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By Patriciat
Caique love it
June 28, 2024
This is a favorite with my caique. Love this store for food and toys
By Carol
Zupreem Tiny
March 23, 2024
Really good product. I add a bit of this on top of my finch and parakeet seed. They like it a lot..it is very small so they can all eat it. It is fresh and fruity smells great. I would never replace their Volkman seed however with pelleted food. They get fresh vegetables and fruit as well as both these other things and they are all very healthy kiddoes.
  • Smells fresh always. Veterinarian recommends it for all my tiny birds. My finches and parakeets love it.
  • None.
By Sandy
Loves the larger size
December 20, 2023
I tried getting my Amazon a smaller version of the FruitBlend and she only picks at them. This was the first time getting her this size as a test. She loves the FruitBlend Flavor in the largest size. She drops them into her water dish to soften them up.
By Phil
They love it
May 10, 2023
Our Sun conure & love birds enjoy this and Petguys.com always ships FAST!
By Chelle
Fruity food for parrots
May 22, 2022
Good sized pellets for parrots who like a bigger bite. Fast shipping is appreciated.
By Patti
September 5, 2021
I’ve tried to get my birds to eat so many different brands of pellets with no luck. The bright colors and fruity taste really attracts them. My lovebird is almost 20 years old and Zupreem Fruitblend has been a part of his diet all these years.
  • These pellets come in different sizes for every breed.
  • Artificial coloring and sugar. There are all-natural pellets on the market, but it's hard to get the birds to eat them.
By Carol
Zupreem FruitBlend
February 12, 2021
This is really nice. It smells so good. I give it to my parakeets on top of their other seed. I also grind it and give it to my canary and finches on top of their seed. They all love it. It smells like fruit.
  • Great price at Petguys. Fresh and good protein.
By Jessie S.
Try these canary size pellets for picky budgies & tiels!
January 11, 2020
I've tried every brand of pellets on the market to try & convert my 3 tiels/2 lovebirds/ budgie unsuccessfully. I bought the Zupreem fruit blend canary size pellets for my new baby cockatiel I'm handfeeding; so I can wean her onto these from the start. To my surprise; my little parakeet started gobbling these up as if it were millet! My cockatiels took to them right away also! Yay!! My birds simply do not like eating any large chunks or particles; and the canary size is perfect for them! Try mixing some of these into a bit of loose millet seeds at feeding time to introduce your picky birds to these great pellets!
  • Awesome price
  • Tiny sized pellets resemble seeds
  • Great brand
  • Fast shipping
  • Fresh product
  • Great conversion pellet
  • None!!
By norm
great product
August 2, 2019
I mix it with his regular food. My grey is a real picky eater and seems to enjoy these pellets with his food.
By Charlette
August 26, 2018
My cockatoo loves this!
By Carole K.
Bird food for my Indian ringneck KC
March 17, 2018
The pet store three blocks from my apartment where I would get my Indian ringneck's food, Sweet Harvest seed with no sunflower seeds, closed and the nearest one in the chain is 5 miles away...I brought up the brand and saw that you guys sold it and that even with shipping and handling, I pay the same price as I paid in the store and it's delivered to my door... The feed came very quickly to me and KC just loves it😀😀 Thank you so much for being there...I will be ordering often...
By Brenda
Newport, NJ
My parakeets love this food.
January 16, 2017
I am very happy with the quality and affordability, and how fast it was delivered.
By Dalia P.
new york ny
wonderful product
August 31, 2016
By Laurie
Brockton, MA
January 30, 2016
My 2 cockatiels love these pellets. This is a great price also, the cheapest I found. They were packaged great also. They came in good time also.
  • None
By Mikey
Charlotte NC
Parakeets Love the Smaller Pellets
December 18, 2015
Tried pellets for the 1st time for our 12 parakeets and they love it. We bought the smaller (canary) size based on the comments of another reviewer.
By kathryn
fort worth, texas
zupreem fruitblend small pellets
April 23, 2015
The birds seem to actually enjoy eating this product
  • I think this is an overrall healthy mix fo caged birds
By kylie e.
United States
great experien
April 9, 2015
Great price quick shipping
  • Awesome deal
  • Wish shipping wasnt quite so much but they are 2 hefty bags of bird food
By Debbie
Palm City, Florida
March 20, 2014
My daughter's bird absolutely loves this food. Best price on the web. I bought 3. Using one now and froze the two others.
By Geri
Henderson, NV
Zupreem Fruit Blend
November 25, 2013
I get this for my cockatiel, and it has gotten very expensive in the retail pet stores. I found PetGuys.com when looking for dishes for my other bird. The prices are very reasonable and they have items I cannot find in the stores. Fast delivery! Even with the shipping charges, the cost for the food was less. Thanks PetGuys!
  • Reasonable Prices
  • Hard to find items
  • fast shipping
By hans k.
kona hawaii
Best value with great customer service
April 12, 2013
I got 3 bags of bird food with shipping for the price of one. It came 3 days after ordering and the guy i spome with was great. Could nt be happier. Pet guys fo life!
By HSL 1.
Chicago, IL
Great fruit flavored pellets
March 7, 2012
My 14 year old green cheeked conure was extremely resistant to a pellet diet until I tried the Zupreem fruit flavored pellets; she loves them! Excellent product that I would highly recommend.
  • My bird loves these pellets.
  • Nothing
By Su W.
North Texas
My Amazon Loves This Fruit Blend !!
July 27, 2011
I have a companion wild-caught (legal psittacine ) mealy amazon thats literally spends hours selecting what color she is going to "make soup" with. I usually give her 1/2 Fruit Blend & 1/2 seed mix..One day she will use green and purple and another red and yellow - ect. She munches on them and seems to be quite happy with her basic diet. Several people have told me their parrots do it also.
  • My parrot likes it and she is picky. Her droppings are good and not 'neon', have never seen colored droppings with this product.Manufacturer's customer service is great!
  • AND Pet Guys have a great price & fresh product !!!
  • nothing yet

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