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By Mark
Just the right size for small dogs and my dog luvs the salmon flavor
August 8, 2022
Very low calorie, and seem to pack a lot of taste for my Shih Tzu. I luv to watch her eyes pop out when I drop a couple in her mouth. Plus they are a quality treat.
By steve
Happy owner happy dog
January 20, 2022
Great price, excellent name brand items, and quick delivery. What's not to like?
By Mark
Blue Buffalo Bits are quality dog treat
September 20, 2020
Perfect for small dogs like my Shih Tzu. The only problem is she is not happy with one or two but insists on a handful at a time. Also great for training small dogs, except for stubborn Shih Tzus.
By Doris S.
Blue Buffalo Bits Beef Training Dog Treats
August 27, 2020
My dog is a very picky eater and even for treats I spent so much money on treats to give them away to other dog owners because she will not eat them. But not these treats the whole entire bag was gone in 3 days! She loved them I will definitely be ordering more.
By Denise H.
My Chiwinnie loves these
January 4, 2019
I love that I can give my fur baby a treat now and then. He knows exactly what is in that bag. Can’t fool him!
By Carol S.
Blue Buffalo Blue Bits Salmon Training Treats
November 23, 2018
Our dog is 15 and has digestive problems. This is the perfect snack for her.
By Leenie
Newport News VA
My dogs love this!
February 16, 2017
This is the favorite treat of all three of my shih tzus. It is just enough in size to qualify as a treat, soft enough for the older one losing her teeth, yummy enough for the picky eater and gobbled quickly by the one who will eat everything. They stay soft over a long period of time.
  • Soft but not crumbly, first ingredient is turkey, keeps well, dogs love it!
By Emily Y.
New York
Expiration date too short.
May 15, 2016
Expiration date is only one month - it is too short.
By Emily Y.
New York
Expiration date Too Short
May 15, 2016
Expiration date is only one month - it is too short.
By Jo G.
Perfect little treat for training and anytime.
April 7, 2016
This item is relatively new. I like it because it is small and easy to carry. My lab loves anything fishy. I train other neighbor dogs and none has refused them. Great price as always. Thanks Pet Guys!
By Gerry
New York
Best Price!
February 21, 2016
These are my dog's favorite training treats, and she's very picky ! Great price, shipped as promised.
  • Easy bits for training
By kikicrested
fun treat for chasing
May 28, 2015
have been using these for a couple of years. they are easy to roll down the hall for chasing. makes treat time more exciting.
By Joey
New York
January 20, 2015
My dog loves this treats
By Diane J.
Las Vegas
Blue Bits
December 17, 2014
These are good to give as treats every now and then because my dogs know they're getting a treat but it's small so if they get a few throughout the day it's ok.
By Karen B.
Good Treat!
July 4, 2014
Great training treat or just a regular treat for a small dog. It is only 3 calories per treat so your not helping your pet get fat by giving these out.
By Mark
San Antonio, TX
A perfect daily treat
December 29, 2013
They are a perfect small size to give your dog throughout the day, just for doing anything, like looking cute.
  • I don't think my dog even chews them, she inhales them. Perfect for smaller dogs or dogs on a diet.
By Maggie
Huntsville, Alabama
Blue Bits Turkey Training Treat
October 16, 2012
I have a very picky little dog, and, I am concerned with the treats that I give to him considering all the recalls in the news. A treat that he liked in the past was changed and he no longer liked it, so I have tried to find a replacement treat. Knowing the reputation of Blue Buffalo and their high standards for quality products, I gave the Turkey Training Treats a try. My dog absolutely loves them, even more than his old treats. I also like the fact that they are small and relatively low in calories, so I do not feel quite as guilty about indulging him
By Wendy
Pacific NW
My dog's favorite training treats!
January 15, 2012
These even smell great (like jerky) - something I appreciate, since I carry them around in my pocket when training my dog! My dog absolutely loves them. They are only 3 calories per treat and contain quality ingredients. Can't live without them!
  • Smell great
  • Low-calorie
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Dry out quickly if not kept in an airtight container.
  • Price.

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