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By Sue
Nashville, TN
Good product
March 27, 2017
We have 14mth and 10wk old Mini Aussies it stops them in their tracks when barking or other unwanted behaviors. Not sure if they will become immune to the sound, but hoping they won't as we don't overuse.
Sherman Oaks, CA
Makes my bad dog good
August 4, 2016
Great for stopping bad behaviors; not coming when called, running away, jumping on people, and the worst LOUD BARKING!
  • Great stuff!
By Kimberly
Scottsdale, AZ
Pet Corrector Works
May 16, 2016
I am very thankful there is a product available to help!
By Sharon
Riverside, CA
Corrects problem behavior quickly
January 7, 2016
My dogs immediately stop problem behavior with the hissing sound of this product.
  • It works
  • Remembering to have a treat when they stop the bad behavior (if I could anticipate the bad behavior, I wouldn't need the product).
By melissa
easy enough
September 27, 2015
This works o.k. it was cheap and easy enough to use. its a simple distraction for the dogs
  • cheap and easy
Eagan MN
It Works but you will Run out of it Fast
August 21, 2015
You only get about 40 sprays.
  • It scares puppies.
  • Not very many sprays
By Tatianna
United States
All she has to do is see it.
August 14, 2015
And she stops. Just waiting for her to not need it .
By Judy
Stops unnecessary barking
July 26, 2015
I wasn't able to keep the front door open without our Shepherd barking at anything and everything. It only took a couple times of using Pet Corrector to get the barking to a minimum. Now I just hold the can up and the dog stops.
By Tom W.
Sarasota, Florida
Works as advertised: just great!
February 4, 2015
Product is great and PETGUYS service was outstanding
By Judith
Tucson, AZ
Great training aid!
October 19, 2014
Great way to teach your dog, anything you want him/her to do.
By Cali
Kansas city
Great product. Always best price
October 19, 2014
Great product with fast shipping
By Tiffany
Norman, Oklahoma
Great product!
September 10, 2014
Immediately stops any negative/unwanted behavior!
By Jan
San diego, Ca.
Pet Corrector
July 23, 2014
This product is a great idea with a reasonable price. Our dog responds beautifully. I would recommend it and will purchase again.
By Lori
Houston, TX
It Works!!
July 22, 2014
I have a big dog that likes to bark at everyone walking by out side, including our neighbors when they are in their backyard. I'm OK with her barking a couple of times but she would just keep going no matter what I did. I only had to use this product twice on her along with the no bark command. She immediately stopped barking, came to me and sat down! It was amazing!! The next test was when we were watching TV. She goes crazy when animals come up on the screen. I turned the TV to Animal Planet and tested out our new command to see if she would still stop barking and it worked! I didn't even have to use the spray! This is the best product ever!!
By Xena's M.
North Carolina
Very Effective
December 12, 2013
Great product for correcting bad behavior. After a few times, my fur kids, just have to see the canister, and they stop what the bad behavior, to avoid the correction. Very good method of correction. It doesn't hurt them, and it works!
  • It works great!
  • Make sure to avoid close contact to face and eyes.
By Susan M.
Lockport IL
When all else has failed!
October 22, 2013
I have the most feisty, beautiful little Pom, Lexie. Two major problems that she has are barking and (ugh) eating poop. Hers and her Sisters, Sasha. I have bought pills, fed pineapple, screamed, etc. with no correction. Every time I let the girls out I use the Corrector. After only 3-4 times uses Lexie knows what that little red can means. This product is a fantastic correcting tool that only uses a swoosh sound.
By Bill
North Dakota
Just as advertised
September 25, 2013
Works well
By Ron
Central Valley CA
Dog Training
August 30, 2013
A great way to train or retrain your dog to behave!
  • Simple and effective at a very low cost.
By Sheri
Flint, MI
August 17, 2013
This had worked great on my dog and even my cats. When they are outside...one press of the Pet Corrector and they come running. When my dog starts barking and will doesn't stop when I tell her to...one press of the Pet Corrector and she stops. Wonderful product....I highly recommend it.
  • Everything
  • N/A
By Lyn
Albuquerque, NM
Pet Corrector
August 9, 2013
Pet Corrector: A loud blast of air from a pressurized can. More effective if the dogs don't see you administering shot of sound....let 'em think there is a big spray bottle in the sky that is always watching them ;0) I train dogs, teach dog school, and rescue dogs. I usually have eight dogs in my house at a time. So when the front door bell rings, it is a big, exciting adventure with the promise of pets and treats. I LIKE my dogs to bark. My house has been break-in free since I have had large dogs. My large dogs (four Dalmatians and two Border Collies) quiet quickly on my command. but my two Yorkies NEVER stop barking, even after I have assured them that it is a friend and I have things under control. So the Pet Corrector has been very effective to break their intensity. The large dogs actually immediately leave the front door and lie down cause they know what is coming. My two Yorkies, not so much. But the Pet Corrector does stop them better than treats for quiet did. It tends to be a longer lasting correction as well- I only had to give it one time per door bell ring. The only down side is that it corrects ALL the dogs, even the well behaved ones. All my dogs, however, get treats for "Hush!" so its all good. NOTE: after one week of using - perhaps six times, all the dogs stop barking when I say 'that is enough' EVEN the Yorkie boys.! Success!! I STILL- and always will, reward for compliance. I keep treats by the front door for the dogs so they sit or down and be quiet as someone enters the house. I have a friend who rescues and uses it to break up fights (very beginning squabble ...once the fights are serious, the dogs wouldn't respond) She always has one on hand for that and has used it very successfully.
  • Effective in interrupting an incorrect behavior. This should be used in cooperation with training and is not INSTEAD of training a dog. Dog should be rewarded for correct behavior after the shot of sound so he knows exactly what owner WANTS - as apposed to just what the owner doesn't want.
  • It corrects every dog present , even the ones who are behaving.
  • It can lose the power to startle if used indiscriminately.
  • Don't spray in dog's face. His reaction could be violent.
By Anne G.
Silvana, WA
Pet Corrector Training Aid
July 25, 2013
This product is AWESOME. Works wonderful on my daughters two dachshunds and my Porky ( Pomeranian Yorkshire). Like the product says - now we just have to shown them the can and they go running to hide. We only use it when company comes and they are insistent with the barking.
  • How quickly it works. How safe and unharming it is. How quick the shipments arrive.
  • Can't think of anything.
By Laura B.
Sarasota, Florida
Pet Corrector Training Aid
July 22, 2013
Great prices, Actually the best I could find on the net. Fast delivery. Product works great too.
  • cost effective
  • offered in different sizes
  • product works as stated
  • Wish it could be bought as a package deal with canister holder.
By Cashmere
Brooklyn, NY
It works...
July 18, 2013
My dog Cooper stops barking as soon as the air spray comes out....Sometimes I show him the can and he just knows...This product really works.
By S O.
July 17, 2013
This item is incredible. My dogs no longer bark when people come in and it only took one week to retrain them thanks to the Pet Corrector! I am sold on it and my friends are buying them too.
  • Really works without injuring the dog.
  • Cost is a little much for a tiny can of air.
By HoustonGal
Magic In A Can
June 22, 2013
We live in front of a bike path and our dog barks at EVERYTHING. We tried a trainer and almost resorted to a shock collar. This is what I call magic in a can. This website also has the best price I've found so far.
By MDL920
Vienna, VA
Excellent product, excellent price and excellent service!
June 20, 2013
We buy it by the 6-pack to help reduce barking by our puppy. She takes guarding our yard very seriously and barks and chases everything thing and everyone who walks by. Squirrels are her arch enemy. A little squirt of the Pet Corrector brings her running back inside the house.
  • it works and the small size
  • it's expensive
By Kris
Mount Prospect, IL
Works great! Make sure to use correctly!
January 31, 2013
This was recommended by our trainer for our Shepherd/Boxer mix, whenever she gets caught doing a behavior we don’t want a quick little blast stops her in her tracks and keeps her from doing it again. Of course sometimes it takes some repetition, but its worked great especially with jumping on people, chewing on stuff, etc. Be warned though if your dog DID something this wont work for "punishment", you have to actually interrupt the behavior for it to be effective. This is usually $15/can in the store so PetGuys.com for sure had the best deal, buy 3 or more, they tend to go fast especially with puppies.
  • Works extremely well for stopping bad behavior in it's tracks; Small and handy; Won't harm your dog with chemicals.
  • Goes a bit fast, especially when training puppies who have a lot to learn; You MUST catch your dog in the act, so doesn't work to curb behaviors that occur while your away from your dog.
By Marjorie
Reedsport, OR
Pet Controller
January 12, 2013
I like this product very much and it works great for our dog.
  • That it works and also very easy to take with us any where.
  • Nothing
By Thomas W.
Savannah, Georgia
Pet Corrector
November 25, 2012
The Pet Corrector doesn't work!
By Christie
Santa Ynez,Ca.
Best Corrector for Dogs
November 25, 2012
Love this product, works like a champ. Use it to control my dogs barking. Also, was at the park one day with my dogs, all 20lbs and under. Out of the blue 3 big ( 60lb +) dogs came running from across the street straight for us, barking up a storm, looked like they were ready to do harm to my dogs, so I pushed down hard on the pet corrector in their direction and the dogs with out missing a step turned and headed back to where they came from at the same rate of speed. The group of people around who saw this were all amazed! They were like Wow, what is that? I was even smiling ear to ear that it worked so well:-)
  • Ease of use and no mess or odor to it.
  • It would be great if they made a key chain cap so people could attach it to pants or purse to have handy & ready to use.
By Kathy M.
Pittsburgh, PA
works on 3 out of 4 dogs
October 19, 2012
The 2 yr.old French Bull dog is afraid of it. He runs like heck. Day 1 it worked on all 4 dogs. 3 old Dachshunds 14,13, & 12, these dogs are chronic, habitual barkers. The 2 yr old French Bull dog who has adopted the Dachshund ways, has become the worst offender. We've tried 4 kinds of bark collars that spray or shock the dogs. We already have them in an underground fence. I wanted a new way to quiet the dogs. Now the 1 dog that doesn't seemed bothered by this is the female alpha of the pack. I'm saying that with a verbal command I think this is a great training device, not a crotch to depend on. The Frenchiie is already tuning in to me and waiting for my command. i would recommend this product although I would like the 200 ml can.
  • it works immediately
  • need to sell it in the larger 200 ml size
By Judy
Las Vegas, NV
I didn't think it would work
October 17, 2012
I was skeptical of this little can/blast affecting 4 dogs who get into a frenzy when the doorbell rings. Now, all I have to saw is QUIET and they expect the air blast, queit down, and I don't need it as much. It really worked....long after my personal shs stopped working.
  • size of can is great for use on walks.
  • nothing
By Sarah m.
Awesome training device
May 28, 2012
I started using this after a dog trainer told us about it. I quickly became a believer in this product. Owning 4 barkers, i always nakd sur I have a can of this close by. Unlike a spray bottle, this silences my dogs from across the yard. Also being a dog foster parent, this product is invaluable when training a new foster. Our entire rescue group relies on the Dog Corrector spray.
  • Great training. Eventually just the site of the can produce the wanted behavior. Trains without physical punishment
  • Like any product if over used or used improperly the dog can Hearn to ignore the noise.
By Myrna B.
Oak Harbor, WA
Corector, Pet Training Aid
May 12, 2012
This is OK if it works for your dog. For ours, as a puppy, he thinks the noise is funny and wants to play with it. It is distracting somewhat.
  • It is distracting somewhat.
  • Our dog looks at this as a play toy.
By Libby
Elmira, NY
May 8, 2012
Never thought anything would stop my dogs, 3 of them, daschund/beagles, mouthy little guys. This is the only thing I've ever found that controls them at the front door, they completely changed after one day of using it. I love it!
By Laura
Warner Robins, GA
April 4, 2012
I didn't really believe that one little can was going to make a difference in the barking that our 5 dogs do everytime someone comes to the door. This stuff is truly amazing! They stopped immediately! Not another sound! My daughter has been taking aroung to the neighbors and using it on their dogs. Now everyone wants a can! I love it and will keep it in stock.
Howard Beach, N.Y.
Pet Corrector
March 3, 2012
I ordered this product because my dog is an abusive barker, when I received this product & tried it my dog stopped barking & just stared at me. So it seems to be a effective product.
  • T works.
  • it's a very small can.
By Robert O.
Savannah, GA
February 28, 2012
Shipping took too long. Product was apparently backordered and wasn't shipped until 4 days after order was placed and paid for, and it arrived 11 days from order date. An email advising that it was backordered would have been nice!
  • like product
By Lois K.
Penn Yan, NY
February 19, 2012
I am owned by 5 Dachshunds, and foster up to 7 more small dogs at any given time. Obsessive barking is a real problem with so many dogs. From the first time they heard the Pet Corrector, they stopped barking and stared at me in amazement. I used one can the first day (Thank God I ordered 3!) and now I only have to show them the can! They are much more respectful to people coming into the house and their warning barks to let me know someone is in our driveway are brief and easy to control. Thank you Pet Corrector!
  • It's easy to use and takes little training for the user. It WORKS!
By Debra
Pet Corrector Training Aid
February 8, 2012
This has been a life saver. In the past, we have told our dog "NO" when doing something wrong and it went in one ear and out the other. Since training class, our training told us about Pet Corrector and it has worked great. The dog no longer jumps, bites and fights with the other dogs. We also have cats that he has learned to stay away. Most of the time, all we do is pick up the can and his train of thought changes.
  • Not only is it a great product, but it is an excellent price.
  • Nothing!!
By Judy
Mundelein, IL
Cure for Barking at Squirrels
January 2, 2012
Just a "shot" or two of air from this product stops my dog in his tracks. It seems to break his focus on the squirrel. Easy to use and not harmful to dogs!
By Diane F.
Phoenix, AZ
It does work!
January 1, 2012
Anyone who raises or owns Schnauzers knows why I purchased this item. Mine are actually really good about cutting off the barking as soon as they approve whoever it is that has entered the house. But, sometimes that's just not acceptable. I tried this on them, with just the hiss of escaping air, and they stopped right away. Started a little again and another burst stopped it all together. It even worked on a litter of puppies that have started tearing up their piddle pads, in getting them to stop what they were doing. My only negative comment is the small size of the canister. The picture shows a hand holding one and I tried to judge by that but it must be a tiny lady or child holding it. I bought 3 to try and the one is half empty already after only a few uses giving short and very short tiny bursts.
  • It works, quick shipping, price (on sale for 5.00)
  • Size of canister
By Barbara
It WORKS!!!!!!
November 22, 2011
I have schnauzers and every time someone in the house moved around they were bark. NOW, the Pet Corrector stops the barking - it really does work. I have tried bark collars, outside bard controllers, etc. and they did not work. This does. I love it.
  • It works
  • I love it there is nothing I dislike.
By Janet
Dallas, TX
Pet Corrector
November 16, 2011
I had purchased this item at a dog show last year and was really impressed by it. I foster dogs for Sheltie Rescue, so I have a lot of barking in my house with an average of 10 - 17 dogs at one time. This product is wonderful. I'm not going to say that they never bark again, but it stops the whole herd in their tracks temporarily. And all I have to do is pick up the can after that to make them stop. And Pet Guys price can't be beat. I bought 4 cans!
  • It works.
By Traci
Pet Corrector
November 16, 2011
I have four Schnauzers who can be very noisy at times and this product quiets them down immediately! A definite must-have.
  • Safe for my pets
By Rose
San Jose Cal.
Pet Corrector
October 18, 2011
this is the only product I have found to correct my three dogs barking. Its great!!!
By Dana
Great training aid!
October 9, 2011
My trainer recommended getting Pet Corrector to help train my yorkie puppy. I'm using it to stop her from barking at other dogs or people. It stops her with just one burst. Hopefully, she will remember in time not to bark inappropriately! I'm looking forward to her being completely trained and will continue to use Pet Corrector as we progress. Results are what we seek!!! I have also used this on my Bengal cats, it works for them as well. They are very trainable similar to a dog. I have to be very careful not to use this when one is being good and the other is needs to be corrected...
  • It gets her attention immediately! It helps her control her behavior.
  • Care must be taken when multiple animals are present!
By Bruce
Santa Fe, NM
Pet Corrector works!
September 14, 2011
distracts from unwanted activity immediately -- positive reenforcement required to make it really effective
  • best price I have found
  • something else to remember carry in my pocket
By Karyn
Minneapolis, MN
Great product!
August 10, 2011
I highly recommend this product! I live in a town home and when they come to mow, my two terriers bark like crazy. I was home today when they mowed and used the Pet Corrector - only once! and no more barking.

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