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By Ken M.
wrrking well
May 2, 2021
Have only used the feeder for 2 weeks and so far it works well
  • easy to use and program
Bad Electronics!!!
March 16, 2017
Delivery from Pet Guys was great. The design of the feeder is also good, but the electronics are not. DON'T BUY!!!!
By Dinald
Bowling Green, Ohio
Easy set up, works great.
August 14, 2016
I'm using this at our 16' x 16' water garden when I'm away. I did build a metal cage around it to keep the raccoons out. I would recommend this feeder to everyone.
By jay
love it
June 24, 2016
came just in time.. love it so much. this is my second one.
By David
Sacramento, California
Worked well until LED display faded
October 1, 2015
This feeder is very easy to use and the instructions for the product are easy to follow and can also be found online. You can set several feed times. I did not have a problem with the mechanical operation of the unit. The product came with a house I purchased in Nov. 2013 with a med/small sized pond with 5 large koi. I do not know how old it was at the time the house was purchased. The unit was positioned on a screw on a plank that was leveraged by a large rock on the rear. So, the feeder jutted out over one end of the pond by about a foot. This worked fine. But, I found the unit in the water once in the first six months. I figured an animal such as a possum had pushed it over. I do not recall if the feeder base (which has the display) went into the water or just the feed housing top part. All the food was soaked and ruined. The unit still worked fine, at least for awhile. In September 2015 I tried to adjust the feeding amount and found the LED display was not functioning. It probably had been out for months. I was told by a Pond Supply Store that he had had customers complain that prolonged sun exposure caused the LED display on the Fishmate P7000 to fade. The store owner recommended the Koi Cafe feeder, which is much more expensive. Nonetheless, because the Koi Cafe needs to be hung over the pond, and a pole structure is not possible or desirable in my rocky back yard and I do not have a suitable overhanging tree branch, i am going to replace the bad unit with a new Fishmate P7000 since it is such a good bargain and can be located on the ground. I will put some removable dark tape over the LED to block the sun.
  • Bargain price compared to other feeders on market. Easy to set up with a little initial investment of time and learning. Instruction manual is easy to follow and is can be found online. Mechanical parts seemed to function well and be fairly durable. Can set multiple feed times and vary amount of food. Is inconspicuous looking and is a nice forest green color.
  • LED display which is necessary to adjust clock, feeding times and amounts, went out possibly from prolonged moderate sun exposure. The two side snaps on the lid could be firmer as they seemed to have weaked a bit over time. The feed housing that sets on top of the feeder base does not lock into the base but simply snugly sits ontop of it. I found the housing tipped over and in the water on one occassion probably by a large animal such as a possum. I wish it snapped in to the base. (Perhaps it is not snapped in because the manufacturer does not want the base to go in the water, too, should the entire unit be tipped in. However, that raises another issue -- why does the feeder not come with eyelets so that it can be wired to a board?) You should also make sure the base is securely fastened somehow to a board if possible and make sure the board also cannot be easily moved. This is not easily done due to the design due to the design of the product.
  • One warning: make sure you snap the snaps on the feeder lid shut, or you will definitely have animals getting in to the food in the feed housing.
By N P.
Shropshire, UK
Excellent product!
August 20, 2015
I bought the Fishmate P7000 Pond Food Feeder in early July in preparation for a week away. Having used pond feeder block previously I was concerned to find a complete one in the pond that must have been added the previous year! I researched a number of automatic feeders and this Pond Mate feeder seemed a good compromise re price\features. However I found some of the reviews regarding ease of assembly & clarity of instructions off-putting, but made the purchase anyway. I'm glad I did. There is no problem on either front - assembly is a doddle, and the instructions are quite clear if you take the trouble to read them. I had the unit sat on a box in the kitchen for the first few days to ensure the feed quantity and times were reliable. All spot-on. The feeder was installed outside and has since performed absolutely reliably. I just make sure its topped up, batteries are ok and leave it to it. As a precaution, I modified a good quality plastic bag to fashion a rain cover for the unit as one reviewer said rain water ingress had affected the LCD display. For the money this is an excellent product and have no qualms recommending it - in fact I have done so to my local aquatic centre as they had trialed a more expensive unit but weren't happy with it, so I've suggested this to them also.
  • Great product for the price
  • Easy assembly
  • Clear instructions
  • Accurate and reliable feed quantities and timing
  • None so far - it's all good! :)
By Darryl
Price, Ut
Fish Mate P7000
May 17, 2015
So far performs great. I would recommend it to a friend. Good design.
  • Easy setup.
  • None.
By James R.
Marseilles Il
Good value
April 10, 2015
Been working very good don't have to worry about feeding fish does it all on his own
  • Cost working good1st week
  • Directions for programming
By James R.
Marseilles Il
Good value
April 10, 2015
Been working very good don't have to worry about feeding fish does it all on his own
  • Cost working good1st week
  • Directions for programming
By alan
Tacoma, WA
it is working
March 20, 2015
it is easy to setup and Fully programmable, but the feeding mechanism did not work when the time was up. I checked the motor was running, then I troubled shooting to find the problem of bearing locked, the motor could not rotate the bearing and feeding mechanism. I did not want to return this item. it is only way I tried to fix it by myself. When I opened the feeder base, I reassembled the bearing position with the motor. This fish feeder has been running smoothly. it is very exceptional case of the manufacturing fault in assembling work.
By patsy
santa barbara ca
working so far
October 25, 2014
Was really looking forward to this unit, we travel a good bit. Appears to be a sturdy unit but miserable programming interface. The instructions did not match the unit. Found a youtube video which really helped. We are 'tech savvy' and it just should not be this hard. I guess practice will make it easier. Also be aware that it uses regular C batteries not alkaline.
  • sturdy for plastic
By Cyril
Great idea but stopped working in second season
July 17, 2013
it worked great for 1 1/2 summers then it started "doubling" and reversing itself and dumping triple amounts of food into the pond fouling everything. Tried resetting/clearing and of course changing batteries. i am aftraid to use it while on vacation as I might come home to a dead pond.
  • Well built and simple concept.
  • smallest quantity of koi pellets is about 1/4 cup per feeding
  • Unreliable, went "rogue" after 1 1/2 summers.
  • Hopper tips easily even when unit is screwed down.
By Ernie
Versailles, KY
Just what I needed!
June 24, 2013
Received it two days before leaving for a week. Setup was a little tricky, but everything went well.It tested out well, and after ten days away, I could tell the food volume in the reservoir was decreased appropriately. Very pleased with everything about it.
  • So far, everything.
  • So far, nothing.
By Debi
Racine Wisconsin
Fishmate P7000
June 10, 2013
Bought a second one, thinking 1st one had something wrong. Turned out because I don't find it's as easy to program, it was me. First one is in its third season and still going strong. The seller had the BEST price also!
  • Not as easy to program as claimed.
By Patrick
Orlando, Florida
Happy customer
May 24, 2013
The P7000 is the only affordable automatic fish food dispenser that is large enough to feed Kois in a pond for at least a couple of weeks. The unit arrived very quickly and the instructions are very easy to follow. So far it appears to be working flawlessly. Overall, I am very satisfied with this purchase.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Large enough for a couple of weeks of feeding.
  • Appears to be quite sturdy.
By Mike
San Jose,CA
Works Perfect.. Great price
May 22, 2013
This unit works as expected for my 5000 gallon pond. Feeds 3 portions (each can have different size) at three evenly spaced times of the day. The hopper seems to last about 2-3 week which is great for vacations. So far it is perfect.
By gary h.
jacksonville, fl
Works Great
May 10, 2013
The unit operates as advertised. No problem programming but you need to read the instructions very carefully. When it says wait 60 seconds for the next step, wait 60 seconds for the next step. I would definitely buy another.
  • It feeds my fish when I tell it to. Everything is as advertised.
  • Would like an ac adapter option.
By Mike
Lincoln, Ca
First use of P7000
October 6, 2012
The feeder works well and would recomment it to others. Far getter than the Fish Mate 2100 which does not feed a consistant quantity of food. The only thing that would make the 7000 better is a smalled food amount. Something smalled than 3 tsp per serving would work better for my application. The feeder does probide predictable food amounts.
  • predictable food sizes
  • easy to setup
By Jack
great feeder !
July 16, 2012
works well, fast delivery, HAPPY with the item.
  • does it s job well
  • none
By Rusty G.
Tyler, TX
Great features at a great price!!
July 12, 2012
I bought this for an aquaponic tank. Took about 30 minutes to read the manual and set up. It works great!!!
By Roy
Los Angeles area
Fish Mate P7000 Pond Fish Feeder
July 3, 2012
The item was shipped promptly. The setup of time and feeding schedule was relatively easy. The feed amount took several iterations to get the best delivery of food. The ability to adjust the amount is a good feature. My old feeder, Koi Kitchen, didn't have this feature.
  • Auto feed, adjustable feed amount, adjustable feed time
  • The batteries had a tendency to be jarred loose. I had to tape them in to hold position.
By Ramon N.
Riverview, florida
? It is an auto feeder...good title
June 24, 2012
It came just in time..works well after setup...good price, and your response time was great...thanks
  • It works fine..
  • Some of the setup but worked out ok
By Stu
Topaz Lake, NV
So far so good
November 3, 2011
I only used this item for a 2 week period from 10/16-10/28 and it worked flawlessly. My fish were happy and health when I returned home.
  • Variety of settings, digital panel, removable hopper for easy filling.
  • Plastic construction.
By Terry
San Antonio
Fish Mat P7000
June 23, 2011
I have only used the feeder for one week, but so far it is working fantastic.
  • Ability to leave for a trip and my fish get fed.
  • Nothing

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