! My cats just love it, even my 10 year old Maine Coon. Thanks PetGuys!
By Brad
Best teaser for all my cats
September 25, 2020
I’ve gone through about 12 of these between four cats; One of which didn’t like to play much but loved these; they loose their minds over them. My current cats beg for me to get them out. They are light, can be moved very quickly and the flash/shine/sound of the Mylar strips keeps their interest. They are pretty tough to break or to dislodge the tassels but given effort and chewing they will come apart Eventually, so it’s best, as w/ any Mylar toy, to keep it out of reach when not in play.
  • Fast shiny interesting well put together
  • Mylar comes out/off over use
By Linda
Not as pictured
August 30, 2020
The one I received has 15 short Mylar things , so looks sparse, something sticky holding Mylar together , wand is short and flimsy
By Martha
Very durable toy
August 3, 2020
Great toy and reasonably priced
By Janice
Exactly what I wanted
June 1, 2020
My cats live this toy! Great exercise.
  • Too few Mylar strips. Had one that had more
By Marina
Perfect Teaser
November 10, 2019
My cats love this teaser. I love it too for the affordable price and quality, thank you
By Leslie
Cat Loves It
April 21, 2019
It's a very simple toy but my cat loves it. She has a vision problem and she responds to this toy. The toy is shiny and has a flexible wand handle. I wish the wand handle were a little longer.
  • Shiney
  • Flexible movement
  • Would like for the wand to ve longer
By Cat-Lover &.
Donating to Humane Society
March 11, 2019
Wish these were made with more Mylar and a longer stick. Neither one of my cats were interested in playing with these 😿, but that’s okay because I’m sure the Humane Society will love them for their kittens!
By cojan666
cat loves these
October 11, 2018
Best price I've found that had any in stock. Bought all I could. Wish there were more available to average the price out with shipping. They don't last long with my Savannah but not many toys do. Don't review bad if your cat doesn't like the toy. That is a cat thing. There are a good number of streamers. they don't just fall out even after throwing it numerous times and having my cat bring the Teaser back even carries it upstairs or downstairs when he wants to play with it.
  • great toy for my cat
  • not enough in stock
By Jennjenn6968
My cats favorite toy
April 9, 2018
My cat loves this toy better than anything! The ones with the feathers, birds & rats on the end she ignores, but this one she obsesses over.
By Charlie T.
Priced Right, shipped promptly, received exactly as described
March 5, 2018
These teasers are well-made, simple but extremely attractive for cats, and very inexpensive. I recommend them and PETGUYS.COM
  • If quality can be defined as conformance to requirements, these little teasers rate 100%.
  • No negatives.
By April
My cat's favorite toy!
October 25, 2017
My cat had worn out her toy and I couldn't find any in the usual pet stores. Ones I did find we're not well made & I could see them being destroyed in one day. I was lucky enough to see this on your website and bought 3. We opened the package as soon as it arrived and our cat went crazy when she saw them. We played for hours; she even brought it to bed with her. (The other 2 are put away). We'd been looking for claw clippers and this was the only place that carried the ones we were looking for. Thanks Pet Guys for having the merchandise we were looking for. We will purchase from you again.
  • Wide selection, low prices & fast shipping.
  • None
By Lois H.
Great Gift for a Kitten
May 8, 2017
This is a cute toy for a kitten. Not as exciting for an older cat because the streamers are very short.
By Don
Cat Teaser
February 24, 2017
Couldn't find exactly what we wanted, but it turns out our Siamese cat loves this toy much more than the one we were looking for. A great purchase.
  • Our cat approves
  • No cons
By Patricia A.
Audubon, PA
Mylar Teaser
August 5, 2016
Our cats are loving them.
By Joeycats
Happy Cat!
September 22, 2015
My mother has an older kitty and when I visit he actually goes and gets this toy. He drags it with the stick part between all 4 legs. - So Cute!
  • Cats love chasing objects. This has many colorful "moving" parts.
  • Human must participate..... Just kidding!
By Mara
Berkeley, CA
Cat never gets tired of this!
August 16, 2015
My rescue cat came with this toy from the organization, and eventually she chewed it all up. She loved it so much that I spent about 45 minutes searching for the exact same one and bought three for her. She was so happy to see this toy in it's new condition! And now I know not to leave it lying around when I'm not playing with her, otherwise she will eventually destroy it. Maeve loves this toy ridiculously much, she will leap back and forth across the carpet in pursuit of it over and over again.
By Susan
They love it!
September 14, 2014
Our two cats can hear when we pick this up, even if they're in another room, and they come running! They absolutely love it!
  • Could have more Mylar strips attached
By Tari K.
Stow, Ohio
Love these!
April 12, 2014
These are the best interactive toys for cats. Mine all love them!
  • if you leave them out the cats can chew off the mylar pieces and throw them up.
By Ginny N.
Lewis Center, Ohio
Cat Claws Mylar Cat Teaser
August 5, 2013
My cat enjoys playing with the wands. He knows where they are stored, and he pulls them out of the drawer to play with them!
By Lisa
Hoisington, KS
Fun toy
March 3, 2013
The breeder of our Ragdoll kitten had these teasers and said the kittens just love them. Could not find at our local pet supply store so was excited when I found on It's a great toy, even for our older Ragdoll!
By catlover
cats claws teaser
February 8, 2013
my cat loved it!
By C A.
Wilmington DE
Our girl Loves it!
May 13, 2012
This has been the only vendor we located that sells this specific type. Our cat loves the mylar cat teaser & we don't have to worry about her catching her claws in it, like I do some of the other types.
  • Cat loves it!
  • pole too short
By Andrea
Whitinsville MA
Wonderful toy!
February 15, 2012
My cats love this, a great way to exercise!
By C
June 27, 2011
I had a hard time finding this type of teaser to replace an older ones my cats had destroyed. This one is perfect for my cats and I am so glad that I found it finally.

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