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By Nancy
June 24, 2022
My cats love these
By Paris
Always Love PetGuys
May 20, 2022
Yes, it’s true PetGuys is the best. Great prices and fast turnaround. My cats are crazy about these treats and I spend a fortune buying them. At least PetGuys have the best price and no issues with back orders.
ProsPrice is good Quick shipping Use recycled boxes Managers are accessible for questions Responsive to your needs
ConsWish they offered all my cats favorite brands of food
By Leo
May 1, 2022
Great deal, helpful customer service. Couldn’t be happier
By Rita
Cats Love It
April 24, 2022
This is a great product. My cats love their pasty treat and gobble it up! Even my sick kitty finds room for this treat and it is a great way to get him to take his medicine!
By Rebecca
Best treats for finicky cats
March 24, 2022
All my cats love these!!!
By martha
Inaba Tuna and Chicken Puree Cat Treats
March 3, 2022
love the tuna, so so about the chicken
By martha
Inaba Tuna Pruee Cat Treasts
March 3, 2022
Cats love it!
By Jen
My holistic vet recommended these.
August 23, 2021
My cat was sick and having a difficult time eating and hydrating and these saved her life, literally. My very picky holistic vet said that these are incredibly healthy.
By Carol
Cats Love This Stuff
March 14, 2021
I use this get powdered or liquid supplements/meds into my cats. Works like a charm!
By Rod
Cat loves it
February 28, 2021
Our dying cat will eat this and tuna juice only
My cats love these!
February 10, 2021
My cat begs me every night and it's his Churu that he's begging for. I've given him food but he keeps begging until I get it right. My other cat chimes in when I present them with exactly what they want. I only give them one at day and they each get 1/2. I don't want to give them more but when I want to make them feel extra special, I pick up the jar and they get so excited knowing what's next.
ProsGood ingredients and they love all the flavors.
By Debbie l.
January 14, 2021
My cat won't even go near this and she loves chicken. Sorry
ConsToo squishy coming out of its tube
By Barbara S.
I put it on her hills science diet and she loves it.
January 14, 2021
My cat loves it mixed with her wet food.
By Samantha D.
August 28, 2020
My cats go crazy with the inaba churu products. Giving meds with this is a breeze. Absolutely recommend it!!
By Shelley
favorite treat
April 17, 2020
I have 4 cats. They all go crazy for this treat. They get one tube a day and if I'm a little late giving it to them, they always let me know.
By Danielle K.
Cats love churus
November 8, 2019
My cats love these treats!
By Danielle K.
Cats love churu
November 8, 2019
My cats love this stuff!
By Rebecca B.
My 16 year old boy Mort loves these treats!
September 22, 2019
Mort my 16 yr old cat could not go a day without this healthy snack. Since I picked up a small bag of 5 to have him try we have advanced to this giant jar. Great value. He loves the different flavors but chicken with cheese is his fav! A must try for any pet that is truly loved!❤️
By Paris
Cats Can’t Get Enough
June 21, 2019
The combo bulk chicken flavors are my cats ultimate treats. They’ll do anything to get some. My guys love every flavor. Good value since you are buying bulk.
ProsBulk price and variety of flavors.white meat chicken base.
ConsTubes should be larger and pricey but that's not in Pet Guys control.
By Vicki
Great product
May 25, 2019
We have two 23 year old kitties and this is all they will eat...?€?.Was so happy to see Pet Guys carrying this product as they are competitively priced and fast shipping..
By Doyle
Makes fluids sessions a breeze
October 22, 2018
Our elderly cat goes crazy for these. All flavors. We were having difficulties with getting him to stay still for fluids sessions. Our vet recommended spreading one of these on a saucer and it completely distracts him and gives us time to get the fluids done before he knows what's happening. They've been a life-saver.
ProsCat loves them.
By Dezerie
Best treat ever
September 9, 2018
Cats love it, great price and it has vitamins. They get one or two a day and eat it all up ... just squeeze right out of the package so no mess.
By Cat N.
My cats LOVE these
August 10, 2018
My cats LOVE Inaba Chicken Pureed Cat Treats. They're good for them, they enjoy them, and come out of the woodwork when I open the bag. Sometimes, I count the cats, thinking they MUST have invited friends over. Nah, they just get in line again.
ProsEasy to store, easy to dispense, it's a win-win situation.
By Jacquie
Cat Addiction
July 4, 2018
I don't know what it is that's in this treat, but our cat goes hysterical when he sees us bring out the packet. If we forget to give it to him, he let's us know that we're falling down in our kitty duties. It's like crack for kitties, but in a good way.
By Jodi
Kittens Cry for it
April 18, 2018
I came across this Churu treat at a cat show. I was not sure how my kittens would take to it since they are so picky. Well they both cry for it when ever they see the package. I bought 1 of each flavors and there has not been one they did not like. I actually now use one for each of them every morning to give them their daily dose of Plaque Off and L-Lysine which I could not get them to take no matter what I tried. But all I have to do is mix it with the churu packet and it's all gone in just a few minutes. This was such a great game changer since they both have plaque problems and the vet wanted them to get the Plaque Off and L-Lysine daily to help them. What a difference it has made. I will be ordering this on a regular basis now. And the price here is much better than any other place I have looked at.
ProsCats Love it.. Easy to mix with meds that cats normally will not take
By Cas
Churu Chicken Puree
April 5, 2018
My cat absolutely loves the chicken or the tuna flavor product!
By Mel
Cats Love It
March 20, 2018
Both my cats love this. A friend who has a dog got a sample at a charity event and after I tried it, I immediately ordered more online. The flavor she had was chicken and shrimp that I couldn't find but the chicken and scallop are equally enjoyed. Often I need to give a bit of moist food to get my one cat to eat hard food -- I have been using this as well now.
By Sarah
Best price!
March 18, 2018
All of my cats meow for Ciao! This product is expensive but worth it. It's the most tasty treat on the market if you're trying to reward your kitties for good behavior or trying to bond with a feral cat. Also, great customer service from Ryan and I got my items quicker than I expected.
By Rtree
Super fast shipping
March 15, 2018
Super fast shipping, great price, great service. Will re-order soon.
By Charles
My cats love this stuff
March 2, 2018
We give Inaba Churu to our cats as a special treat and they love it. We split a tube between the two of them. They are very disappointed if they don't get it.
Can't get enough Churu sticks
February 14, 2018
My cats love these Churu sticks. I feed them out of the tube, and if I don't squeeze quick enough, they start chomping on it to get the puree faster. They love it.
By Paris E.
Great service and great value
January 28, 2018
My cats are insane for these chicken flavor treats. You squeeze them out of a tube, looks like baby food, and your cat will be transformed into a crazy little addicted beast that can't stop eating them. My cats have been eating these things for over a year. Great follow up to medication you need to give them or a nail trim. They'll do anything to have one, two or three of them. PetGuys is great and ships immediately and if you buy in bulk you get great prices.
ProsFast shipping Bulk rates Great flavors
ConsJust can't think of any
By Paris
My cats love the flavor
January 21, 2018
Very fresh, good turnaround and well my boys love this stuff. Be aware it's addictive.
ProsCats adore it Great flavor chicken base Price Fresh
ConsGood price but pricey
By Paris
My cats love this stuff
January 21, 2018
My guys go nuts. I find the turnaround is reasonable and the price below competitors so it's a win win if your cats are as crazy for it as mine.
ProsGood flavor selection Good price for what it is Healthy product
ConsSmall portions
By Sabine B.
Excellent choice for cat snack
January 11, 2018
I very much love the product, or should i say all my cats do. When they see me head to the cabinet in which i keep the Inaba Churu lickable cat treats, they come running. Because they enjoy eating the treat as much as i love giving it to them.
By Doris C.
Inaba Churu Tuna with Scallop Puree Cat Treat 0.5oz, 4pk
December 14, 2017
Great treat for our CAT.
ProsLove the treats.

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