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By Solomon
Savory Prime Hambones
April 24, 2023
My dog Tika absolutely loves this product. I have tried others but she will only eat these hambones. I have been purchasing this product from CVS Pharmacy but it was hit and miss finding these hambones at the store. So, I started to search online to find where I could buy this product in volume. I came across Pet Guys and I have been very pleased with the ease of ordering online and have it delivered to my door. Pet Guys web site is great and easy to use. Their delivery is absolutely fast and they sent an email giving me information on my purchase and also a tracking number. I just checked the tracking and found the product is out for delivery. I made this purchase on Thursday, the 20th and today is Monday the 24th. I highly recommend Pet Guys for all of your dog and cat's needs.
  • Check out their website, you will be pleasantly surprised.
By Tamara B.
Savory prime butcher bone hickory smoked
September 27, 2022
I was very excited to be able to to get this product however 7 of the bones I purchased were riddled with mold. The seal had been broken. I don't know if it's safe to give mold to dogs so I threw them away.

Merchant Response:Hi Tamara, Sorry to hear you've received bones that were moldy. Please email or call us with your order number so we can assist you with this issue. - PetGuys Support Team
By Jessica
My dog ❤️
July 7, 2022
My dog loves these bones and they aid in the digestion of his food
By Frank
My 20lb dogs enjoy these.
June 6, 2022
My miniture Poodle & Shih Tzu like these very much. I saw one in half for them.
By Ami
If Koda could ask for these by name he would!
May 4, 2022
Koda Bear is quite the heavy chewer and finding a bone option that could withstand his habit, and we felt good giving him was difficult before we found this. Koda loves the flavor, and they last longer than any other options we tried. These are on our autoship list because he likes them that much. If ever we did have a bad bone in the batch, Pet Guys is quick to replace it with no hassle or charge. Koda is quite the happy bear.
By Tina
Good Bones
May 1, 2022
My dogs loved these bones and they were priced well.
By Clara A.
My dogs both love these bones
March 16, 2022
I had been looking for something that my dogs liked; & was like another brand that they liked . Some were dry inside & they wouldn't even touch them. These bones are Great! They love them. Thank You
  • They are perfect, I just use an axe & cut it in two: & they go to town on them. They last a long time!
By Howard
They Used to Be GREAT
June 4, 2021
When we started buying these monthly for our 2 dogs, they were GREAT! For nearly a year, our guys really enjoyed their genuine ham scent and I presume ham flavor. There was actual meat and gristle on both ends, giving them something to chew on besides naked bone. Recently, something has changed, there is virtually nothing left on the bones, nothing for them to chew on but bare bone. Not worth it any more. The guys largely ignore them now.
  • None I can think of.
  • Nothing for a dog to chew on but naked bone. Really nothing about them to make appealing to a dog.
By Laura B.
September 18, 2020
My dog will eat no other brand. She loves them
By happy o.
packaged dog treat
September 5, 2020
Only packaged bones our dog will chew on
By Barbara
Great Treat
June 8, 2020
My dog, a large beagle, loves these. She is an aggressive chewer but one bone keeps her busy for at least two or three days. I love the fact that they come vacuum sealed and have a long shelf life. They are a little greasy to handle but, of course, the dogs don't mind. Just be careful of where the dog sets down a newly-opened bone. I haven't experienced any stains on furniture or carpet, but you never know. Price was great, too. I pay substantially more in neighborhood stores.
By Laurie
Best I've Found
May 19, 2020
Both our dogs (habitual chewers both of them) love these bones. First time customer, now a happy repeat customer. Bought ten last time - plan to double that in my next order. No more leather sandals eaten! Everyone is happy.
  • Great smelling ham bone, looks good too. Dogs love them. Great way to ease doggie boredom.
  • Can splinter so watch them and remind when they break. They're pretty tough, but large dogs can pretty much reduce them to shrapnel if left untended.
By Lynn
Savory Prime Butcher Happiness
July 22, 2018
These are the BEST! Vacuum packed was the total answer! I have Bulldogs, past bought, loose packed bones never really held their interest and just something for mom to trip on in the night. Savory Prime bones are kept on each ones bed and keep them happy until gone ( about 2 weeks) Petguys offered a way better price than I found ANYWHERE! Like half the price
Smells like paint
May 17, 2018
I just purchased two of these, one for each of my big dogs. They usually love this sort of thing. When I opened the package, and handed it to one of the dogs, she wouldn't take it. I sniffed the bone and it smelled like paint and chemicals.
  • The bones smell like paint and chemicals
By sknjm
Crazy for This
January 27, 2018
Keeps my dog occupied and helps her teeth stay clean.
By Ron
Savory Prime Butcher Bone Hickory Smoked & Fully Cooked Ham Bone
January 15, 2018
Vacuum sealed makes all the difference. The product stays moist and fresh and will not dry out. My dogs love 'em.
By Dru S.
Foristell, Mo
Happy dog
April 20, 2017
I have 1 problem with these bones. I have to be sure and open the package after they've eaten. Otherwise they ignore the food wanting the bone.lol.
By Andy
San Jose, California
Best bones on the market
April 17, 2017
These bones are by far the best. We have a 60 lbs 5 month old german shepard pup and he gets a bone every night and spends about an hour to two hours chewing away at them. I love that they are vacuum sealed and when you open them I swear the smell will make you want to eat them yourself. We tried a lot of bones and he for sure loves these the best. He never really liked the dried out bones on the market and most of them crumble pieces off. You can't go wrong with these bones.
By Sareda S.
Destroyed my dogs digestive system
April 9, 2017
My dog has had diarrhea since I gave this to him 3 days ago, and he has to poop every 2-3 hours (even through the night!!). When he is not going to the bathroom he has some of the worst farts I have ever smelled. This terrible product has ANNIHILATED my dogs digestive system. I had to put my dog on a rice WATER diet and supplement with electrolytes in hopes that his digestive system will recover! If he does not get better he will have to go to the vet. I can only imagine how much pain the poor guy is going through. This should get 0 stars!
By Susan C.
March 5, 2017
My dog loves these bones and Pet Guys offers them for the best price in town!
By Janice
New York
My dogs LOVE them.
October 14, 2016
Have three Irish Wolfhounds and a Cocker Spaniel...Everyone of my pups devour these bones....When they get to the middle, I take away some of the pieces after they've licked the marrow out. They are always fresh, smell like I'd even want to eat them and are like no other bones you can purchase. .
By Craig
Product quality
September 16, 2016
Our dog loves these bones and the price is over $1 cheaper per bone than the store where we buy them. Unfortunately, one of the bones arrived moldy and we cannot give that to our dog. It was a few days shy of the date on the bone but was half covered in mold.
  • Great price
  • Quality needs to be checked when packing shipment
By Gail
Jackson, New Jersey
Better Packaging Needed ASAP!
June 9, 2016
Vacuum sealing failed on some of these items during shipping. Affected product, arrived moldy.
  • My Bloodhound LOVES these and they will normally last a couple of days.

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