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By Lucy M.
Just the thing for my fast eater!
May 27, 2020
My newest dog, from a shelter, was crazy fast and desperate to eat when I got her. She gulped down her food in a second, then looked for more. Now she eats slowly, figuring the puzzle, and has a chance to have all her food long enough for the other dogs to finish eating. I have 3 dogs and two of them have this great bowl.
By Robert
Amelia, Va
Great Product
February 12, 2017
Works well. Extended our Labs eating time. They love the hunt for the food.
By April
Love it
January 2, 2015
Works great! My schnoodle is a frantic eater. While this bowl can't cure her neurotic tendencies about food, it does slow her way down and prevents the after meal gagging and burping. I also got the aqua blue bowl for my other dog. The spiral orange is definitely the most difficult to get food out of, which in our case is a good thing. These bowls also provide mental stimulation because they have to work for their food.
By Dani
Portland, Oregon
Fun for dogs!
October 23, 2014
Nice deep dish, holds a large amount of food. Slows dog down for sure.
  • Holds large volume, easier to clean than some other like products.
  • My dogs can eat out this one quicker than other like products.
By Peggy
Albuquerque, NM
Too difficult to get the food
October 19, 2014
The design of this bowl makes the food inaccessible for my Brittany. The food is to deep for the width of the channels. Not happy with this design.
By TeeGeeRoo
DFW, Texas
Makes dogs eat slowly!
July 16, 2014
I have four dogs, medium sized (40-65 lbs). My biggest dog eats slowly, my three smaller dogs inhale their food; I wanted to allow my biggest to eat without feeling rushed by the others. I bought all three round SloBowl designs (drop, coral, flower) for my three smaller dogs. All of the bowls work well. All three bowls are the same diameter (~11"), all three hold about 1L (~4 cups) of liquid; however, they are not all the same height. I feed about 2 cups of kibble, plus treats and soup, which all fits nicely into the bowls. The "Drop" is the tallest, the "Flower" is the most shallow. Despite the differences, all three designs make feeding take about the same amount of time. The dogs would suck up their meals in less than 2 minutes, now it takes them more than 10 minutes. The "Coral" is pretty narrow in some places - possibly not the best for short-snouted dogs.
  • slow feeding
  • requires more storage space than ordinary bowl
By Meadow
New York, NY
Recommended for Labs
June 14, 2014
We've had a few labs and they all gobbled everything within seconds. With this well designed bowl, our yellow lab takes several minutes to finish her meal. It's like a game where she pushes the kibble around a maze and gets rewarded in the end. We both love it!
By anonymous
United States
may be returned
May 21, 2014
The grooves are deeper than expected. Not good for a puppy or small dog.
By Sue
Sturbridge ma
Great help for fast eaters
May 21, 2014
I have rescue dogs and two of them gulp their food and sometimes choke. With this bowl hey have to work at it and eat slowly. One of them growls or barks because he thinks the others will try to take it. But I feed them in separate rooms so it's just a leftover fear which is why he was eating so fast and putting on weight. Highly recommend. I paid $15 more at a fair so this is a good price because it worked so well I wanted a second. Now my slow eater is done first.
By Friede S.
annapolis, md
Great find
April 23, 2014
Our fast eating , almost inhaling food, Labrador Retriever and we love this new bowl invention. It has transformed eating into a challenging game that now takes at least four minutes to accomplish. It has turned eating into a busy and fun time for him. We love to watch him at his game. We recommend this bowl highly for all speed eaters.
By Monica
San Diego
Challenge your dog at feeding time!
April 21, 2014
This puzzle has helped my dog slow down her dinner time by 75%. I think she enjoys the challenge!
By Diana
Orangevale, CA
This bowl has helped alot
April 15, 2014
With the use of this bowl, my dog has really slowed down his eating. He is not chocking himself because he is eating to fast and I can see some weight loss
By Jeremy
great bowl
March 20, 2014
the bowl is great, slowed my dogs down from about 15 seconds to around 5 minutes! Shipping was incredibly fast as well will definitely order again!
By Cindy
Kyjen Slo-Bowl Coral Slow Dog Feeder Orange
March 19, 2014
Awesome product!!!! My dog would eat in 10 seconds. Now it takes him 12 minutes
  • Well designed food did not spill out
By Anne
Outstanding product!
March 19, 2014
My rescue puppy was eating so fast it was giving her tummy aches. This bowl has really slowed her down. I think she enjoys the puzzle of how to get the food out as well. She is more settled after eating and not near as anxious. I think she feels fuller because she is eating slower. I love this product!
By Tracy
San Diego, CA
Slo-Bowl lives up to its title
March 14, 2014
My Samoyed used to inhale her food. This crazy maze bowl has slowed her down dramatically. What once took her 2 minutes to consume, now takes her 6-7 minutes! I'm done playing games scattering food and feeding her in shifts. This bowl lives up to it's name and is worth every penny!
  • large, dishwasher safe, durable
  • One color selection and a bit difficult to wash by hand, due to the maze pattern.
By Edgar
Excellent Product
March 13, 2014
This bowl is great. Very large. Has nice wide base, so the dog won't be able to tip the bowl. Would recommend.
  • Works well
  • No alt. Colors. Only option is orange
By Michael
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Works as advertised
February 22, 2014
Slowed down my German Shepherd who usually inhaled her food in less than a minute. Took her about 10 minutes the first few times and then figured it out. Still takes her 5-6 minutes compared to the <60 seconds previously. Has not been able to flip it over either. It's also entertaining watching her try to eat out of the individual nooks and crannies. I mix a little wet food in with the kibble - usually just put in the larger nooks around the edge. Alternate with the Coral spiral bowl just to mix things up between the two dogs. Both work the same.
  • Sturdy construction
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Dog hasn't been able to flip it over
By Sharon H.
Slo-Bowl Coral
February 13, 2014
My yellow lab inhaled her food so fast she'd literally choke. She's a 75 lb dog who could put her morning ration away in 75 seconds!! The first time she' used this bowl for feeding it took her over 10 minutes to get all the food out. She has learned to do it faster but it still takes her at least 5 minutes to eat, which is a vast improvement. My chocolate lab who is a much slower eater has the teal feeder and his eating time has tripled. We are ecstatic. And I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

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