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242 Reviews
89% (215)
8% (20)
1% (2)
1% (2)
1% (3)
97% Recommend this product (234 of 242 responses)
By Cass
Best dog treat ever!
August 31, 2023
I have several dogs. ALL of them love this and gobble it down with relish. I’ve gotten it for years now and never had a sick dog from it. A trusted, proven, product that dogs love.
  • Your dog looks forward to it. Great for training a dog, just break it up in small pieces.
  • NONE
By Karen Y.
Cadet Duck Breast
February 9, 2023
Excellent product. My Rottweiler loves these so much, that I have to remind her to chew them. Thank you
  • Safe for my dog
  • None
By Grace
Pet Guys Saved the Day
October 12, 2022
Thanks for carrying this product. My dogs are especially grateful.
By Terrell W.
arrived on time
April 24, 2022
easy order
By Renee
Go to treat
September 18, 2021
My first Llasha Apso loved these and now my new one does too. My German shepherd looks for them when she hears me move the bag. Great buy
By Doug D.
Great Purchase!
September 10, 2021
Wonderful product! Our dogs love the treat. It's the best buy at the best price!!!!! Doug Soderstrom, Ph.D. Wharton, Texas
By Frankie
Cadet Duck Breast treats
February 7, 2021
These are the highlight of my dogs day!
By Pam
Best dog treats ever
December 16, 2020
My little bishpoo loves these. I don't by a lot of other treats.
By Marianne
Good duck fillets
December 16, 2020
My dogs love this product. But if you have dogs with teeth missing, they can't chew these because they can be pretty hard to chew.
  • Dogs love them and they are healthy for them.
  • They are kind of tough to chew.
By deeringduo
Not dog jerky
November 29, 2020
These are thin, dry strips of duck breast that I am afraid will choke my dogs. I thought I was ordering Cadet dog Jerky, which is a softer, chewier product. My fault for ordering the wrong thing. The dogs do like it.
By Richard W.
Happy Dogs
October 29, 2020
This is a great product at a good price. My two dogs love the Duck Breast strips. Rick Wehle NJ
By Mario p.
Great product
October 7, 2020
Very high quality. My dogs love them.
By Ralph
Great Treats, Great Service
September 28, 2020
Dogs love these treats. Great service, fast delivery, best price.
September 21, 2020
By maryann
September 11, 2020
Great price! Quick delivery! And, dogs love this stuff.
By Snuggles
September 4, 2020
Great price. Love my duck
By Ronald R.
Dogs love them!!!
August 17, 2020
Our dogs absolutely love them!!!
  • none.
By Bob
Best Price
August 6, 2020
cost more than in the past but better than other companies wanting more. Great dog treat. We originally bought Duck Treats because our one dog had allergies.
  • Great id dog has food allergies. Does not splinter like Chicken Jerky. Chicken Jerky had caused problems for dogs. The Duck has never caused any problems.
  • cost is getting too high. Use to be $18.00
By Marianne M.
Cadet Duck Breast Fillets
August 6, 2020
My dogs love these fillets but they like the Pet-n-shape better because they are softer and easier to chew. The Cadet fillets are a little harder and for senior dogs that have a few teeth missing, it's easier for them to eat the Pet-n-shape. Both are excellent products it just depends on what stage in life your dog(s) are at. If they are older, the Pet-n-shape is best. If they are younger dogs, the Cadet duck fillets are excellent too. My dogs love both products and get excited every time I pull out the bags.
  • I haven't met a dog that did not LOVE these fillets.
  • They are not good for senior dogs who have teeth missing. Give them Pet-n-shape instead.
By Lucky's o.
My dog's favorite treat
July 8, 2020
I buy 3 of these bags of Cadet duck breast treats every couple months. My dog Lucky loves loves loves them.
By Linda R.
Cadet Duck Breast Dog Treats
June 28, 2020
Turned on friends Joann Hanson from Bakersfield and Rita Ussery from Good Year AZ
  • Have used this product for a few years and it is the only treat my 2 dogs will eat. I even got my friends to buy this treat.
By Lucy
My dog loves this!
June 25, 2020
Great product and fast service.
By Susan P.
dogs love them
June 13, 2020
My dogs would be lost with out heir treats
By Techgal
Dogs love these!
June 11, 2020
I have purchased this item several times, and both my dog and I are happy with the product. The pieces are easy to size for any size of dog, and it seems to be more real meat than a lot of the "formed" jerky products are. Will purchase again.
By Phaack
Great dog treat
June 3, 2020
Each piece is easy to break or cut into smaller pieces for smaller dogs. I have fed this duck to my dogs for years with no problems.
By Mark K.
Cadet duckies
May 21, 2020
My spoiled fox terrier loves these, and I am happy with the great service and fast shipping, even in these slower shipping times they still arrive incredibly fast.
By Rebecca
So glad to have found these!
April 24, 2020
My dogs LOVE these treats and I always have difficulty finding this larger bag, 2.5 lbs. I was really happy to finally find them, they were cheaper and had a 5% discount on top of that, so I'm pretty happy with not only the product but PetGuys as well. Thanks!
By rita u.
March 2, 2020
By Diane M.
Cadet Duck Breast for dogs
January 25, 2020
I've never met a dog who didn't like this treat! I walk at a park and other people's dogs come up to me to beg for what's in my pocket - Cadet Duck Breast!
Cadet Duck Breast Dog Treats
January 18, 2020
Tyler loves this treat
By Kerry R.
Great dog treat
December 27, 2019
Our dogs, Paint, Scout and Shadow love these. You deliver to our Washington address which Amazon will not! Thank you!
By Tom
Great Price And Service!
December 20, 2019
These treats arrived super fast and during the Christmas season, no less! We were able to get 4 bags of treats for what we pay for 3 on Amazon. This is our go to company for dog treats now!
By george a.
The only snack my dogs whine for....
December 1, 2019
the snack of choice for many years with two dogs. ... nothing else will do
Gracie's Favorite
November 27, 2019
This is my Dog Gracie's favorite treat - I always make sure I have plenty in the house and Petguys are my new favorite store to purchase. Prices are good and shipping is fast.
By Stacy
cadet duck breast treats
October 14, 2019
My 4 legged boys love it!
By Mark
My dog loves them
September 25, 2019
Happy with the the service, fast shipping and these are the only treats my dog will eat. She says they’re great.
By betty
Great Value
July 18, 2019
My dogs love duck strips. That is the only treat I give them. PetGuys have the best prices anywhere!
By Diane
Cadet Duck Breast for dogs
July 3, 2019
I haven't met a dog who didn't love Cadet duck breast treats. I walk my dogs at a park and always have some in my pocket. I meet a lot of dogs and their owners, because the dogs smell the treats and begin begging right away. I tear them into smaller pieces and they go a long way. I love this product and so do my two dogs.
By Pepper
he loves this product
June 21, 2019
keep it in the USA
By Bob C.
Great. Great. Great.
June 14, 2019
Great product. Great price. Great shipping.
By Bud
Their first time to try these
May 16, 2019
My dogs gets treats every day and every night and this is the first time they have tried the duck breast, and they sure love them.
By Haley
Very good
May 12, 2019
My dog love the duck breast a lot. Thanks!
By Kimberly
Excellent Product
April 13, 2019
I was introduced to this product in CA when I visited a friend so I bought some my puppy and she loves them too! No Artificial Colors No Artificial Fillers No Artificial Flavors High in Protein I highly recommend this product!
By Lab4747
April 6, 2019
My dog LOVES these and has for years. The only thing she will eat consistently no matter what. She looks forward to them when I leave for work and before bed. You can’t go wrong...
  • Real meat, not lab created
  • You’ll need to buy more than one bag FOREVER
By Diane
Cadet Duck Breast Dog Treats - great product!
February 18, 2019
My dogs have been eating Cadet Duck Breast jerky treats for years, and they love them. I've made a lot of dog friends at the park, also, as dogs smell the treats in my pocket and beg for handouts. These treats are a winner with every dog I've ever met.
By toni r.
February 7, 2019
awesome product, my dogs are grain sensitive and these treats fill the bill and they love them
  • the items I ordered were at my door in days, fantastic
By jim c.
good service
February 4, 2019
jim chew
By Ann
great product
August 25, 2018
My doges love these !!! Great service and good price.
By Jeanne C.
My dog is crazy for cadet duck treats.
May 7, 2018
good product
By Michelle T.
Great treat!!!
December 27, 2017
I've been giving Cadet Duck Treats to my dogs for ages and they love them!!! One of my boys is allergic to chicken so it's very difficult to find treats he can eat (as 90% of dog products contain chicken). The duck treats are not very soft so it slows my dogs down a little when they eat them (a plus). The price for these Cadet Duck Treats was the best here on PetGuys! Thanks!!!
  • No chicken in ingredients!!!
  • All meat, no by-products, no grain.
  • Dogs love them!!!
  • Expensive. I only give them a couple a day each.
By Larry
December 8, 2017
My dogs love these. Will I buy more? Yes for SURE
  • Delivered fast
By Denise
My dog is hooked on this
November 29, 2017
My dog rates this a ten or higher. His best treat ever
By Barry Q.
Great deal
October 28, 2017
Great deal & fast shipping on our dogs favorite treats
By Mary S.
Great price
September 17, 2017
My dogs love duck jerky. They have been used to Nudges and the price is much higher than Cadet. They eat the Cadet but if given a choice they go for their old favorite. I will keep trying to convince them.
  • Price
  • New to my dogs.
By Dottie
A perfect treat
September 7, 2017
My girl loves these.
By Carolyn B.
August 5, 2017
By Kate
Cadet duck breast treats
July 30, 2017
My 10 yr old soft coated Wheaten "Buddy" has been eating duck breast for years. Although there has been bad press regarding this item , he loves them so I continue shopping for the best prices. Petguys meet that criteria.
  • 100 % protein.
  • Chemical additives. Not made in USA
By Pam
my dogs love them but sometimes I have to cut them up
July 27, 2017
My dogs love these but I have to cut them in tiny pieces for one of them because of teeth problems. I have tried the pink package and they are not very good, dogs won't touch them, make sure it's the purple package. This is also a great price.
By Marilyn
New York
great product and price
May 10, 2017
service was exceptional
  • the best way to shop
By Annie
St. Louis, Missouri
My dogs favorite treat!
April 30, 2017
Cadet duck breasts have been my little Yorkie's favorite treat for 11 years. She cannot get enough of them. They have no artificial ingredients, only 100% duck breast. They were shipped promptly, packaged well, and come in a resealable pouch. I am very satisfied with this product.
Ruther Glen VA
Great price and service
March 29, 2017
Have been ordering from another source - checked your price and it was better. Competitor ships free, but with shipping fee you are almost 3.00 cheaper.
  • prompt delivery good price
  • shipping cost
By Eman
Jacksonville Florida
Accurate and to the point
March 23, 2017
My dogs love it. You have best price that I have found on the net
By clarence s.
March 19, 2017
same quality as I was getting before but a better price.
By shelley g.
My dog lives for these
February 19, 2017
my dog loves these. thank you for your quick delivery.
By Annie
Speedy delivery
January 13, 2017
Thanks for the speedy delivery, this is my dog's favor treat.
By Judy
Duck Jerky
January 5, 2017
My King Charles Spaniels love this jerky. It is thin enough for the older dog to chew and yet thick enough they have to work at it. I feel it is not only healthy but it also satisfies their need for meat.
  • Good healthy treat.
  • none
By Jim
Spokane Valley, WA
Duck Breast dog treats 28oz
December 9, 2016
Had a great experience dealing with Pet guys. The price and service were outstanding..
By Carol
Locust Valley, NY
December 8, 2016
If my German Shepherd could talk, she would say that, "This is my favorite treat".
  • Quick delivery and good price.
By Judy m.
Best treats ever
November 14, 2016
It's great the only treat my little dog eats. Easy to chew and swallow for her. She's a teacup Maltese
  • None
By Leona
Polk City, Iowa
great treats
October 21, 2016
The price was good, the order got here fast and my dog loves them.
Great Dog Treat for Dogs with Allergies
October 9, 2016
Be told us to avoid a lot of the dog treats because a lot of dogs have skin allergies caused by what is in it. Duck treats are plain and simple.
  • Great for all dogs.
  • Some bags have too many small pieces. We usually order four at a time.
By Ray
Bolton, MA
Our dog never says no.
September 29, 2016
Our American Eskimo is in Heaven with every bite. Has been very consistent too.
  • Long storage life bags with each piece of meat a delight for our furry friend.
  • Web site well designed plus phone support when you need it.
  • None
By Cindy K.
York Pa.
Cadet Duck Breast Dog Treats
September 17, 2016
I would like to order 2 more bags but I see that they are out of stock can you let me know when you will have them again
By April C.
Great price!
September 7, 2016
First purchase from Petguys, Shipping was fast, product was as described
August 13, 2016
By Debbie
Great product
August 4, 2016
Both of my dogs love these. I use the softer ones for the poodle and the harder ones for the Lab.
  • It is helping keep their teeth cleaner.
  • Some of the pieces are too hard for the Poodle to chew and the Lab wants multiple pieces each time.
By Mike
Trenton, IL
Cadet duck Breast is no. 1
August 4, 2016
This duck jerky is the best as far as my Japanese chin dog is concerned. She will do anything for a piece, the new type is made in America and has a coating on it that she hates, she likes the actual fillet - nothing but. Thanks for still having this brand.
  • It is actually duck fillets
  • The usa made store take it off the shelves
By Becky
Phoenix, Az
Price Was Everything
August 4, 2016
My dog started eating these as a pup. When my Dad got a puppy he also gave them to his dog. We've bought them ever since. One problem was finding them after the "made in China" scare and the price is outrageous. Thank you Petguys for having the product at a price we can afford and making our dogs the happiest. Will purchase again.
By Wayne
Albuquerque, NM
My dogs love the Duck Breast Dog Treats
August 4, 2016
Of all the available dog treats, this is their favorite. The dogs are Westhighland White Terriers, very spoiled, and have a variety of dog treats available. The Cadet Duck Breast treats are at the top of the list.
By Barb
Charlotte, Michigan
Cadet Duck Breast Dog Treats
August 4, 2016
Another product from Cadet that our girls love. However stores do not carry this particular item any more. Menards used to but they only carry the Cadet Duck Jerky and our girls don't care for them as much. So happy the PetGuys carry it. Our girls, Muffi and Dusti are picky eaters so they are very fussy about the treats they eat and love the Duck Breast.
  • My girls say Thank you for the delicious treat!!
  • none
By Tom
our Dogs love them !!!
August 4, 2016
our Dogs love them !!! Could you get them in a bigger bag like a 2.5 LB. bag?
  • dogs love them !!!
  • you need a bigger bag !!!
By Stephanie C.
Dog loves them
August 4, 2016
My fussy dog loves these duck strips.
By Fran
San Jose, CA
Dogs love this
August 4, 2016
I have 2 dogs and this is their special treat.
By Vivian
Las Vegas, NV
Cadet Duck Jerky!
July 29, 2016
My dogs are addicted to these! They love them! This is the best place to get them.
  • Your dogs will become spoiled and not want other treats!
By Shan
Mountain View, California
Highly reconmand this site
July 22, 2016
Super fast shipping! Best price ever!!! Will buy from petguys again!
By Robyn C.
Great online shopping.
May 15, 2016
You're a wonderful company to order from. The product is great. Thanks
  • Efficient
  • None
By Judy
dogs love these
March 30, 2016
the dogs gobble these up. just love them.
  • dogs like them
Sacramento, CA
My picky dog . . .
March 1, 2016
I have a very picky dog who turns his nose up at every treat I have ever tried for him. This however is the only thing he will beg for. Loves them and they are easy to give.
  • stays fresh and they do not have fillers
  • cost
By Darlene
Las Vegas, NV
Excellent Healthy Treat
February 23, 2016
My 3 dogs are pretty fussy, even when it comes to treats. But all 3 LOVE this Cadet Duck Breast and it is 100% natural and good for them. I would highly recommend it to anyone, and it is reasonably priced per ounce too.
By Richard B.
cadet duck breasts
February 21, 2016
Very hard and dry, hard for small dog to chew
By James H.
Phoenix, AZ
Great treat
February 14, 2016
Our Belgian Malinois loves these treats.
  • We have used this product for a number of years and are very satisfied with it.
  • The only problem is that sometimes the product is hard to find.
By Laura
Hayward, CA
He LOVES it!!!
December 23, 2015
These were hard to find in stores. If I did locate them, the size was small- the cost was high. I looked all over and finally located here close to home at a much more affordable price. My dog LOVES these duck treats!
  • FAST delivery, affordable, fresh, readily available and easy to order.
By Sharon
Trail, MN
Cadet Duch
December 10, 2015
Dogs love it
By Noel P.
newark, de
Cadet Duck Treats
December 10, 2015
This items is a favorite of my DOG
  • good service
By Hung N.
Los Angeles, California
28oz. Cadet Duck Breast Dog Treats
November 4, 2015
Very very fast shipping, my dogs really love them. Price is great, better than amazon!
By Donna
Spokane, Washington
Great treat
October 29, 2015
Been feeding these sparingly to my food for years and they love them.
  • Good smelling for me and tasty for them.
By Sheila
Los Lukas, New Mexico
Dogs are happy
October 22, 2015
Great price and fast shipping so mommy and daddy are happy too!
By Deborah D.
Great product
September 28, 2015
everything I ordered from your company was great and what I expected. Came in a timely manner and very happy with your company. Have been looking for a company I can trust. Sometimes pictures have been deceiving. Your company's products were just as described.
By Mark
Great product
September 24, 2015
Fast great service
By Laura
Qtown, PA
my dogs love them
September 20, 2015
We refer to these as "crack" because my dogs are so addicted. They tell me when it's bedtime because they know they are going to get their duck treat...they both go upstairs and wait for me to dispense em.
By T D.
Ottumwa, Iowa
cadet dog treats
September 18, 2015
Just what the Dog ordered. Super fast delivery.
By mcl
Los Angeles, CA
their favorite!
September 3, 2015
easy to digest, chewy, no bad odor, portable
By Joseph
United States
Great product
September 2, 2015
These are getting extremely difficult to find but our dog simply loves them.
  • Good price, quick shipping, product arrived fresh and as advertised
  • N/A
By Diane
Venice FL
Our dog loves these - it's her favorite treat!!
August 28, 2015
I swear our dog has a clock she goes by....every day at 5 o'clock she is begging for her duck treat! So adorable....we love to give her these....
By Chizuko
Gardena, California
Better value when you order 4-28oz pkgs.
July 31, 2015
I used to order 2-40oz pkgs (totaling 5 lbs) on for about $79 incl tax and or shipping. When I purchased 4-28oz pkgs (totaling 7 lbs) at Petguys, it costs me $83.18 including tax and free shipping - so for just 4 bucks more I got 2 extra lbs of duck breast treats. Better value doing it this way. Will definately order from here again. Oh yeah, they also sent it out free 2 day instead of regular shipping. That was rather cool of them.
  • Better value & fast shipping
  • None
By Rick
Tucson AZ
My guys love this
July 29, 2015
We first found these at Costco and my guys loved them. But, you know how it is at Costco - here today and gone for months tomorrow. We finally found them at Petguys, and I have been keeping them in stock for my boys ever since.
  • Good price
  • Always seem to be in stock
  • None
By Cindy
This product is great
July 19, 2015
This is my dog's favorite treat
  • Love it!
  • none
By Aslaug M.
Basalt, Colorado
Dogs Love it
July 15, 2015
Fast service
By Jack
San Diego
great prduct, great price
July 12, 2015
Very happy with your quick service of a wonderful product
By Sheri
Knoxville, Tennessee
Very Happy Puppy
July 8, 2015
My dog is allergic to so many things. He will eat other treats or dog food but they will not stay down. So when I found it impossible to find this treat (100% duck jerky) locally, I despaired. Then I found it on your web site and was so relieved. And I received it very quickly. I was also concerned that the sell by date may be too soon as I ordered several, but happily they are good for a long time, and he will have no problem finishing them before they expire. The free shipping was definitely a bonus!
By Bia E.
Simi Valley, California
Cadet Duck Breast Dog Treats
June 28, 2015
This brand is the only one that our Charlie will eat...Believe me we I have tried giving him every other duck tender and jerky that's available in all of the stores--we have given every one of them away to friends' pets--Our Charlie will only eat this brand (Cadet). Thank-you price----Keep them in stock--PLEASE--once again--Thanks!! from a grateful customer in Simi Valley, Ca..
By Mary
Boca Raton
Best Value, High Quality and Favorite among the dogs!
June 25, 2015
These are the best duck breasts I've ever purchased! They are not all dried out like most duck jerky. My dogs get two strips with their scrambled eggs and cheese every day!
By Tammy
United States
June 21, 2015
We order these for our spoiled dogs who love them! We have purchased before from other sellers but always takes forever to get them. We got these a bit less than the last time we ordered from someone else and they were actually shipped the next day so we got them in like 3 days, BEST EXPERIENCE TO DATE EVER on Amazon!
  • NONE
By Marilou
San Jose, CA
Best Dog Treat
June 19, 2015
All my dogs love this treat, they get really excited whenever they see you holding it, cant wait to have it. Compared to other treats, I noticed my dogs like this the most. I started buying this treat when Costco was still selling it, I used to buy several packages at a time, now Costco no longer sell it. I'm glad I found Pet Guys on the internet, I was able to get my dogs favorite treat again.
United States
June 15, 2015
By Linda R.
Kingman, AZ
These dog treats are the best and my dogs love them.
June 14, 2015
I only buy Cadet from the pet guys they are a company I trust.
  • They are checked in the USA for good quality and I trust Cadet.
June 12, 2015
My three dogs LOVE this product. I have purchased other types of duck, but they don't like them. I have to hide these bags! And, the product came very quickly and it was the best bang for my buck - compared to any other web site for pet products that I looked at.
  • they love the taste, they are reasonably priced and they arrived quickly
  • none I can think of
By Steven F.
Indio, Ca.
Duck Breast Dog Treats 28oz.
June 12, 2015
Pet Guys are terrific in getting your order shipped. The best.
By Karolyne
St. George Utah
Yummy Treats for my boys!!!!
June 8, 2015
My two Chihuahuas love these treats and beings I cannot buy them at Costco anymore, I am happy you have them.
By Arthur
Cibolo, tx
Cadet duck treats
June 5, 2015
Our two dogs really like these treats, could not find this product else where.
By Al
bakersfield ca
cadet duck breast dog treats
June 5, 2015
Very good, my dogs favorite I used to buy from Costco.......bigger package and cheaper , but the same quality....Costco does not carry anymore but I do not know why.......always sold out when they carried it
  • dogs definitely love it
By Lynwood
San Antonio, Texas
cadet duck treats
May 9, 2015
I have been using this treat for 2+years. The dogs have been ok with no side effects or being sick. Good . Your service is also very quick. Thanks
  • No problems as of today.
By Linda M.
Peoria, Arizona
PetGuys is a great company! Easy to order, fast to deliver!
May 8, 2015
Never have a problem with your website or paying online. Very secure. Very fast shipping!
By Julie
United States
great price and quick delivery
May 7, 2015
We couldn't find these at CostCo anymore and my dog will eat nothing else!
By tar
rancho mirage, ca
treats for dogs
May 6, 2015
lucas loves the cadet duck breasts and petguys offered the best price ... thanks
By Patty
Krum, Texas
Duck Jerky
May 6, 2015
This is the only dog treat my dogs will eat.uck
By Gloria T.
Hemet, Ca 92543
Cadet Gourmet Duck Breast
April 2, 2015
My two dogs just could die for this duck jerky.....they love, love, love it.!!!!!
By stout7735
My dogs demand it
April 1, 2015
Big hit with my three dogs...Sale price was great, lower than anywhere else--including Costco....
By Barb
Boynton Beach, Fl.
March 21, 2015
Honey. Loves these treats
By Elizabeth N.
Richmond, Virginia
March 13, 2015
I have been giving my dogs these treats for years, but now I can't find them in stores anywhere. Once before they disappeared from store shelves and I found them online. I'll order them online from now on. My dogs love them!
  • These Duck Strips are great! I've bought them for years!
By J R.
Phx. AZ
No time to spare!
March 6, 2015
My big eyed hounds are fond of this treat and I'd had searched to find a new supplier, our thanks for your having been a source to provide and a reasonable price at that.
  • Your a go to for sure.
  • How about larger sizes for bulk savings.
By Spencer
oakdale, ca
duck breast chews
March 5, 2015
dogs like it
By Jan
Salinas, CA
February 27, 2015
Parker (medium size dog) loves these duck strips and he's a picky treat eater.
By Gary
chula vista x ca
Duck jerky
February 26, 2015
My son loves duck jerky, he begs, rolls over, but mostly jumps on licking my face to get a piece duck jerky. So thank you very much.
By Tom
United States
More but not enough
February 25, 2015
The Cadet Duck jerky has become the treat of choice for all three of our dogs. Cadet, unfortunately, distributed this product in a number of different bag sizes. Petguys sells the mid-sized (28 oz) bag but not the larger 2.5 pound size. One bag of the smaller size only lasts our crew of demanding dogs about a week. Compared to the prices on and other sites, Petguys is very competitive. If only they could get the bigger bags!
  • Product is fresh and well packed when delivered; price is very competitive in the online markets.
  • Larger quantity bags would be preferred to cut down the number of orders.
By Michael
Springfield, MO
Cesar loves his duck treats
February 15, 2015
Received our shipment from PETGUYS fast. Shipment was packaged very well and transaction was efficient. I thank you and so does our Cesar-puppy.
  • Fast, Efficient & Packaged well.
By Sharen
Las Vegas, NV
Dog loves theses duck treats.
February 14, 2015
My dog is on a limited ingredient dog food. Which is duck and potatoe. So his treats cants not be another protein. These are hard to find and the price has risen quickly
  • Hard to find and the price keeps climbing
By Ellen
Magalia CA
Happy dogs
February 12, 2015
Costco has dropped item and this is best place to get as an alternative. Easy ordering procedure; fast delivery.
By steve
San Diego Ca.
January 26, 2015
I used them for training awards . He gets them for doing his duties as service dog. I wish more store's carried them.
By mark
United States
Spoiled Dogs prefer them
January 2, 2015
WE have several different treats. Both dogs prefer duck over the others. One will drop other treats and bark for the duck treats
  • Good for them
  • Clean
By ken
a good product
December 31, 2014
my dog like the duck we give it as a treat
By Jan
Walsenburg, CO
Best Price
December 31, 2014
Best price for 2.5 lb duck treats now that Costco no longer carries.
By alesia p.
Puyallup, WA
dog loves these
December 25, 2014
great treat for dog
By julia
Winter Springs ,FL
IMS Cadet Gourmet Duck Breast 28oz
December 14, 2014
This is a great treat that my two rescue dogs just LOVE ( one of my dogs has celiac disease so this treat is perfect for him as it is grain free)
By Leslie
New York, New York
Excellent treat for my dog
November 22, 2014
My dog, a German Shepherd, has terrible skin allergies and cannot have any products with chicken or beef in it, so my vet recommended duck products. I found this Cadet product and my dog absolutely LOVES them, she would eat the whole bag if I would let her. She gets so excited when she hears the bag open. Although its a product of China, I still think its a good product.
  • My dog loves them and they are good for dogs with skin allergies who cannot have chicken or beef products.
  • They are costly. But PETGUYS has a good price for this item.
By Richard
Denver, CO
November 9, 2014
My dogs love love love duck jerky
By Rita T.
Westlake Village, CA 91361
Cadet Gourmet Duck treats
October 22, 2014
My dogs are spoiled and love these
By Carolyn
Ekron, KY
Dog Treats
July 15, 2014
My Jack Russell absolutely loves these "Duck Breast Jerky" treats. She patiently waits everyday for my son to come home knowing she will get two. These are the best dog treats we have ever had for Rosie. She loves them and never tires of them. PetGuys was very easy to order from, they promptly shipped our order, and it was delivered as stated..
  • Rosie loves them.
  • Rosie never tires of them.
  • Moderately priced.
  • NONE!!!!!
By Priceless J.
Farmington, NM
Good Product
June 20, 2014
This is a good product and I hope you continue carrying it. Wish it wasn't so expesnive.
  • Good treat for dogs
  • Very expensive
By Renee G.
New Mexico
My dogs are in love
June 9, 2014
My dogs look forward to this treat every day
By Yin
duck breast jerky
June 7, 2014
My dogs love this item than others... Delicious for them!!! Thumb up!!!
By Jerome R.
Pico Rivera,Ca
A great product
May 21, 2014
My dog can't go a day without eating at least 6-8 pieces a day.
  • Get larger bags !!!
By Henery t.
Monterey California
found to be a good product
May 19, 2014
I've been giving my German Shepard Dog mix...shelter dog.....about 60 lbs. this dog treat for about three soon as I open the bag I cut the long pieces into one inch or less squares and make a small bagie to keep it in which will last about one week in the shelf........the rest goes into the she needs more I make up another baggie......she gets a few pieces each day for doing good things....she loves it!!!!........she has never shown any sign that this treat is causing her any discomfort or ill effect......KEEP IT FROZEN TO PROTECT THE POSIBITIY OF BACTERIAL GROWTH!!!!.......never over feed your pet with treats........give them a normal diet.........don't forget that just your attention and praise can be treat enough!.........One more thought......... I do rotate treats....... so as to not be giving the same thing all the time.........hope this message helps.....
  • Dog likes it
  • No ill effects
By John V.
Albuquerque, NM
great product for my pups
May 16, 2014
This is a great snack for our dogs. It's to bad that the stores are not carrying it any more...We always purchase these bags and now forced to go online..but will still buy since our dogs love them.
  • No longer in stores.
By jill
Thank You!
April 25, 2014
My Dobermans tend to be picky about treats, I first got the Cadet Duck Jerky at Costco and then it suddenly disappeared from the shelves. When I went on line to see what happened, came up first and among all the sites they were one of the few that had it. Thank you for making treat time fun again. It is so disappointing when an animal acts excited, then drops the treat and walks away.
By Judy D.
United States
dogs love them
April 23, 2014
my dogs love these, was surprised cause they usually only like chicken treats. good price for 2 lbs
By Popie L.
La Mesa, Califorrnia
My BooBerDooBer's Favorite treat
April 17, 2014
I'm glad that I found you on the net with such a good price, Costco never keeps this in stock like they use to so I found you thank you very much now I have a Happy Dogger
By Eva B.
Arvada, CO
Duck Breast Jerky Strips
April 16, 2014
I've been giving my dog these treats for several years.
  • Cadet Duck Breast Strips serve as an alternate meal for my dog and he really enjoys them.
  • The jerky strips dry out too quickly, even resealed in their original packaging.
  • They're not available in most pet stores, Costco doesn't carry them all the time making it necessary to order online. The Costco size is 2 1/2 pounds whereas the online size is just 2 pounds and the cost is more.
By Rebecca A.
Salt Lake City, Utah
great everything!
April 16, 2014
You offer great products (I have order from you before) and the items always come in good condition, always comes sooner than expected and I will continue to order from your company. Thanks for delivering WHAT you said you would, WHEN you said you would...I have never been disappointed ! R.
By Tracy D.
Awesome product and Service
April 9, 2014
I always purchased this product from Costco, My dog Bella (standard Poodle) Loves these treats. When Costco stopped carrying these treats, I thought oh no, and went on line and found them, I was very excited. Thank you Pet Guys
By Nikki
Excellent Price & Fresh
March 20, 2014
These treats don't come cheap, and it seems Costco has stopped selling them. My two dogs are sensitive to chicken limiting what we can give them for treats. I was glad to find this site where the price is really good and the quality of the product is too. The expiration date is over a year past the date I purchased them.
By Paul F.
Pacifica, CA
March 14, 2014
One of the most popular of all dog treats. They even taste good but they are dog chews and tough as nails. Good for teeth cleaning as well as just a daily treat or two. They can be fattening so feed spariingly. pPetGuys proce is the best i have fopund even with the shipping charge.
  • Happy Dog!
  • No waste.
By Debbie
My Dogs are very in LOVE with these Treats
March 9, 2014
Evey morning my dogs wake up wanting these treats , they all begin danceing for these treats. ( I Have 7 little Poodles ) I would highing recommend this product to anybody.Just try it you will SEE. Thank You Debbie
By Lynne
Edwards, Mo
IMS Cadet Gourmet Duck Breat 2 lbs
January 25, 2014
These are at the top and the sweet potato w/duck is 2nd! They love them! Wish they were both made in the USA, but so far the quality has always been good.
By Grant
Duluth MN
My dogs love there. They will even dance for them.
January 18, 2014
Moved to Minnesota, we used to purchase them at Costco. There is no Costco near our area. She we shopped Sam's and they do not carry the Cadet Gourmet Duck Treats, We tried the treats Sam's carries and our dogs would not even touch them. So we went online found your site and were pleased to find them. Our doggies are happy again.
  • The size of the bag
  • NA
By Lorena
Phoenix, AZ
December 29, 2013
All three of my pups love these treats. I used to buy Wagon Train, but they were recalled and I couldn't find a good buy on duck treats anywhere until I found these on PetGuys. Like usual, PetGuys sells them at a bang up price! I buy the 2.5 lb bag and they last me quite awhile. There is only one thing that I wish was improved upon...sometimes they are too hard and not as fresh as other times. Other than that, we LOVE'EM!!
  • Great taste for dogs
  • Large bag
  • Great price
  • Freshness varies
By Rich
Elmhurst, IL
Cadet Gourmet Duck Breast
December 13, 2013
My dog goes NUTS for IMS Cadet Gourmet Duck Breast. She would give it 10 stars.
By Bert A.
ims duck treats the best
November 21, 2013
my dog will not eat any other treats!!!!!
  • It is the best
  • not a thing
By Laura C.
St Louis, MO
You found the right place!
November 9, 2013
Great price.. fast shipping..these are my go-to guys!
By Gloria
Hemet, CA
cadet gourmet duck breast
October 5, 2013
My dog loves the duck jerky....she will not eat any other treat I have tried to give her. She is wild about the jerkey ...If we tell her to eat her other food first..we will your food then you can have a jerky
  • It is perfect for my dog
  • nothing
By Heather
puppy's fav
October 1, 2013
My dog absolutely loves these treats! Unfortunately they have been hard to find, so I buy the big bags and the zip lock seal keeps them fresh until they're gone (also, the big bag is cheaper and is exactly the same treats).
By Allen
Ventura, CA
Dogs love them
September 24, 2013
The dogs love these great treats.. Just so costly. Not as costly as the stores but why do my pooches have to love the high end items. LOL. Great services. This is the first time I bought from the Petguys and was very happy with my services. Easy and fast.
By Julie
Moscow. Ohio
Dog treats
September 17, 2013
Our dogs love them.
  • Healthy
By Cate
Santa Barbara CA
Great alternative.
August 23, 2013
My pup is allergic to chicken. These are a great alternative. She loves them.
  • Chicken free
By jim r.
east helena,mt
August 20, 2013
love the product but becomes too expensive to have to buy so much and then pay shipping from you.
  • dogs love it
  • cost
By John R.
Payette, ID
Dog Treats
August 19, 2013
Our dogs love it! It is hard to find in retail outlets around here but found it was cheaper ordering it from you people in the first place. Delivery was very prompt.
  • Everything. It is our dog's favorite treat.
  • Nothing.
By Gail
Springfield, MA
Dogs Love Them!
August 16, 2013
Healthy product and made in USA. Had been buying this product at local Costco, but they seem to have stopped stocking them. Fast delivery!
By Chuck S.
Oklahoma City, OK
Gourmet duck breast
August 15, 2013
Size is perfect and the dogs love 'em.
By christine t.
new jersey
i don't know what you want me to put here?
August 13, 2013
my dog just loves these duk breast. they are very hard to find in New Jersey. thank you for always having what I am looking for
By Ron W.
Arroyo Grande, Ca
Cadet duck
August 7, 2013
Over baked. Manufacture said this product was over baked and supposed to be donated
  • Hard and not fresh, my 3 small dogs couldn't eat
By Beth
Fargo, ND
Excellent duck jerky
August 5, 2013
I was extremely pleased with purchasing this duck jerky. The item came quickly and the product was fresh. I would order again from this company.
By Virginia W.
Centralia, WA
IMS Cadet Gourmet Duck Breast 2 lbs
July 31, 2013
I wasn't able to purchase these dog treats at my local stores, so ordered them from at a very reasonable price. They arrived quickly and I'm satisfied that Petguys will be my backup supplier when my dogs' treat supplies need refilling.
  • My dogs love the duck breast treats.
By Rita
Sidney IA
Cadet Gourmet Duck Breast 2 lbs
July 24, 2013
Just moved from Denver and was unable to find Duck Breast for my dog so checked online. I found Petguys and placed an order with them. The order was delivered on time with no hidden fees or hassles. I recommend using this site to anyone looking for specialty food for their dog.
  • It is healthy for my dog and he loves it.
  • Sometimes the product is older an hard to cut into smaller pieces for my little dog to eat.
By Chrispy
Sutherlin, Oregon
Cost effective
July 18, 2013
PetGuys has the best price that I was able to find for the duck jerky I have tried many other duck jerky products, they all come in small expensive packs AND my dogs don't like them as well as Cadet Duck. I will continue to purchase from PetGuys Fast shipping.
  • pack size large and overall less espensive
By cynthia
imc cadet gourmet duck breast treats
July 14, 2013
my dogs love these duck treats
  • they are a good size for the small dogs
By Ray
July 13, 2013
Good shipping my dog loves this treat and they have the best price that I could find.
By Treat L.
Moab, UT
IMS Cadet Gourmet Duck Breast
July 10, 2013
My dogs love this item. You were out of the item I usually buy so I got this instead and both of my dogs and all the dogs that come to visit will take this out of my hand before anything else I offer them.
By Gary F.
Greeneville, TN
Duck Jerky
July 10, 2013
Product was what I ordered and wanted for my pets. I have ordered from this vendor before and have been thoroughly satisfied with the product.
By Kathryn Z.
Hayden, Idaho
Great price!
July 5, 2013
My dog loves this item. I am very happy to get it at this price. Locally, costs much more.
  • Everything!
  • n/a
By AZBen
High Quality Treat For Your Dog
June 26, 2013
I have given this treat to all of my different dogs for years. Every Corgi I have every had, just loves these
  • High protein. Easy to store, Safer than chicken jerky( never seen a recall )
  • VERY Expensive.
By Melissa
Liberty, KY
great purchase
June 25, 2013
Item was just as pictured and described and very quickly shipped--very pleased!!
By Debra
Dog treats
June 24, 2013
Great service. Product came very quickly.
  • My dog loves them, plus they help her teeth stay clean.
By Judy
Cadet Gourmet Duck Breast strips
June 23, 2013
The items were delivered in a good time frame
  • I have been buying his brand for years from Costco my dogs love them
  • I don't think they are as fresh as I have gotten before
By Evelyn
Greenville, SC
These are from China
June 20, 2013
I was very upset to find that these were made in China. From the way it talked about them I assumed that they weren't. With all of the problems from the chicken and turkey jerky from China the description of the product should have included the fact that they were from there. I will not buy them again nor anything else from this vendor.
  • Nothing
  • They were made in China and the write up said nothing about it.
By Susan A.
Kansas City, MO
Duck treats for dogs
June 14, 2013
Dogs love this treat! First bought from Costco but they quit stocking them. Dogs actually drool when they know they are going to get one. Highly recommend.
  • The dogs love this treat. Excellent quality treat.
  • Nothing
By Melodee
Ballwin, MO
My dogs love thduck jerky!!
May 11, 2013
My dogs love this product. Pet Guys were great. Price was terrific and very fast shipping.
By Renuha
Staten Island, New York
IMS Cadet Gourmet Duck Brest
May 10, 2013
My dogs love this product and making order by phone was so quick and easy. I was very happy that the delivery was quick on time. Thanks to Petguys - Lyser & Beema.
  • Healthy
By Elisa
Great Product!
May 7, 2013
My kids (dogs) love love these.. I am so glad I am able to get them from your site. I will be purchasing more.. thank you.
  • Really liked the price..cheaper then other sites.
  • The shipping was kind of high.
By G V.
Los Angeles, CA
Duck sticks
April 13, 2013
I enjoyed the convenience and the delivery was just right. This shopping experience was a +. I'd rather have had them in the 2.5 pound size but I'll order again.
  • I don't like them but my dogs sure due.
By Bobbie
Ridgecrest, CA
Cadet duck jerky
April 11, 2013
My dogs LOVE this jerky!! The price is reasonable And the shipping time is great. My dogs thank you for this 2 pound bag because now they can enjoy the jerky for a longer time. I thank you for this size bag also.
  • The size of the bag
  • The price
  • The time from ordering to receiving the purchase
By Mary S.
Duck Breast Treat
April 10, 2013
My dogs love this treat. Made in USA. Excellent choice.
  • Healthy low fat treat.
  • Dog begs for them to much.
By Barbara
Greensburg, PA
IMS Cadet Gormet Duck Breast 2 lbs
April 8, 2013
Super handling and shipping. Much quicker than I was expecting. Made in the USA. I feel very comfortable in feeding my Westie this product considering the China products that have been recalled
  • Large duck breast slices that look and smell tempting.
  • NA
By Kim
Cincinnati, OH
IMS Cadet Gourmet Duck Breast
April 7, 2013
This item is sometimes difficult to find. I always have to order it online.
  • My dogs love it and will not eat any treat other than IMS Cadet Duck Breast.
  • You cannot buy this item at any pet supply store.
By Jim
Cadet Duck Breasts replace the no longer available chicken
March 25, 2013
I originally purchased these at a box store when the chicken became unavailable. I was not sure if my 4 dogs would like it as well or they would be happy with the much smaller duck breasts. Well they were hesitant the first time but after that they looked forward to them as the had the chicken and I do not think the size made a difference. I still only give them one a day, as they too are high in protein as the chicken and should be given in moderation. After my initial purchase at the box store they were no longer available there, so I found them here on PetGuys at a reasonable price.
  • Do to their size and the weight of the package they go farther than the chicken did when it was available. The dogs like them just as well and are not bothered by the smaller size.
  • Nothing
By Marlene C.
Maui, Hawaii
Cadet Duck Treats
March 18, 2013
This shipment came through just fine. My daughter said the treats were fresh and the dogs love them. Will order again.
  • Freshness and the speed of delivery.
By marina
St. Louis, Missouri
Great Service
March 11, 2013
The Duck Breast are the favorite food for our dogs. They get tired from any other popular treats, however, the Duck treats are always welcome at any time for the last three years. It was great that these treats were on sale. We purshased 8 bags and hopefully they wiil be on sale again. Also it was fast shipping and the package came in just in time.
By Gloria M.
Gourmet Duck Breast
March 11, 2013
I had purchased the Cadet Gourmet Duck Breast and my dog just loves them. They are hard to find in my local area.
By Debbie
Quincy, Illinois
Dogs love them
March 10, 2013
These are the ONLY treats my male Greyhound will eat. I have been buying them for several years now, no problems.
  • Dogs LOVE them.
  • Hard to find locally now that there has been voluntary recalls by some stores.
By JoAnn S.
March 6, 2013
my dogs love these!
By shawn g.
Big rapids, mIchigan
duck strips
March 1, 2013
My dogs love em. Recently there was a recall on wagon train brand duck strips and my dog really loved them tried other and they didn't like them, but they do these. The best price too. Thank you
  • my dogs are happy and that makes me happy
  • nothing
By Anup G.
IMS Cadet Gourmet Duck Breast
February 19, 2013
It is the perfect replacement for the company we used to use as it is recalled. My dogs likes better than other one.
By G K.
lena, louisiana
February 15, 2013
Loved the price, wonderful fast service and the treats are of high quality. My dog Loves them. I had been purchasing the duck tenders at local pet smart store but they stopped carrying them (was another brand). By comparison, the cadet brand is not near as dried out as the others i had been getting. I am well pleased. I have a small dog so I cut them in small pieces with no problem and she KNOWS when it is treat time !Thank you for making the product available.
  • value, comes in large packages, moist
  • nothing
By Doris
IMS Cadet Gormet Duck Breast 2 lbs.
February 12, 2013
Fast delivery...Only place I can purchase these treats!! Most stores have very limited supplies!!
  • Big size....will lsat awhile!!!
  • Shipping charges
By SherylF
Beaverton, Oregon
Great Product
February 2, 2013
I had never heard of Cadet until all the stores pulled Canyon Creek products from the shelves. My dogs love duck tenders and this fits the bill. I'm beginning to think this is a much better product anyway and the price is decent.
By Houston
February 2, 2013
My dogs love the great flavor.
  • Everything
  • nothing
By Tony S.
Spruce Pine, North Carolina
Our dogs love IMS Cadet Gourmet Duck Breast
February 1, 2013
Our dogs love this treat. They jeasouly guard their own from the other dog.
  • Packaging helps the product fresh.
  • The pieces ae of unequal size.
By Bob
Tacoma, WA
Simple and to the point. Nothing fancy.
January 27, 2013
Our dogs prefer this item over the other items on the market. It's more than a treat as it's filling also. We know other dog owners who also feed the item to their pet.
  • It's a great treat.
  • The price is a bit more expensive than one would expect.
By Paul P.
Great service
January 26, 2013
We are so impressed with such great service and timely arrival. Would highly recommend your company. The dogs say, Thank You and so do we. The Pickart household.....
  • You have what we are looking for at a great price.
  • It is all good
By xpaphil
Port Angeles.
Magic to our dogs
January 6, 2013
Been using for years now and the dogs are crazy for it. Pet Guys delivered fast and seem to always have this in stock.
  • Dogs love it
By ill
SE Michigan
2lb Cadet Gourmet Duck Breast treats
December 15, 2012
We've been steady purchasers of the Cadet Gourmet Duck Breast treats as they are the favorite, and demanded, treats for our two clearly spoiled Toy Poodles. Cadet's quality control has apparently diminished since the breast portions has recently been overly dried and brittle, although not as brittle as the chicken jerky on the market, and are more often skinny tendon cores hard strips rather than the previous thin, flexible, broader strips. Additionallly, since the 2 lb. bag seems fo have a greater concentration of these less desireable strips than the 1 lb bags, the small incremental savings for the larger bags may well not be the saving you anticipate.
  • Dogs love the tender strips, and we love the lack of additatives. We have utilized these treats exclusiviely for the last few years and been very happy overall with the quality. We are very impressed with the level of customer service and personal attention Ryan has shown to this problem and continue to use tis product exclusively.
  • The most recent over dried testure and, perhaps most perplexing, the large quantity of small stringy pieces that are mostly tendon with llittle actual breast meat.
By Kimberly
Columbus, OH
Duck Treats
November 3, 2012
My dogs absolutely love these. They are much cheaper to buy them online rather than the pet stores. I haven't tried them myself but my "picky eating" dogs sure do hit them hard. So they must be great!!
By Chris
Louisville, Kentucky
Great treat 4 doggies
September 17, 2012
My doggies always look forward to going to bed at night because they get Cadet Gourmet Duck Breast Treats. Doggies just LOVE these treats!!!!!!!
  • It is easy & clean - no lingering crumbs
  • I like everything.
Miami, Florida
September 4, 2012
  • Just a GREAT TREAT..... THANKS
By John
Colorado Springs
Great value on great treats
August 19, 2012
These are real duck meat, no filler. Small-sized strips are perfect for smaller dogs, although you could just give more than 1 to a bigger dog. My Westies love them. I've been feeding these for almost a decade and never had a problem with Cadet's quality.
By Dan H.
Willis, Michigan
My dogs love it
July 26, 2012
I've been buying this product for a few years. All of my dogs (4) absolutely love it. When I need to order it's always available from PetGuys. Over the years their service and shipping have been flawless.
  • Always available. Usually the best price.
  • Too made it's made in China. Would like to see more American made dogs treats (chicken and duck).
By Suz
North Carolina
July 23, 2012
READ your label........PRODUCT IF CHINA......(Wash hands with soap and water after handling this product). And you want me to give this to my dog? Vegetable Glycerin, Soy Protein Isolate and SALT........Again, PRODUCT OF CHINA. Do your research.
  • Nothing
  • Made in China
By Darlene
Las Vegas, NV
Excellent Product
July 17, 2012
Great price for 16 oz. and both my dogs love them. In fact the entire line of IMS Cadet Gourmet products is a favorite of ours.
  • No mess and the dogs love them.
  • Absolutely nothing.
By Fred B.
Los Angeles, CA.
Pet owner
July 15, 2012
A great product.
  • The dogs love it.
By rojodawg
Houston, Tx
Tasty Duck Treats
June 22, 2012
Tasty treat that my dogs love. They always jump for joy when the PetGuys box arrives full of treats!
  • Great value
  • Dogs love these treats
  • None
By Jeff
Knoxville TN
duck treat that my yorkie loves
June 1, 2012
I like the treats, cut them up into small pieces for my yorkie. Was a sale item, so price was much better than usual
  • apparently very tasty to my yorkie, think this is his favorite treat.
By Herbert
Geneva, FL
Duck Breast is loved by my small dogs.
May 18, 2012
Pups love the duck breast. Delivery and pricing was great.
By Mark G.
Imperial, California
Great dog treat
May 5, 2012
I have bought this product in other stores as well and in differenct sizes. This is a smaller bag but the price is right.
  • Dogs love it
By alesia
puyallup, wa
dogs favorite treat
April 13, 2012
the dogs all love this stuff
By Donna J.
Lake Jackson, Texas
Great for dogs with intestinal problems.
February 15, 2012
I started buying these Duck Fillets after learning that duck is great for dogs with gastric and intestinal problems. Our Yorkie has had problems with nausea and diarrhea for over 5 years. After many trips to the vet, years of medicines to stop the diarrhea and a boat load of money spent with no improvements, we tried the duck fillets and within 6 months (and stopping all medicines) the diarrhea has almost stopped. This is the first time in over 5 years that we see an improvement with our Yorkie. She is back to her old self, wanting to play all the time and spending more time outside instead of being curled up in her bed sleeping. Wish I would have found these a long time ago.
  • Easy on the intestinal tract.
By Judith
New York
January 18, 2012
First time my dogs try this and they loved it. Will purchase again because whatever my babies like, they get :)
By Rose
Fremont, California
November 19, 2011
Bailey (our black Labrador ) just loves the Ims Cadet Gourmet Duck Breasts treats. She knows when the UPS truck pulls up with per box full of IMS CADET GOURMET DUCK BREAST 16 OZ bags of treats...I have been buying them for her for 6 years and she still loves them now just as much as she did when she first tasted them...the duck breasts are very meaty, fresh and good for her...excellent product...thanks PETGUYS FOR YOUR GOOD PRODUCTS AND EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE....AND BAILY THANKS YOU TOO....
  • Excellent product, excellent packaging, always stays fresh, smells good, easy to cut into smaller pieces if needed...
  • N/A
By Phyllis
Dallas, Texas
Duck Breast Dog Treats
November 5, 2011
The quanity & quality of this Duck Treat for dogs by Cadet far exceeds anything the local stores carry & at a much more affordable price if you can even find the Duck Breasts treats. Even if I couldn't tell the difference my Cairn's can. They LOVE these treats & will do anything for them, I think they dream about them. When I would give them the other brand I could tell by their actions they were dissapointed & I found myself apologizing for not having the "good ones". Now I try to make sure they don't run out so I don't have to get them the "ok" ones
  • quality/quanity/price
  • nothing
By Janet D.
Yuma, AZ
Cadet Gourmet Duck Breast
October 28, 2011
Not only is Cadet Duck Breast like 'crack' for my dog, but Pet Guys have the best prices and shipping I've found. Packaged securely, arrived quickly. I will be back.
By Jeff
Duck Breast Treats
August 21, 2011
We have two dogs and all we have to say is "Stick" and they run into the kitchen where we keep the treats. They love them
By Xpaphil
WOW My Dogs Love this
July 16, 2011
Great product great price. Started with this when I saw it at Costco but seldom see it there anymore. Dogs go crazy for this stuff.They're happy as long as they get treated to some of this. I'm happy when they are happy. Shipping was fast. Thx PetGuys
  • My Dogs Love this
  • Spoils they from other treats
By Adam
Dog loves them, yet only when they arrive fresh!
June 12, 2011
The headline says it all. Unfortunately, all too often the duck breast arrives quite dried out and it makes it quite difficult for my pooch to chew on. When it comes fresh, it is one of her favorite treats. Not sure why it happens, yet it must have to do with how the bag is sealed.
By Barb
Sierra Vista, Az.
Duck Fillets
May 31, 2011
Pet Guys prices are very good and their service is so fast. I order from them whenever I need dog snacks.
  • My dogs like them.
  • nothing

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